Will Rangers ever be looked at?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Boise, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Boise Guest

    This has been an ongoing issue for the last several expansions. Rangers are far behind their counterparts in terms of raid dps and far behind other top tier dps classes like Wizards, Warlocks, etc... Also, rangers bring nothing to a raid setting. So, I'm hoping others will voiced their complaints and hopefully fixes here. Here are mine atm:
    Increase ranger dps to match our counterparts (Assassins).
    A) Increase auto attack damage.
    B) Increase Combat Art damage and reusue timers on many of our bigger CAs.
    C) Increase bow damage and/or bow stats.
    D) Give rangers more utility or give rangers a self dps buff like Assassins have (Make Killing Instinct permament for example).
    E) Allow rangers to possible use a chain CA like their counter parts. Maybe with their quick ranged attacks.
    F) Improve Coverage and get rid of the stealth requirement (I'm tired of seeing AoEs distrupt this abilitiy).
    G) Improve Makeshift Arrows and get rid of the recast portion and make it permament.
    H) Look into flurry with bows or give our AoE ranged combat attacks the chance to flurry.
  2. ARCHIVED-ReverendPaqo Guest

    Rangers spank in BGs. Either that, or mages just have been overly nerfed survivability wise and the brigs, swashies, and assassins i've faced stink.
    In PVE, totally agree.
  3. ARCHIVED-Keys5419 Guest

    Only if the game is sold to a company that is competent or has any meaningful status in the industry.
    Of course that's assuming anyone would pay for this mess.
  4. ARCHIVED-glowsinthedark Guest

    ranged versions of melee arts, could keep all the same requirements ie behind, stealth, whatever, just make them ranged
    maybe something like double up but make it only work for ranged arts. would probably have to increase the length of time for what it repeats since all of our arts take so long to cast
  5. ARCHIVED-nipxur Guest

    I wouldn't hold my breath on Rangers getting fixed. We got two useless spells (Makeshift Arrows and Stream of Arrows) turned into something useful, and then they give us the short end of the stick by giving us AA's to boost our damage for the 1st 20% vs. the Assassin's last 30% of a mob. To add insult to injury, they gave the class that can not transfer hate the bonus at the beginning of the fight instead of the end of the fight (logically it would make sense that the class that can transfer hate would get the bonus at the beginning so that agro can be stabilized faster).
    There are endless threads on what can be done to fix Rangers, and yet we get no fixes. The only feedback we get is that they are looking in to it, which is the only thing they ever say. In the mean time, the gap between Assassins and Rangers continue to grow. Rangers will not get fixed, the best we will ever get is minor changes here and there to try and appease us. I would absolutely love one of the devs to tell us that they are actively working on us and that we can expect some changes in the next update, or some time this year even. But they won't say that, they'll just tell us they are looking in to it, or that they have some ideas.
    Don't get me wrong, I think the class is fun to play. It's a little hard to get in to groups with a Ranger, but they are fun to play when you can. Really the fun factor is the only reason I haven't betrayed to Assassin. And perhaps that's why the devs won't ever fix Rangers; because they are fun to play even when they are gimped (excluding BGs of course, but I want a toon for more than just playing in BGs).
  6. ARCHIVED-Kiara Guest

    This thread belongs in the ranger forums.
    If you had read the thread that I started at the top of the forum explaining what this is for, you would have realized that your class specific issues, still belong in the class specific forums.
    This is for GENERAL this that apply to all classes, spell and ability mechanics as affect all classes.
    That means: How does strength and its modifiers affect x, y, and z?
    So I'll be moving this to its proper location :)
    Thank you!
  7. ARCHIVED-Krodos Guest

    Kind of strange that our thread would be moved out of the way to this forum for the above reasons, yet the other posts in the forum regarding other class SPECIFIC issues are not touched.
    I completely understand that the forum is meant for GENERAL things like how does this stat effect this class, but I see plenty of posts about secific class issues, yet the ranger thread is the only one to be quickly shuffled under the table.
    It's almost like as soon as you see 'ranger' in the thread it needs to be hidden away.
  8. ARCHIVED-nipxur Guest

    Krodos wrote:
    The Monk thread was also moved, it also contained complaints about the class. Coincidence?
  9. ARCHIVED-Krodos Guest

    Lots more getting moved now
  10. ARCHIVED-nipxur Guest

    Krodos wrote:
    Yes, I guess I must recant my earlier post implying that those posts with complaints were the only ones to get moved =)
  11. ARCHIVED-Boise Guest

    Krodos wrote:
    Sadly, this happens more often than not. My post does talk about how to fix the ranger class by means of combat art improvement and other related ranger class issues. With that said, I don't see the point of having a Spells, Abiliites, and General Class discussion if you cannot even talk about a particular class. Each spell or ability will relate to a particular class and NOT every class in game. Simply put, you are opening a whole forum that will deal with probably a very small portion of the game while class balancing is getting ignored again.
  12. ARCHIVED-Krodos Guest

    Yeah but now when an issue with class XXX hasn't been adressed in.. 3 years they can say "WEll why didn't you put it in the class/spell/stat blanace forum! If you had we would have fixed it long ago but now we're too busy working on PVP, and the next expac to deal with it right now but um we'll get back to you guys when we can."
    Meanwhile any real CLASS issues are quickly moved out of the forum becasue they don't belong in the balance forum
  13. ARCHIVED-Aerinn Guest

    ReverendPaqo wrote:
    This argument is raised every time ranger 'gimpness' is raised. While I respect your decision to play PvP and BG, I do not. When I created my ranger there were no BG, and I intentionally chose a server that is NOT a PvP server.
    I still play my ranger because I like the "idea" of the ranger, but the practical playability of the ranger falls very short. I'm told repeatedly that we're supposed to be T1 dps class, and I'm just not seeing that. In PvE, we're at BEST a T2 dps class that bring very little (aka nothing) to a group or raid that's enticing enough to supplement our dps shortcomings.
    I'm disappointed that the PvP argument comes up and encourages SOE to keep rangers untouched, because that's not the game I bought, subscribe to or play.
    To SOE's credit, SF saw some improvements to rangers, but not enough to raise them wrt the rest of the board. Furthermore, there are some other classes that got smacked with the nerf bat (coercer comes to mind). Balancing a class for both PvP and PvE while taking into account all of the possible gear/stat combinations is virtually impossible. It's just not going to happen without major revamps to the combat system and a total division of PvP/PvE game mechanics.
    I would like to see the attempt made and potentially even the accidental overpowering of rangers, however. :D
  14. ARCHIVED-Boise Guest

    PvP and BG are different servers and rules period. This post has nothing to do with that at all.
  15. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    Asked and Answered
    timetravelling wrote:
    I believe we can preface Likely with less likely
  16. ARCHIVED-Writer Cal Guest

    I checked with my most reliable source, the Magic 8 Ball. Because, hey! It gives answers instead of silence!
    Will Rangers ever be looked at?: The Magic 8 Ball says, "Without a doubt."
    Will Rangers ever be fixed based on these "looks?": The Magic 8 Ball says, "Ask again later."
    Fits with the dev responses so far, eh? I wish I were kidding about the Magic 8 Ball, but alas, I'm really not. This is what it said. Stupid Magic 8 Ball!
  17. ARCHIVED-billchivers Guest

    As a friend of mine once remarked:
    "My builder just called. He says he will come and work on my house tomorrow. The only thing this actually tells me is that he definitely isn't coming today"

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