[Wish List] City Festivals & Moonlight Enchantments

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Cyliena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Post your ideas and desires for the monthly City Festivals and Moonlight Enchantments here!
  2. Finora Well-Known Member

    Different sorts of hedges like the hedge from the Nights of the Dead maze.

    That one is nice, but it's SO dark. Maybe some brighter greens, flowering hedges (maybe lik azaleas), holly hedges.

    Ivy walls/tiles.

    More types of flowers, flowering shrubs etc. We have several, but I'd like to see more.

    Flatter mushrooms, like these fully opened toad stools.

    Starry tiles that do not appear to be a painting (more real, like the nice moving clouds one).

    I'm sure given time I could go on =) some things I think would be better as carpenter recipes, but these seemed well suited for the Moonlight events.
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  3. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Flowing water tiles that DON'T have an edging around them.

    Building blocks...especially for the Pale Marble and Cobblestone tiles.
  4. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    I really like this idea. The sky in Eidolon Jungle (Ethernere) would work perfectly, and if it were darkened some it would look more like nighttime. Here's the sky I mean there:


    I think Domino tried this but ran into problems, which is why we ended up with that oval one. If water tiles absolutely need a border it'd be nice for the border to be somewhat transparent and the tile to be square. If they figure out how to make one without a border they would have a lot of happy decorators!
  5. Kurisutaru Active Member

    I would love to see the redish-brown trees from Darklight Woods at the grotto merchants for sale! They would make for an awesome fall decor!
  6. Finora Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, the trees from Darklight would be wonderful.
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  7. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    More mushroom options. There are some cool mushrooms in lower faydark but would need to be much much smaller. The different glowing mushrooms that are in tunnels in lower faydark or in darklight woods. Trees from Darklight woods and Great Divide. Would love some frozen plants and trees that you find in New Halas but that is more likely to be a Halas City Festival items.
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  8. Senya Well-Known Member

    • Building blocks to match the various tiles available at the Moonlight Enchantments.
    • Triangles to match all sets of building blocks.
    • Doors (new ones) that have frames attached (rectangular frames for easier building). Double doors, doors with glass panels in the sides or top, white doors, saloon-type doors, etc.
    • Door frames (rectangular) for the existing doors. I love the door available at the Neriak city festival, but trying to build a frame around it is not the easiest thing to accomplish, even with editing. A frame that matched, was rectangular, and with a cutout for that door in particular would be a dream come true.
    • Doors exactly like we have now that hinge the other direction.
  9. grlnxtdr Active Member

    Agree with everything Mentioned already, Plus some different styles of Plushies, Treant Plushies (One that can be Placed in a GH so I can Finally Finish my Chess set). More Flowering shrubs. More vines that aren't all flowing in the same Direction (Same flowers, just draped differently) More natural looking rock formations. River tiles with Banked Edges, in different patterns so we can create rivirs flowing thru our out door areas that meander around rocks and trees and Under Bridges. Bridges in various styles to go over said river tiles
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  10. Froggen New Member

    Been wanting a few styles of cacti for a while now. And trees with fall color leaves would be nice.
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  11. Afista Well-Known Member

    These are some of the trees in the new zones: Dead looking trees - Fall colored trees - Purple trees

    Also some of the plant life from there


    Any of these would make some nice grotto additions : )
  12. Streppoch Member

    More differenter trees. I'm always up for more trees.
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  13. Kamoj Well-Known Member

    Faun/Brownie plushies from the appropriate grottos. Mosquito plushies would be good too. And I agree - building blocks, triangles, flowers, hedges, trees...
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  14. Quickpaw Active Member

    Evidently I'm not the only one who wants to abuse the Faundler...

    Second the water tiles idea, I'd be fine if there was a border, so long as it wasn't such an intrusive one, hiding the border around the watery platforms is *work*.

    Others...building blocks like some of the grotto tiles (something that goes with the purple roof-like tile whose name escapes me and I can't log in right now to check, also the paved stone tile would be great as a block/half-block). Vines (wall-clinging or floor either one) that don't have flowers--heck, a vine similar to the roots in the root beer grotto would be great.
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  15. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    need 2 more new grotto
    Siren's Grotto > same room pattern with dragon cave in Thurgadin Hall near the site of ring war, add a small crafting room.
    Bixie Grotto > sinking sands' secret honey zone/retextured Shimmering Citadel as huge honeycomb tower with field of gardens, use a letter quest to 3 different overseers on "worker quota reports" by the dock.
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  16. Nailoo Member

    It's be nice to see more items that reflect the enchanted area / city for both events.

