Will Days Of Summer be 'enough' to allow you to play next expac?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by CoLD MeTaL, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Right now, the resolve on the full set is 14 over Mastercrafted. That won't let you in heroic groups at launch most likely, unless the others will "carry you". Is that enough? With that Resolve you can't do Experts right now.

    The question is do you 'feel like you can catch up' given that?
  2. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    It is meant to get you started in the upcoming solo and advance solo content. Not the Heroic.
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  3. Derfel Active Member

    Diving into new heroics on day 1 is typically a "raid geared only" thing. Given that we're getting a old fashioned full tier level bump this time around I would imagine everybody will need to gear up before doing any serious group content.
  4. Derfel Active Member

    That said the sig line will probably get folks over the hump, and up onto the treadmill once again.
  5. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Reminder that Gear Up, Level Up will also be coming up soon which should give you an extra push as well!
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  6. Kioske Well-Known Member

    Will Gear Up, Level Up increase the drop rate of Ascension spells, recipes, and pages?
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  7. Tajar Active Member

    I hope double ascension XP is in that too!
  8. Revel Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm leaning towards not playing the next expansion as I realize its going to be even more frustrating next expansion.
  9. ConcealFate Active Member

    Please explain what "gear up, level up" means
  10. Fenin Member

    If you don't know what gearing or leveling is in an mmo, you probably have other things to learn before you should worry about xpack. I'd start with a free to play account at least until you figure out the basics.
  11. Linus New Member

    This was very condescending. I think it's fairly obvious from the context that Roxxlyy was referring to some kind of event as they said "Gear up, Level up is coming soon". I'd also like to know what Gear Up, Level Up is. If I had to guess, I'd say it's some kind of xp and drop multiplier event. There may also be information out there that I'm unaware of, and a link to said information would be useful.
  12. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    Well I've been at 100 for years now, and my gear is for the most part all expert... so what will the "gear up, level up" event bring me that's exciting and new?
  13. Dude Well-Known Member

    There were, at least, two of these before. Below are links that provide information about them. I thought there was another one, but this is all I can find.


  14. CaptainSoweto New Member

    Did I miss the expansion announcement?
  15. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Gear Up, Level Up ran in October & November of last year - there are a handful of archived articles on the EQ2 website that point to some of the bonuses that were given out during that time (like here and here). We haven't quite announced what perks will be given out this year, but looking back might give you a rough idea of what Gear Up, Level Up generally entails.

    The expansion hasn't been officially announced yet, just mentioned in passing. :)
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  16. Almee Well-Known Member

    I will be happy just to do the solo and advanced solo stuff. It's taken me almost a year to do some of the solo and as stuff in KA. There are some dungeons I still can't do by myself but that's because I don't understand what to do despite really nice players running me through the dungeons.

    I was in the process of learning one of those dungeons when we all went ld. I found it incredibly complicated and confusing but at least I got the part down needed to complete the KA sig line (I think. I haven't actually tried it yet).

    My main problem is I need to be able to run a duo with mercs to save my hands. It probably isn't that bad, if you just play a couple of hours a day, but I usually play at least 10 hours or more per session. I usually won't play again until my hands no longer hurt when I type.

    I also find some areas are harder on my eyes than others--especially if I have to hunt for things that look similar to the background graphics, like in ToT. I have an HD screen, and run ultra graphics mode, but ToT is still murder on the eyes.

    So I'm still undecided about the new xpac. Last year I pre-ordered 5 of the most expensive xpacs just to find KA was pretty much of a mess. It looks like this next xpac may be better but I don't think I will be willing to bet over $500 on it. I've learned that when it comes to betting, with DBG, I usually come out the loser. Of course that is usual for all gambling so I'm the stupid one for doing the gambling.

