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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Cyliena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Have an idea for a new prestige home you'd love to see in game? Post it here!
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  2. Afista Well-Known Member

    The tree from Darklight Woods - my druid's dream home. Slightly larger interior rooms would be a plus too! (like they did with the Tower of Bone remake for storm isle).
  3. Britefire New Member

    A large open desert with a few hills, maybe a small oasis.

    Could have a sandstorm-ish wall around it to be the zone boundries, and maybe a small underground cave/home in one of the hills.

    I think that would be a fun house to work with!
  4. Feara Well-Known Member

    A tree house high in the trees with a waterfall/river so my Archer/Elves can feel at home :)
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  5. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    The Library of K'Lorn in Neriak. The full library, not a truncated version. Opening up the blue wall set inside the rock wall behind where Library Mervyn normally stands would be a bonus because then it would be a nice fireplace area. Please and thank you!
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  6. Cinnamon Active Member

    I had /feedback that a while back! :p
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  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see more prestige houses, like the Thurgadin Hall, that have entrances where they 'fit' in the world, not just via the red magic house anchor in Qeynos/Freeport.
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  8. Kurisutaru Active Member

    This one might sound crazy.. but I would love to see the Willowwood as a prestige home! Being able to go inside each and every one of the buildings and decorate them.. that would be a dream come true! My own lil' village!!! :D
  9. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    I'd love to have the old Colony Island as a prestige home. I still log into my toon there from time to time just because that's where i was 'born' in Norath. >.> It could work better as a tier 4 guild hall, I suppose, but it would be so fun to decorate from scratch. ^_^
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  10. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    after playing in beta...I want to see the Dreadcutter as a prestige home.
  11. grlnxtdr Active Member

    I like the Willowwood Idea, a small village to decorate. Would be great for a frostfell Village if you could Cover everything in Snow (Hmmm, Just had an idea to add to the Frostfell wish List. Snow "Drapes" that you can Place on items that will take the shape of thet item). I would Like an Actual Underwater Home that you actually swim thru. That research Sanctum (Or whatever it is called) is Awesome, but I want to be able to Swim with those sharks! There would be a Domed Home at the bottom with breathable air, were the Furniture would go, and a huge underwater Playground for those Sharks, and the octopus Plushies, and crabs etc. Would Also Like the ability to "Pose" Plushies (Sitting, Standing, laying Down)
  12. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    Yes please. ~All~ the old racial zones have potential as prestige housing. Owning Castleview Hamlet would be awesome.

    The zones exist, they could be tweaked a bit and then sold off to eager customers.
  13. Wylie New Member

    I would love to see Cazic Thule and Permafrost modified for prestige housing, Permafrost could just be my personal touch of Christmas all year round!
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  14. Afista Well-Known Member

    Nek Castle - ok, I've seen it asked for before and always thought the place was way too huge. And the whole thing might be. But, what about the entry courtyard to the castle with some rooms attached off of it! There's a really awesome view of that courtyard flying over it, and the thought of having all the roof space is a bonus too :)

  15. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    as i posted recently.
    "warehouse" vault zone for old items.

    newer ideas...
    floating frozen TT island version, with snow covered pine trees
    frostfell valley with special crafter table (consolidated working table)- good place for tree decoration, gingerbread houses.
    Graveyard Hollow
    cave format network (we havent got this yet) -enchanted land grotto concept
    "Bigger" Elddar Grove super Treehouse with 3-4 trees interweaved, single tree look unrealisic with no branches supporting that deck.
    Bazaar with shard of hate setting but with sunny looks.
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  16. Kamoj Well-Known Member

    The Conservatory please! (Vasty Deep) I love the floors and pillars in there. Also, the Hua Mein Village in Sundered Frontier - all of it, the pool, waterfall, caves - not just a part of it.
  17. Feara Well-Known Member

    My Ultimate Prestige House – Since the launch of the Tradeskill Apprentices all my crafters have a central crafting station located on The Vale (which by the way is my favorite, *****’s to the designers). I have grown to the love the shared environment. My dream Prestige House would be a place my crafters could share and all call home. I no longer desire separate housing for my toons. I want them to live together, like a family. I would like to see an Island or an awesome outside area with the minimum of 2000 placed items (dream big) or an expander that would allow this. I love the Island with the water, soft sounds of the waves, sounds of nature, day & night and the beautiful stars. I would love to see a place like the Vale but larger. Just give me the basics, I can do the rest. I have slowly turned the Vale into a trading center, adding the ships, a small home and built a crafting area. Ships come from all over Norrath to pick up the fine goods my crafters make.

    Kind Regards ~ Feara
  18. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    here another zone seem ideal for ships, tents, cargo boxes theme, "Cove of Decay", same TT ground up built your own from scratch.
  19. Kurogo Active Member

    My wishlist, in order:

    1. The VIllage of Shin, I would love to turn the Tower of Four Winds into my house(but please don't pull a 'personal dojo' on it).
    2. Hua Mein area, (I love this idea Feara).
    3. Cove of Decay would be an awesome Pirate hide-out (I just saw Tyrus suggestion too).
    4. One of the islands from Sinking sands, put it out in the sea.
    5. The Tower of Zharvon instance would be a cool graveyard type home.
    6. Firemyst Gully could be interesting with or without all the undead stuffs.
    7. Either Gnollslayer Keep or Keep of the Ardent Needle in it's own instance (perhaps the FM Gully?).
    8. Hidden Vale, complete with the Druid ring.
    9. Cauldron Hollow, with buildings you can enter.
    10. Deathfist Citadel, the above ground ramparts and buildings.

    And I fully agree with Murmutt, put these houses where they fit into the world. Especially since prestige homes get portals for multiple housing, having them at a more spread out would be fantastic.
  20. krizet Active Member

    My #1 would be the Village of Shin... the WHOLE village, with working doors, swimable water, the bridge and rice paddies, oh, the pigs! And of course, the waterfalls...
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