Windows Update 20H1 Controls unresponsive

Discussion in 'Players Supporting Players' started by Alarra, Feb 19, 2021 at 6:59 PM.

  1. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys
    I updated to 20H1 the other day and tried playing EQ2 afterwards.
    I was able to log into the game and move with the mouse. However, after pressing 1 key on the keyboard, I was not able to use the keyboard at all. Also the mouse could not click anything, it could mouse over stuff and the chat was still flowing, the NPC's were moving.
    However I could not use mouse nor keyboard to interact with it.
    This occurred with both the Laptop Keyboard and a USB Keyboard

    Things I tried after the update (none of these worked)
    • Restarted the Computer ( I didn't reboot the Router though ^_~)
    • Updated all my OEM applications and OEM drivers(Asus Official site)
      ※ OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer, basically the brand of your computer.
    • Updated driver site drivers (ie Intel, Nvidia)
    • Unplugged the USB keyboard and all other usb devices
    Finally, I had had enough, so I rolled back the drivers then rolled back the update and could play the game normally.
    Is anyone else encountering this issue? Maybe it is OEM specific.
    PC info:
    Asus RoG Strix GL502VSK
    32GB Ram
    Nvidia 1070 Graphics card
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  2. Alarra Well-Known Member

    Well I put the update on my older PC, then played the game on that PC and the controls were fine. So it has to be something about my PC or about the Asus RoG.
  3. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    that's not what we need to care for. these are microsoft problems (which it wants to address at expense/nerves of users). install manual update for windows. and never rush with it, because they update first and then fix problems that have arisen (this also applies to apple). leave automatic updates for critical security updates only. after all, still for long time you can use windows 7 without worrying.. so there is no need to update system for something that has not yet been tested enough.. think need to wait about half year or more before installing updates, except for security updates of course (which they are always late with). only care about keeping your browser up to date (because they don't allow users to choose between security updates and product updates)
  4. Rose Active Member

    That's EXACTLY what happened to me, with MY RECENT MAILBOX PROBLEM, that I reported in BUGS, when I logged in yesterday, and clicked the mailbox to see if i could finally retrieve items from my mail. I "clicked the mailbox" and it froze, couldn't click anything else, but could move my mouse around, and then not only did the game crash, but also my PC. I couldn't even log out of my PC normally, and so used the old CTRL/ALT/DEL to get out, without being able to turn off things that were still loaded. Never had this problem before. When i logged back in, after a full shutdown, everything worked again.
  5. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    The MS updates since last fall have a number of bugs in them. MS pulled some of the updates, but apparently problems persist.

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