With upcoming changes in Test note be prepared for mass exodus of the game

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Darwiin, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Darwiin Active Member

    This "Fix" on Test notes will cause many to finally leave this game.

    "Fixed an issue where a stat associated with an associated overcap stat could reforge incorrect amounts. Equipment with these incorrect reforged amounts will be rest, and granted a free reforge."

    First this Exploit has been in the game (Once again) for years!
    I don't question that the Crit bonus quirk with armor and weapons is an Exploit because of Piss poor program on the devs part but making this change. WITHOUT ANY TEST TO CONTENT is once again like last xpac change to the FOOD BUFF. This

    You realize your going to remove 30% of heals and DPS bare minimum to all raiders? Both Heroics and Raid are going to be nearly nearly impossible without any test of the content you are blindly removing 3k crit bonus from everyone.....GOOD LUCK! I hope G7 is ready to finally crush EQ2 and concentrate on game with better testing and leadership.
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  2. jbc1948 Active Member

    I thought the idea of Test is to test changes and or fixes to see what happens? Guess what it's real function is to give people something to complain about.
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  3. Generic Newb New Member

    Test notes always = live notes the following patch day. The exact purpose of the test server seems to be for testing live events and nothing much else.
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  4. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Finaly it is going to be fixed. Great job!

    P.S. If I were a developer I would also ban those who used the exploit over the years.
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  5. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    Exploiting an exploit is never necessary to complete the content of the game and must never be necessary.

    Once such exploits have been resolved, the developers can adjust the content accordingly if necessary.

    A necessary adaptation is never a justification for taking advantage of an exploit and even less a legitimation for taking advantage of exploits.
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  6. Generic Newb New Member

    You guys keep referring to the problem as an exploit. On what planet is using reforging normally an exploit? Because the system is a mess and doesn't work properly it becomes an exploit? Or is it because you didn't know about it until recently and you're salty that others were benefiting from it and you weren't? If you reforge into cb on any item with cb overcap you get more than you asked for. That's not an exploit, that's s****y code.

    Should you have to second guess the result of any action you take in game in case it's not exactly how it was designed? Where do you draw the line? At what point do you get to just use the tools you are given and play the game?
  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    If the Reforging UI suggests that a certain reforge will give you stat X and instead gives Y, that's CLEARLY broken, and using it with the intent to boost stat Y is an EXPLOIT.

    Reforging has had this brokenness around unexpected reforging returns for a couple of expansions. It's not okay just because you can.

    What appears to have been actually working as intended was the ability to reforge a huge amount of ABMod to CB, which is what most of us did. THAT was not the exploit. That it resulted in huge CB values was not a player issue, there were no clues from the Reforging UI that would have suggested differently.
  8. Generic Newb New Member

    So the way you pressed the buttons was perfectly fine, but the way everyone else pressed the same buttons was an exploit. Got it.

    Look at it this way. You have a piece of gear, you want more crit bonus. You go to the reforger, you have a look and yes, you can reforge unwanted_stat_01 into crit bonus, you move the slider, you pay your money. That's all. The fact that it gives more than it says does not make it an exploit. It makes it a bug. You're using the normal functions of the feature and doing nothing underhand.

    I'm paraphrasing, but I'm told when Caith was told about this bug he laughed and asked why people would complain about extra stats.
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  9. Daelini Member

    It boils down to this - they released raids and many of us blew through the first 2 zones within the week (maybe within 2 weeks). They got mad that we destroyed their content that fast so now they want us to slow down. We were supposed to take weeks to get through the first zones, not days...they hate it when we do things that are outside of their timeline so whatever they have to do to slow us down, you better believe they are going to do.
  10. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    IMO they should have gone for quantity, because they had a massive amount of land for each overland, and 4 mobs for the entirety of Echo Caverns is...well, I didn't want to use the word lame, but I'm stuck for a better word. But I am completely underwhelmed by my raiding experience this year. I'm not even remotely happy with the itemization, as I'm shortchanged on many stats as a scout. My auto-attack has been completely obliterated so much that I've damn near given up the idea of enjoying myself. I hate caster classes because, personally. they bore me to tears, but someone on the dev team clearly enjoys them. I can't keep up with mages anymore. An equally geared mage is doing about 4x time amount of damage as my melee classes. It's utterly disappointing. I'm disappointed with the way they've decided to do the racial quest, giving them a merc and a familiar for rewards? Every other class in the game got appearance items for their racials. They gave them something that should have been available to everyone, but of course, they dove for a blatant cash grab instead, expecting everyone to be excited about the new race and way too much for race change pots, when quite frankly, not everyone enjoys anthropomorphic creatures. And where are the other new familiars? On the RNG crates. Which means I'll likely see one, maybe, ever. But I've already gotten the same bracelet over a dozen times. This new expansion, quite honestly, the only thing I've truly liked out of it has been the Spirit Plushies. I'm pretty sure that's not going to be enough to encourage me to continue this game for much longer, which is a shame, because I used to love this game. I've been here well over 15 years now, and quite frankly, I'm thinking my time here may just be coming to an end after all.
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  11. Bentenn Active Member

    Well actually since most items you had with huge amounts of ability mod would be jewelry which has CB on it naturally and shouldn’t be able to be reforged into either , so you must’ve been exploiting as well. Most armor had 25k or less ability mod on it and allowed you into CB which armor wasn’t intended to have CB on it, just jewelry so again you must’ve been exploiting as well.
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  12. Jiggamann Member

    weve been casters for sometime now.. auto attack damage has been insignificant for sins for a long time
  13. Thand Well-Known Member

    i think is wierd that you can reforge into Potency on almost any item yet can only add Cb to items that do not already have it. That and youcan reforge Out of Cb but Not abilty mod
  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah; I think there was an actual time when it would go from Alpha->Beta->Public Test->Live, but I think once they went from subscription only to F2P as the default with subscription as an option (unlike virtually every other MMO out there, where it's precisely the opposite...was that a case of anyone affiliated with SONY guessing wrong again??), they had to worry about getting SOMETHING NEW (anything new) out every year, and mainly only focusing on the end-game levels. :-/

    Such pressure = way less time for proper testing procedures. X-P

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