Will you take the blue pill or red pill on Fallen Gate?

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    “Why do you insist on continually inviting him to our Feastday celebration?” A woman frustratingly asks while stirring her creamed potatoes.

    “It’s a holiday and he is family. Besides the children love him.” Her husband says while setting the plates on the table.

    “Whose family? I doubt there is any drop of blood of his that runs through your family veins. You know who he is?! What he belongs to right?! You know our eldest is just looking for a reason to leave. These stories he speaks of, fuel that. You remember how long it took us to talk that child out of joining the Irontoe Brigade the last time he was here.” She says as adding the seasoning.

    The man chuckles. “Now, now. He is just an old man with the same old stories he tells every…” the man starts before being interrupted by a knock on the door.

    “It’s JoJo!” the children in the nearby room shout as they run to the door to open it.

    “Hey wee ones. Happy Feastday. Where are the grownups?” an elderly, heavily bearded man says while entering the house.

    “In the kitchen.” They answer. “Tell us a story. Yes. Yes. Please. Please” they hurriedly ask knowing that their parents do not like them asking for his stories.

    “I don’t think so wee ones. Well, not right now. Got a touch of the coughing lung. Maybe after I get a little warmth in my chest” he says while coughing.

    “Hey Jondoe. Glad you can make it.” The husband says while entering the room.

    “Aye. Never miss a chance for the better half’s cooking.”

    “Here let me take your coat.” The husband says while helping to take the coat off. Suddenly a ring falls to the floor. The eldest child picks it up and admires it. It is a shiny silver ring with a large red stone. Inside the initials S.R.S are engraved.

    “What does S.R.S. stand for.?” The eldest asks while the elderly man and the child’s father exchange an uneasy glance.

    “Ahhh. Not quite a what little one, but more of a …” the elderly man started before being abruptly ended by the father. “… Just an old ring, from a time long ago.” The elderly man finishes.

    “Here let me put it back on…” one of the younger children begins to say as they snatch the ring from the eldest and start to put the ring back on JoJo before noticing the finger the ring would go on is missing.

    “Where is your finger?” the child asks.

    “A fish’s belly I imagine.” The elderly man replies.

    “Why is it there?”

    “Probably cause a fish ate it?”

    “I mean what happened to your finger?”

    “Got chopped off.”

    “Who chopped it off?”

    “I did.”


    “Better than the alternative?”

    “What alternative?”

    “Well my …” the exchanged continued until the wife came in to tell everyone dinner was ready.

    “Ahhh. Saved by the bell. Let’s eat.” The elderly man says while they all head to the table.

    After dinner the elderly man walks into another room with a fireplace and quietly sits while the rest of the family clean up after the meal.

    “Jondoe.” the eldest says while sitting in a nearby chair.

    “Jondoe? What happened to JoJo?” the elderly man asks.

    “I’m older now. An adult. I shouldn’t be addressing you as a child would.”

    “I see.” The man says softly.

    “What does it mean?” the eldest asks.

    “What does what mean?”

    “You now to what I am referring to. The initials on the ring. What do they stand for?”

    “Well that is two questions in one isn’t it. Which question do you want answered? What do the initials stand for or what do they stand for?” the elderly man replies while starring into the fire.

    “I don’t understand” the eldest replies.

    “I thought you were smarter. Perhaps I made a mistake. You spent the entire feast stirring your potatoes and the first question asked was one that doesn’t get you any closer to the answer to the question you really want to ask. I will give you one more chance. Ask your question. If it is the right question, I will answer it. If it is not, then the opportunity waits for another generation.” The elderly man says never breaking his gaze from the fire.

    “Very well. Obviously, your finger is part of it but its not what happened to your finger but why. You used to wear the ring on that finger but can’t now. Why not just take the ring off? Perhaps its about not having to put it back on. Why wouldn’t you want to put it back on. Don’t want to be associated. No, you kept the ring. Perhaps you are no longer active in it. Active in what? I already know what. But what does it do. Is it a what. Or is it a who. You said who earlier. I don’t need to know who they are. It doesn’t matter who they are, only what they do. How do I find out what they do? I ask them. Who do I ask? That’s it.” The eldest child rattles off one question and answer after another. “Who do I ask to become a member of the S.R.S?” the eldest eagerly asks.

    “Why do you think that is the right question?” the elderly man replies still fixated on the flames.

    “Because you know who it is. So, I can be part of it.”

    The elderly man stands and begins to head to the door. “I am sorry. That is not the right question.”

    “Why do I want to be part of it anyway?” the eldest child snaps in disappointment.

    The elderly man stops and places his hand on the mantle. “That is the right question. I will start you on the path, once you have your question answered you will only have one chance to stop. If you proceed after that, it could cost you more than a finger. Do you understand?” the elderly man says.

    “Yes, I do.” The eldest says eagerly.

    “When I was about your age, there was a special spot I stood to look out over the water. I would stand on this pointed rock that perched itself on a cliff high over the water. I can still hear the water rush past as it spilled over the edge to the bay below. The lighthouse light would slice through the darkness. The moon set above the trees and the atmospheric aftermath of Luclin shined ever so bright. There were some old ruins below me and a small waterside hut that feed me before I boarded the first ship I ever sailed on. Find this place. Bring back a screenshot of you standing at this location and place it here in the window where I have told this story. Make sure to put your name on it so I know it is yours and I will start you on the path to something more. I will pass by every so often to see if the picture is out. Once I see it, I will pass word on to you regarding your next step.” The elderly man says before existing the house.
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    Having difficult time loading screenshots.

    Standing on rock at razortooth falls on the isle of refuge. ruins below. light house off to left but not in view.
    Hut below. Ship was the Far Journey not in view.

    Adupau - Fury
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    Adupau - there is a peculiar botanical fragrance surrounding your mail box.

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