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    Hello all,

    got a problem with this old lvl 90 quest out of the Withered Lands timeline.

    According to the wiki to the quest, you need to kill three different kind of mob together with a NPC, with the killing blow either by you or the NPC. Since I am self mentored down to lvl 90 (from lvl 100 with Panda lvl 100 gear), I unequiped my weapons and dropped my buffs to not one shot the mobs, but the NPC still one shots them, which seems to cause to miss the update with the comment from the NPC "Right kill but how is she learning anything, if she isn't involved in the hunt", with her always making the killing blow. I could solve one of the mobs (5 updates) by pure chance with the NPC hitting twice, instead of one shotting them.

    Any ideas or trick how to solve this quests or what am I missing about it?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Twyla New Member

    The way I've managed it is. Have the NPC attack, I just follow along, this worked really well for my healing classes. If help is needed I did the weakest hit possible, that was usually the strike of consistency. If I was using my Channeler or BL I put their pets away. (Although it was amusing to see the NPC in a bikini if I left them up. Sometimes I would just run up to them so they would aggro on me, then let the NPC do it's thing. Thankfully the mobs are many and respawn fairly quickly if needed.

    I hope this helps.
  3. ShirQuickpaw New Member

    Thank you for the tip with having the NPC attack first - I must admit I completely forgot about the attack button in the pet menu.
    Though I also needed to exchange my armor to a stored lower version and remove most of my jewellery to reduce my stats, because the NPC was too powerful with them, one shoting the prey mob, which would not allow for an update. It really needed to be a fight where all parties got at least two shots in.

    But thank you again for the help!!!