    On the other hand, those pre-order percs are pretty nice once DBG gets the bugs worked out of a new expansion. And they have become more responsive to our complaints, so I will have to wait and see if they give the percs to all our toons, on an account, or just one per account. I still think last year's perc were incredibly stingy even after they agreed to make some of the percs available to all the toons on the account. I can buy a heck of a lot of really nice real-life merchandise for $100+ from Amazon and it won't hurt my hands and eyes.
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  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Ice your wrists. You can get blue ice packs that come in a ace-bandage like pocket that can be attached. If it interferes too much at the keyboard, do it when you aren't playing. Also, you should ask your doctor for carpal tunnel wrist braces for both hands. The ones you can get at the local pharmacy aren't what works. Then wear the braces just to sleep in. It's amazing how much wrist-cranking we do in our sleep.

    I've had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, but from time to time I still need to ice my hands and sleep in the braces. Usually now it's just a few days until the annoyed tendons quit kvetching. I also recommend the steroid shots, they worked great for me for several years. But I really abuse my hands, working in computer geekery by day and gaming, then using powertools on the weekends in hobby/home improvements.
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  18. Almee Well-Known Member

    Sigrdrifa, my wrists are fine. It's my finger that get tired. I've spent about $600 on keyboards and so far, the best one has been the Logitech G910. This game has a lot of key clicking, other games don't have, but then they also aren't as good.

    I have no idea why DBG puts in so many key clicks. Just look how many are required to buy a bag of plat. I counted 12 clicks. And trading stuff is awful as is mail. Add to that trades and it comes to a lot of clicks. I go through a set of batteries every 3 weeks (for my mouse) and 3 expensive Logitech mice a year. My granddaughter plays games also, and she goes through a set of batteries about every 3 months and she's still working on her first mouse, like mine, after 2 years.

    I probably wouldn't have so many problems if I didn't decorate, harvest, and do trades in addition to adventuring. I also loot the mobs I kill so the corpses aren't littering up the place and confusing other players. And then there is all the flying around. I play two characters, at a time, so I can't use auto run as the second toon will drop off auto follow. That means holding down the forward key the whole time I'm flying (ouch).

    And then there are the characters that are somehow borked and insist on losing buffs, merc setting, and mounts most times I zone. KA is full of zoning so I'm constantly having to stop and reset.

    And of course there are the crashes to desktop. I normally get a number of them each day. Usually from zoning in or out of the guild house but sometimes the game crashes in the middle of doing something like trades or fighting.

    I figure I play about 40 hours a week. The rest of my awake time is spent working at the computer. I suspect a lot of players spend the majority of each day at a computer either working or playing games. I've been at it far longer than most players as I started back in the days of the Vic 20 and first Apple.

    And even though my hands are showing the signs of wear and tear, I still spend twice the time at the computer than my son who wants nothing to do with computers when he's finished his 40-hour week. He refuses to play EQ2 because it is too much like work.

    I get the same thing from the rest of my kids and grandkids which is why I now have so many accounts. After work they just want to kick back and do something that doesn't require a lot of thought or planning. A common opinion, among my high-tech family, is that they get paid big bucks to look stuff up; they aren't going to pay to do it. If a game isn't intuitive enough to play, without having to read directions, then they want no part of it.

    I admit I sometimes feel the same way but I really haven't had to look too much stuff up until KA. Frankly, I wouldn't ever pay for an xpac like that again. Even after doing some of the sig line 17, or more times, I still have to check to make sure I'm not skipping a quest or step.

    I think things will be easier for me once I learn what's involved in the new xpac. Right now I'm trying to straddle the fence by leveling up my old toons, on Maj'Dul, in case I decide to let some, or all, of my subs go silver and can no longer play on IoR. And since there is no talk of a sale on yearly subs, then the cost of the xpac will also come into play when making my decision. DBG has a weird way of asking a heck of a lot of money for little in return. I hope they don't make that mistake this year.
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  19. ConcealFate Active Member

    LOL you obviously misunderstood. It was stated as if it was some kind of event.....not just " hey everyone start leveling and gearing up" . While we are at it, can you tell me how to turn the computer on smart guy?

    Ps thanks to the others who were able to understand what I was asking about
  20. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    You have to hit the PC really hard with a hammer, and bam.. instant power! :)

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