Will Fallen Gate launch this month?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by dirgenoobforreal, May 5, 2017.

  1. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Has any date been set? Tease us a new TLE with 12 weeks expansion rotation and not saying a word about WHEN its open, kinda sorta sucks :(

    Pretty please give us a date.
  2. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Based on what I've heard, probably sometime in July. There's been no date set, and they have a lot of work that needs to be done if they're going to fix up the itemization and T5 raids.
  3. Blaupunkt Active Member

    And what's the chance of that, unless fixing loot by running it through the script thing they use where the majority of it all ends up the same with the same stats.

    Then you only have to look at RoK and how they even managed to mess that up.

    My expectation levels are not high, intact with only a 12 week gap between Xpacs I doubt I will end up playing on there anyway, grinding to end game asap then several weeks of raiding before the next Xpac comes out is just what SH was at the start, not something I want to do again.
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  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure Fyreflyte has been working on all pre TSO itemization for quite a while now.

    RoK gearing isn't that bad, minus Ability Mod being on everything.

    Personally, I feel 12 weeks is a good average. A couple weeks or so to level, then 2+ months to do any end game available.
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  5. Blaupunkt Active Member

    I don't see how RoK gear progression can be considered good when apart from a few select classes most of the gear was not an upgrade once you had ran the instances and T1 raids a few time to gear up.
  6. Kaegrim New Member

    I Agree. I truly love the start of a fresh server and i do not want to destroy it to fast. I hope it will be more then 12 weeks, but ither way. It's gonna be 12 very very good weeks for me.
  7. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Got a group of 20ish Pantheon players just waiting for this server. When will we know more about this server?
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    On the live stream yesterday, they said the "tentative" release date for Fallen Gate is the end of the June.
  9. Rozyn Active Member

    Sweet, my ESO Warden ought to be levelled up by then so I can completely immerse myself in the EQ2 TLE lol. #mmolife
  10. Phaedrix Active Member

    This month would be grand! But yes, they've got a lot of stuff to fix in the meantime. I'm not confident that much will happen, particularly seeing what a trainwreck the proving grounds rollout has been, but this is what I tell myself to justify the wait.
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  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Well ROK loot was insanely OP (current stats are almost x4 the vanilla one) and sadly crafted items and many fabled item were not revamped, but at least i could get proper dps and healing power. SF loot is sort of horrible, getting items with potency and casting speed an nothing else -- no dps mod no ma no haste --

    I won't play with 12 weeks per expansion, such a speed is just a way to make more cash, on Storms many people are already 90 (vitality potions + boring xp farming in the hole + collections). It is now also very clear to me that DBG actually bought Krono and actually sold plats to the players, hence some insane inflation.
  12. Nuada Member

    I hope it is a PVP server noone need more empty PVE Servers this game need only a good supported PVP server.
    With char balance (aa unlocked is importend nr1 for balance or it is scout territorium)
    + ROK PVP gear ect this gear is good to start and the ppls have fun to play "balanced"
    before this gear is come the Guild Onyx has with one grp (6ppls) a x4+ slayed in pvp
    and many ppls have canceled his subs.
    then the armor has come (ROK+PVP-Gear) same stats as the raid gear
    and after that i have see over months 15+ Kylong Plains Zones open at same time

    "what can we see"? it is not the PVP gear what made the game empty

    the problem was only there was never a update for it in Open PVP
    We Need all 10 LVLs a new PVP Set to hold the ppls or all 4 weeks little PVP items for upgrades

    Made only that we can get the best PVE T1-2-3.. ect Gear for PVP, i mean that is a PVP server.

    Make a PVP server Exactly so.. or the most ppls go again after 5000 oneshot from a brig)
  13. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    It wont be a pvp server. DBG finally learned their lesson I think. If they thought they could turn around PvP they would have left Deathtoll running.
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  14. Rozyn Active Member

    You get people clamoring for a PVP server but then they never stick with it when they get one - and I'm not blaming them. I've seen this in multiple games with PVE-focus and balance. Same goes here. If the forums were anything to go by, Deathtoll was a ghost-town within weeks. The TLE is sloppy and imperfect (and I'm looking forward to it regardless). It's especially apparent how little control goes into balance and itemization with PVP. In PVE, you can let it slide a bit, but PVP naturally finds a way to bring imbalances to the fore. It just really doesn't work at this stage of EQ2 resources, unfortunately.
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  15. Phaedrix Active Member

    This game's attempts at PVP have only led to disaster (including the provin' grounds). Let it die.
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  16. Nuada Member

    yes noone go with it with no Class Balance for PVP and Gear for PVP fights that is sure... i Love PVP here i have it over years played and it was more a good time as a bad.. i have talk with so many ppls and 50% have it not more played Because of the balance problems and the other 50% Because of the no gear for pvp.. only a small grp was up for only pve stuff.. not the most ppls...

    1: ppls come home after 8h work and lose all the time PVP fight sure he go back to PVE or play a game with more sucess

    and with only pve stuff for pvp u have not the time to go to the work in this game if u go u have bad gear and lose all the time its easy to understand :)

    As I said the PVP system must be beginner friendlier

    Raid gear for PVP fights first version we have in 2 days
    best version in 1 month

    Imagine the server has been up for a long time
    and a new player come to the server and he die 5000 times this guy raid sure not long or make anything long in this game to get good in pvp

    1: PVE gear for PVP
    2: zone pvp attack max 2-3 lvl
    3: open pvp events with bonus tokens
    4:Class Balance
    5: all AAs unlocked for balance its not the old combat system. without AAs work only with the old one
    6:Veteran reward
    7: Only masters and AA Grandmasters
    8:a Free server not connected to the other that u can deactivate all not used items and balance without negativ effect for PVE server
    9: old PVP title system
    10:Avatars with updatet gear
    11: so mutch more to do
  17. JLane New Member

    Why would people want to do the same washed up raids on eq2 ... Pvp servers may not last more than a few months but it brings much better content in the game. If the game still had a pvp server I'd probably still be playing. I was one of the last players to quit death toll and it was an absolutely ghost town towards the end.. /who the zones and likely there wouldn't even be a single player in either faction in the endgame zones... It's a damn shame, this game has brought some of the best mmorpg pvp content out there.
  18. JLane New Member

    Without a pvp server I couldn't ever see myself returning to this game, which is also a shame cause This will forever be my favorite game with the best memories ... One time for nagafen..
  19. Nuhvohk Active Member

    Why would people want to do PVP in a game where PVP was an afterthought?

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