will they increase the number of procs we get with fury with the longer timers?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

  2. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    greater fury and furious counter do, and furious counter apparently drops very fast because it procs every time
  3. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    well it'd be kinda dumb if it didnt drop fast if it procs every time. the dps from that goin for 10 minutes would be hugely imbalanced.
  4. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    well rampage is totatly useless why not make our other level 50 skills worthless too?
  5. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    what the hell do you want? god mode?

    but, i thought this was a thread on the # of fury procs and its duration, not a complain about how worthless our lvl 50 skills are thread.
  6. ARCHIVED-Styker Guest

    Rampage reuse is too long ( nerfed down to 1 hour ) and i have a feeling it will be reset as more berserkers hit 50, but Greater Fury needs to be fixed since its duration was suppose to be 10 min and its still a 3 min buff
  7. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    and you(svanny) have still yet to even attemp a situation that would cause it to drop, you seem to only argue that its not necesary to be in situations where it would drop, but necesary or not it should not run out of procs in the time limit if there is no mention of there being a max.

    POINT IS, If I want to duo with a friend I shouldn't have to worry aboubt class defining buffs just vanishing for no good reason and thats all there is to it
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  8. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    i have been in many fights with fast hitting or a large number of mobs, and still i have not noticed it drop without me letting it.

    that cap is probably there to keep people from getting more use out of it against fast hitting mobs than slow hitting mobs. making all the mobs just as desireable for that skill.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    the key word in your whole post was "noticed"
  10. ARCHIVED-AdewaleTD Guest

    No, it's not. Mine always, always, always stays up no matter how many or how few mobs I fight. Maybe you are just [FAAR-NERFED!]ing bugged, I don't know. All I know is Fury and Greater Fury stay up for the entire three minutes all the time.
  11. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    yeah, so if it does happen, it's not enough to really matter.
  12. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    perhaps you haven't got this through your head yet, BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME PLAYSTYLE

    me for instance I hate large groups, and wether you want to admit or not it is rediculously easy to get to drop, and buff duration should not depend on playstyle

    and when I was leveling from 32-35 EVERY SINGLE ENCOUNTER it would drop, wether it be deer, shadowmen, or bears, it would drop, and everysingle encounter seems like a noticeable amount to me
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  13. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    i've played in large groups and small groups against solo mobs, group mobs, and named mobs. i have also soloed solo mobs, group mobs, and named mobs. i've duoed all those kinds of mobs too, and i have never ever seen it drop.

    i come and read this board, and several others, every day, and you're the first one i've seen anywhere that has said it's easy to get to drop. or has even complained about having it drop early enough to cause them any displeasure with the skill.

    if you have some real proof that your fury was dropping every single encounter, then post it and ill shut up.
  14. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    go get a non warding healer, and take down a group of atleast 4 mobs that are atleast 2 levels over you

    buffs dropping don't show up in logs, and I don't have the webhosting to post a video
  15. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

  16. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    Tyr'fel wrote:
    go get a non warding healer, and take down a group of atleast 4 mobs that are atleast 2 levels over you
    done this several times, never saw it drop.
    k... so that's, 2 people? out of how many zerkers?
  17. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    so you haven't noticed, so why the hell do you care to argue with me then, just for fun, if there is a limited number of procs and what harm would getting it fixed do to you? why are you so forcefully opposed to the idea just because you haven't noticed it? you just argueing just for the sake of it

    and your only kidding yourself if you think all berzerkers post on the forums
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  18. ARCHIVED-Svanny Guest

    well actually yeah im doing it mostly for fun now, it became entertaining by the 2nd page. you're just so [FAAR-NERFED!] set on it being a bug, it's amazing.
    cause i totally said that...
  19. ARCHIVED-Tyr'fel Guest

    "k... so that's, 2 people? out of how many zerkers?"

    and the title of the thread was *drum roll*

    will they increase the number of procs we get with fury with the longer timers?

    care to tell me where I called it a bug?
    I have been saying there was a maximum number of procs so increasing the timer would be a moot point
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  20. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    Fury and Greater Fury never had limited number of proc's to start with, here let me explain :

    Fury Adept I :
    • Casts Reckless Counter on target. When target is struck this spell has a 32% chance to :
    • Inflict 99-166 melee damage on target.
    Greater Fury Adept III :
    • Casts Reckless Counter on target. When target is struck this spell has a 35% chance to :
    • Inflict 127-212 damage on target.
    Intervene App IV :
    • 50% chance to intercept damage on target. On a successful intercept caster take's 75% of the attack damage, target take's 60% of attack damage.
    • Spell end's after 20 successful intercept's.

    Now as you can see in there, it say's no where about them only absorbing a certain amount of hit's and then ending before the timer is up like it say's for Intervene. If there were a certain amount of proc's, it would state it.
    I myself have fought group mob's of like 10-15 mob's per group and this has not once ever, EVER worn off due to too many proc's, it's still been there until the timer run's out and it start's to blink.
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