[Wish List] Frostfell!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Cyliena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Cyliena Well-Known Member


    Post your Frostfell ideas and desires here!
  2. Dexella Associate Producer

    YAY! My favorite!

    (Yes, I play favorites with my holidays. Not ashamed.) :p
  3. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    No worries, it's my favorite as well! :)

    I'd love to see some tree toppers! I know we can use the lights on our Frostfell trees but well, something more permanent would be cool.
  4. Creame New Member

    a special ingredient for the recipes, like the candy corn for NotD...

    I know this would be a major overhaul of the recipes but it would but would make storing soooooo much easier.
    Can we plz plz plz be able to get a year round table(s) so we can have frostfell in july. I mean no other holiday is limited to that time of year, why frostfell ???

    was dissappointed that there was no flying wings / mount for NotD, could you get one in for Frostfell ???

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  5. Lera Well-Known Member

    Craftable snoepeople.
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  6. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    A flying mount would be great! Maybe a red-nosed reindeer?

    And, while not a house item, I think that new formalwear (the wedding set on the marketplace) would look really nice recolored for Frostfell! (craftable plzkthx) And, as I always ask, I want the Frostfell zone as a prestige house, complete with rainbows! Maybe unicorn housepets with drakes that follow them? Flying reindeer housepets?

    As far as craftable house items go.. FF stained glass windows?
  7. Skiptracer New Member

    Double upvote for Absyntheea's flying red-nosed reindeer!

    Do we know any timeline for when its going to be released to the servers yet?

    FWIW, I'm a software engineer by trade and would give up my free time to help the team deliver this earlier every year! (Hi Dexella :) ).
  8. Zanbarbone Member

    I would REALLY like to see tiles of ice that make you SLIDE when you stand on them !!!! They would be great for ice rinks and pond hockey !! :) :) :) :)
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  9. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of placeable rainbows too ! So sad i cant get that mount from FF last year the cloud with rainbow :( Its sooooo pretty, wish i could have one of those ... :( !!!
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  10. grlnxtdr Active Member

    More Snow Globes! Tree toppers! ( I want a Cloudrat Angel Tree topper for my GH!) More Ice sculptures (Craftable) in more elegant Forms (ice faries or fae, snow angels), and speaking of snow angels, how about a Snow angel tile for our outdoor areas? More snow formations like the snow drifts, but in diferent shapes/sizes, and not all lumpy. Someone else Mentioned frostfell Stained Glass. How about Frostfell Crystal dining set (Plates, goblets, etc in red/green/gold patterns that look like cut crystal. Could do Blue and white set as well for those who celebrate Hanikkah instead). Snow generators that slowy "Build" layers of snow in a Large area, so you can sit in your living room next to the fire and watch the snow pile up oitside your Window! Oh, And I agree with the affor mentioned Prestige house of the Frostfell area, and the Flying Mount!
  11. Afista Well-Known Member

    A few of the things I'd love to see:
    • Trees that have decorations allready attached
    • Wreaths with decorations allready attached
    • Dark green garland swags
    • Gift bags (instead of boxes) with tissue fluffed out of the tops
    • More greeting card designs (something without goblins :p )
    • Holiday artwork, pretty paintings
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  12. Kurisutaru Active Member

    Where I come from, as a tradition, we actually roast a whole pig over an open flame/charcoal (would look much like the Rujarkian Firepit or the Thexian Campfire) outside during the holidays and have the whole family, neighbors and friends get together for this.. every person brings over yummy side dishes to go with it; not to mention the yummy desserts.. */day dreams and drools a lil'.. :oops:*

    Umm.. */snapping back to reality.. :p* I would love to see a whole pig on a stick roasting over a flame.. maybe having a right click option to have it turn around while it's roasting... ;)
  13. Kamoj Well-Known Member

    Tables for year-round crafting - maybe a red glowie collection reward? Holiday stained glass windows, flying mounts (reindeer, holiday colored wings), a fridge with a glass front and openable door for all the food goodies we can make, snow-covered trees that aren't in pots an are easier to get multiples of...
  14. Quickpaw Active Member

    Definitely want house-placeable (love guild hall placeable, but I'll take what I can get) crafting tables...tho' my preference would still be the ability to craft the FF items on regular craft tables.

    Frostfell-themed building blocks? Gingerbread blocks would be interesting. It's non-housing, but I'm still amazed we don't have 'Santa suits' for guys and gals--red or green with white 'fur' borders. Well, okay, that's housing too with the use of a mannequin, I might actually make a Frostfell village if I can dress up 'inhabitants'.
  15. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    Yes I would love to see an Angelmouse treetopper for frostfell and would be more than happy to pose for it:)
  16. Jexi Well-Known Member

    I think the biggest item I want this year is a clear (bluish tinged) glass-like texture tile and block set. Something similar to the polished ice from Halas only more see-through. I also want to see patterned tiles, and a patterned wall tile. We have dividers now with no edges, is it possible to have a paper thin tile that's on its side by default?
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  17. Emms Member

    I want harvest depot for holiday raws and frostfell craft station for houses and guildhall.
    I wish that the snow cloud mount could be used as a flying mount appearance!
    I wish for a frostfell themed leaper mount or a mount that can be used as a appearance for leaper. perhaps Santa's goblins helpers shoes that have springs on there soles.
    I would like some nice appearance weapon with effects that all classes can put on primary and secondary to a have dual wield look! also more suck ranged weapon would be nice.
  18. Endara Member

    Really simple one (I think...) - could you remove the collision from the doors of the Icy Ornate Wardrobe so that it's easier to put things in it? Or make the doors openable; whichever is easier. And could you also make a version with shelves, please?
  19. Kepli Member

    Some have been stated:

    1. Better tree toppers
    2. New mounts. Reindeer rock. Snow cloud?
    3. Can we make it so the trees stay decorated and lit?
    4. String of lights? No, not the baubles. Actual strings of lights that we can string around the place.
    5. I know this cant be done, but it would be so cool if we could change our Prestige landscapes to snowy, or better yet, snowing!

    6. Music boxes with real Xmas music? Maybe Im soft but "Chestnuts over an Open Fire" would just rock imo.
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  20. Kepli Member

    While we are at it.... a FROSTFELL PRESTIGE "HOUSE"! Yes, with the rainbow bridges. SOE has yet to release a prestige house my Fae finds usable, and this would be perfect.

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