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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Pariel, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Wizards are cool, and I'm an idiot. I managed to play a wizard from 1-90 before realizing that things like fusion are directional AE instead of full radius... I barely used them because I'd always get the message "No targets in range" despite being surrounded by mobs.

    My damage output went through the roof after incorporating that knowledge and using AA skills more. ;)

    Now all I need to do is figure out fiery blast.
  3. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    Once you cast FB on a mob, you have the duration of the spell (10s) to do dmg to the mob. once the 10s expires, a portion of the dmg you did to the mob (believe its around 33%) hits the mob again.
  4. Pariel Active Member

    I need to get my wiz DPS up... I've reforged what I can into ability mod and/health.

    Any guides to gear anywhere? Lvl 92, but haven't really done anything but solo in Velious and Withered.

    All advice appreciated.
  5. krinklesak New Member

    join a raid guild and start getting your em raid gear...
  6. Puckbone Member

    "...realizing that things like fusion are directional AE instead of full radius... I barely used them because I'd always get the message "No targets in range" despite being surrounded by mobs."
    Directional AE?!! That's why?!
    /rushes off to test this new bit of info.
  7. Dinwiz Active Member

    can we get a fix for hellfire targeting issues ?
  8. Daray Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure I said some of this during beta, but with regards to Hellfire, there are a couple of things that need to be improved to make it more usable.
    • The duration on Incineration needs to be increased - substantially ... you can only use Hellfire against a target that has Incineration on them, and with the back and forth nature of combat (e.g. named, adds, named, etc), you are just not going to be able to make much use out of Hellfire (especially at the higher increments). With this in mind, Hellfire's performance can be rather patchy.
    • I didn't pick up on this during beta, because I'm not one to "lazy target" through others, but apparently doing so doesn't allow you to use hellfire on your target's target, even if your target is on the mob that has Incineration ticking on it.
    And don't get me started on our new right side additions, or the middle stuff ...
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  9. Xelgad Developer

    Hellfire's (and spells similar to it) target issues have been fixed internally. They should be working their way to live servers soon.
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  10. Dinwiz Active Member

    ty from a lazy target player

    as daray said the duration of Incineration is too short should be doubled at least
  11. Dinwiz Active Member

    also how about changing useless chains (Fire Chains) to reduce base cast time of fireball ?

    it already have the graphic for it ;)
  12. Wizard Member

    First I just want to say that pre-CoE, I was always able to remain competitive on the parse and depending on the fight, place in the top 1-4. I'm not talking about heroic zones I mean raiding in PoW, HM Drunder, ST etc.

    Now with the new prestige changes, same guild/group setups I literally don't have a chance. I've been playing non stop since the release, practicing/testing in raid zones, heroic instances and on dummies with several prestige configurations (left side, right side, and a hybrid of the two).

    Conclusion the new prestige is just terrible. It's a shame none of the many positive suggestions were taken into consideration from the beta forum, now it seems like we are stuck with these extremely underwhelming new prestige abilities.

    I really don't want to play any other class. The wizard is my only character and I have been playing it since the first day I started EQ2. This is the only point since then I have felt extremely underpowered.

    I have a couple real life friends who let me play around with their 95 characters and it is a joke how easy it is for me to outparse my wizard consistantly with less gear and very minimal practice on a Beastlord, Necro and Conjuror..supposed T2 DPS classes.

    I'm not asking for anything unreasonable, if we are stuck with these new prestige choices than they need to be adjusted appropriately. Wizards are supposed to be T1 DPS yes T2 DPS classes are able to consistantly outparse us with much less effort.

    If I have the same group setup/skill/gear as a conjuror, necro, beastlord, etc. I want the ability to be able to beat them on the parse if I happen to do everything I should be doing during the fight slightly better than them.

    I don't mean on every single fight/encounter but if I choose the left side than I expect to be able to be competitive on single target encounters (assuming = gear/group setups/skill).

    I don't want to become redundant with stating the obvious problems but I will say is anybody even listening to daray?

    Nobody has put more time into a wizard than him, have you ever heard him complaining this much in the past? Maybe it's a coincidence or maybe the new prestige abilities really are that bad.

    I really hope to see some positive changes for wizards come from this thread.

    Allow us to be competitive with other T1 DPS classes again.
  13. Daray Well-Known Member

    Without going into an exhaustive post, the problem is not necessarily with the potential dps gains of the new prestige additions. I'm sure they might look quite good on paper, or with whatever model Xelgad is using to test it. The real problem is that they don't translate into "good" gameplay, and they rarely reach that theoretical potential (try to think about it in relation to the typical scripts you see in actual game content).

    On the single target side, you basically have Incineration and Hellfire. Due to the heat spell restriction, 75% proc chance and short 16s duration, Incineration can be a pain to build and maintain increments on. But lets just assume you spammed your way to the 5 increments on some named by using certain weaker heat spells out of your typical dps rotation - great, time to start using Hellfire ... but wait, the add(s) just spawned so you switch to the add(s) and can't use Hellfire, so you start building new Incineration increments on the add(s), and then the adds die before you can do anything with them and those increments disappear. Fine, switch back to the named then and the 5 increment Incineration you had ticking on it is now gone too, because it only lasts 16s, so start again. Rinse. Repeat. Oh and forget about this new left side prestige being any sort of advantage on any fight that lasts less than 30-45s, which is probably most of the stuff out there.