    City festivals could have specialty food house items like a Halas roast boar, a fae salad, a mushroom dish from Neriak etc. Permanent clothing with the city colors and style that actually look good enough to replace other appearance items: robes from Neriak, Asian-style from Tim Deep, fur from Halas, elven-style from Kelethin and more traditional stuff from FP and Qeynos. Room dividers that go with the style of the city instead of just plain stone and wood and more doors, including some round ones.

    Moonlight enchantments could have way more animal plushies from the areas they're in. More plants from the area since there's a ton that you see in game that aren't available. Water tiles without border or at least, with very minimal boarders in a variety of shapes. Ponds would even work if the border issue is a big problem, but it would be nice if they came in a large variety of styles and shapes like mossy, clear, a spring, bubbling / steaming, frosted, muddy etc. Waterfalls would be amazing and so would getting more rocks and stones, again all with different styles, lines and themes, lichen covered, glittering, volcanic, glass, icy, whatever. :)
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  17. Kisy Active Member

    More stones... but buildable stones... kind of like the rough stone table and bench that we got from the ( I think ) Grobb faction, not the sharp cornered ones we already have. Nailoo mentioned some different ones ( "lines and themes, lichen covered, glittering, volcanic, glass, icy" ) which would be great.

    More Trees!!!

    For the water tile.. you could put a thin silver border on it that would solve the border issue... and make them square and triangle.

    TRIANGLE TILES!!!! For every tile that is out there.

    Blocks and other building stuffs for the titles we dont currently.

    I'm forgetting lots... I have a mental list that is escaping me right now.
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  18. Orpiment Member

    For Grottos --

    Giant vines - like are in the brownie grotto. I want giant vines taking over houses I can run around on.
    More plushies - and also ones that scale a little larger for certain animals. Teeny-tiny doesn't always work for some things.
    And another cry for more plants and fungi of all sorts.
    More varieties of coral and other sea scenery

    And I really really really want to see the Zygomyd Grotto (or any of them really, but that one is my favorite) or something similar as a prestige house. Or a special collection reward or something. I'm actually tired of "normal" homes.... there's only so much I can do with a house house without wasting item count covering it up.

    For city fests--

    More themed paintings for each one. Either have another art contest or something in house or whatever, but I would love to see more paintings. I have very little that can go in my sarnak/iskar/ratonga homes because none of them really want humans or elves or pandas hanging on the wall. They all tend to gravitate towards the pig one...but I think that's just cause it looks like dinner hanging there on the wall.

    Going with artwork, I would love to see glowy glyphs (or whatever they're called that has escaped my brain right now) and such like the ones in Neriak I could put on the walls of my homes. I love those things.

    Food baskets - there have to me more varieties of food in the world. I love the baskets/bowls they're in, but I want more than green beans and berries. Where's my basket of potatoes? Carrots? Turnips? Beets?

    Dishes & Flatware -- Grinding tokens can't be any more annoying than feeding that greedy little halfling, but I would really love to see a greater variety of flatware and dishes in game that don't have holiday patterns or have me wanting to murder every short fat little halfling that crosses my path...

    You know those chairs in the Kelethin city fest? I totally want to see things like that for the other cities.

    Fountains. I would love to see more fountains of various types to match city fest offerings.
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  19. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    Bring back 2009 and 2010 "fan-created" paintings, PLEASE!!! i just seen fan-made station items, so why not those paintings!???
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  20. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Love everyone's ideas. They're all exciting.
    • With the building blocks idea, I particularly loved the idea of borderless flowing water tiles
    • Would love to see divider, stair, railing, and ramp building pieces to go with all the tiles (favourite is the cobblestone).
    • More misty tile colours: eg purple, misty bright white, though in some colours (pink, gold) they might be suitable for Erollisi or Bristlebane.
    • Would also like completely transparent glass crystal tiles, no crackling or warping effect.
    • Crystal formations that are more transparent and sparkly.
    • More grotto plushies: ducks, baby ducklings, and swans - stuff that can paddle around on the on the water,
    • Agree that more food items and artwork available through City Festivals would be great, and maybe for Moonlight Enchantments too; a couple of Moonlight Enchantment fruits, and at least one theme painting per grotto.
    • Hoping for more flower types in a bigger variety vivid colours and species, eg black-eyed susan, wisteria, plumeria, climbing roses, hyacinth, bleeding heart, chrysanthemum, begonia, shrub verbena (lantana), Dahlia (<3), Peony, Gazania.
    • Trees like pear trees, and apricot trees, plus any others may have mentioned
    • Maidenhair ferns (mine always die in real life, in game they'd live :p)

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