    On the AE side you have a similar problem again. Given that the only AE content in this game exists in the form of swarm adds that you basically sneeze at and they fall over, I don't even know why the current format for building Frozen Solid triggers was even considered. Just give us a regular AE, modify our existing abilities, or something that has an immediate impact. As things stand now, picking any of the new right side prestige (over a dual conversion) is a straight dps loss, even on the limited content is was seemingly intended for. Fights and swarm adds just don't last long enough for this sort of long-winded increment implementation.

    And lets not forget those middle options - 2 sub-par damage procs, which to me seem like more of an afterthought given the unique choices many other classes got.

    I mean, who thinks up this stuff, and then doesn't sit down and see how it would play out in a typical real game scenario. I have quite a few alts, so have looked and used quite a few of the prestige out there, and can say that most of them actually "play" a lot better than the sorcerer ones, with real and more immediate gains.

    So what have we learnt? That the new prestige are largely worthless, and your best option is to go dual conversion if you want any sort of consistency, with the extra 5 points spent in the Incineration proc / Incineration damage increase. Clearly this must be what was meant by the "new and more powerful" prestige that were promised back during Skyshrine beta.

    Really, if nothing changes, the only way you will encourage people to actually go down a side to the end, is by reducing the row 1 requirement for dual conversion, from the 12 points, to 6, but that does nothing to address the problems with these new prestige (on both sides).
  14. Hellstorm New Member

    Agree 100% with what Daray said. Its clear that Wizards have been significantly nerfed in COE. I am not saying that this was the intention however the result is obvious.
  15. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    It's not "nerfed" when you don't get stuff as good as other classes.
  16. Hellstorm New Member

    Ok, so I will re-word my post just for you . . .

    Agree 100% with what Daray said. Its clear that a Wizards damage output has been significantly reduced in COE when compared to the other classes. I am not saying that this was the intention however the result is obvious.
  17. Dinwiz Active Member

    nerf or not , the thing is we all got the same single target spells basically but wizards one work in the worse way out of the 4 mages lowering our dps from others spells in order to use the new one which isnt the case for locks & summoners
  18. Daray Well-Known Member

    Nerfed wasn't really what I was getting at, though I can imagine how some people could be struggling with them. These new prestige have some pretty bad usability problems, that could be addressed with some non-drastic changes, for example:
    • Seperating Hellfire from Incineration (i.e. as a straight up nuke), or significantly increasing the duration of Incineration, or remove the dot component from Incineration while front loading a bit more damage and then have the increment count be a self-buff.
    • Taking a look at the proc conditions for Frozen Solid increments, and removing the ridiculous weighting to the AE content that basically doesn't exist (i.e. have it based on a per spell cast, rather than per target hit).
    • Because Frozen Rain/Detonation consume all triggers, the damage should be scaling the more increments you get (rather than an all or nothing deal), or it shouldn't consume any triggers until we charge it to whatever arbitrary number is chosen for the max hit.
    Not going to make a long list, but that should give you some idea of what I was trying to get at in the post above.
  19. Hellstorm New Member

    Wasnt trying to derail this thread by using the word Nerfed or responding to Buffrat's reply. I was simply agreeing with Daray's post abt the usability problems. I am sorry if that wasnt clear.
  20. theWickedSwitchoftheWest New Member

    :rolleyes: If I may add my rave to the rantings. I concur with most of the comments Ive read here this morning and could even shell out some serious coin were I to add my 2 cents here and there. And I mean seriously you don't want to get me started or I could tangent most of you into the ground with the contempt I have been feeling towards the content creators of this game. Again tho, I will spare you all of that with only this acception, and only because Daray touched on it in his "Without going into an exhaustive post, the problem..." Posting above. I too have several alts and enjoy learning the nooks and crannies of game play as encounter them. I have discovered that in doing so it gives me a rather grand insight comparatively in regards to content quality. And not to sound like a hooker tis is not my "first" gaming experience.

    So please note that I have found myself making comments like this one, more and more often to my fellow players.
    "which to me seem like more of an afterthought given the unique choices many other classes got. I mean, who thinks up this stuff, and then doesn't sit down and see how it would play out in a typical real game scenario."
    I can answer this question for you. the GM's of this game that's who. What I cant for the life of me figure out tho is why. When you step back and take note of all the examples as they start to pile up you can't help but try to speculate What the reasoning for such shoddy output quality is. Its not like this stuff wasn't Beta'd. If you talk to ANY Beta-mate you meet about any recent game release they will be quick to list all the things that the testers voiced to be changed that were released as if they were perfect. most will even follow those gripes telling you they don;t even know why they bothered to ask if they just planned to ignore every suggestion made. I don't know if the GM's are just Old burnt out husks of their former selves. Or if their is maybe some some greater evil at work secretly plotting each sadistic money grubbing twist. that governs new content. I mean who knows why they continue to happen. That's Not even my point in this attention redirect. My point is how much longer are we going to complacently dodder about while a company that we all collectively keep in business, consistently continue to actively treat us like we are ****. What happened to quality control, to product management, to customer service? Was the concept of Brand loyalty rewritten by an NPC tariff lord or is Submissive ****** the new black? "I feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills" I believe the quote goes.
    And Please note that the fact that I'm still here is not lost on me. I don't view myself as any differently than the rest of my fellow players. But I'm starting to. we come here to escape to varying degrees. Not to be treated like something that got stepped in at the dog park. I don't know about the rest of you but I prefer being treated like crap in person so I can at least get the satisfaction of returning the favor. These issues will only continue unless they are opposed staunchly.

    So go chew on that. Twistina... out!