Wierd old drop? and rumor

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    I found a horn mouthpiece in Lesser Faydark, near Tower of Zet, while fooling around today....

    Long Draw Overlook Tower Mouthpiece

    I looked into it, and apparently there's some rumor that you can spawn an Epic with it?

    From the Archive: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq2/index.php?threads/west-overlook-tower-mouthpiece.424821/

    I did some testing and tried blowing the "wrong" horn, and although they all glow when moused over, only the one in the Long Draw Overlook Tower actually worked. However, it spawned a Captain, and he was normally heroic like the others. No AA * next to his name at all.

    Considering how rare those drops are, I can't imagine anyone grinding for all of them and THEN blowing the horns. Does anyone remember how that worked? I mean, I then went into Castle Mistmore, and went all the way up and down, and never got another one. I assume they only drop from heroics. I also wiped out the Freethinker's Hideout (regular, I was chrono'd to 65), several valleys of vengeful spirits and werewolves and dire wolves, no joy for finding a second one.

    I love a mystery, don't you? :)
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    I can't find any source info on it, but generally when a named mob doesn't give XP he's part of a quest.
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    I got one like this many years ago, when I was still rather new to the game and this first (and main) toon of mine was level 80 or 85. While doing a level-scaling zone in Sinking Sands, The Palace of Sabaron chronoed down to level 70, I got a piece like that off a trash mob as well - and when asked about it in chat nobody had the slightest clue what it's for either, that's when I googled it up and came upon the same forum thread you linked.
    Basically, it is possible that if you get more than one of them, maybe in a group or something, and click in the both towers, something more interesting might happen, but I didn't really have either the patience, nor desire to grind countless thousands of mobs just to get another piece, so I just used the one I had and same thing happened - some kind of name appeared though he was green to me (I think) and dropped nothing when killing. Talking about scratching the head... no clue what this is about, might be some ancient abandoned content they didn't really implement, or something nobody really cared to find out about.

    There's quite a few things like this in the game, especially in even older content than Echoes of Faydwer, if you start to look around out of curiosity. With basically very few, if at all, knowing what it's about. Lack of proper information about content is very notorious in this game.
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    There certainly are a lot of mysteries. Since quests do get removed from Norrath, I imagine it was part of a removed quest. The EoF signature quest is Heroic, unlike today's signature quests. So maybe it was part of a repeatable and was removed. On a story level I like the idea of being in random places in the world, and finding a mouthpiece. The message being that the mouthpieces were removed as part of a plot to make the horns unusable as a warning system. I haven't found any connection to a story in EQ1 yet, but this has that kind of feeling. Everything near to the warning system is a ghost already and there is a town of living people nearby, besieged by zombies, vampires and the like. It seems to hint that it might be good to know what happened in Loping Plains before the Shattering. The items could be there to gladden the heart of those who played EQ1. There's a few things like that.
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    If only there was an official forum..or website that kinda kept track of old zone items / strats / etc so completionists could reference them in times of need...
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    I would love to give a dev a beer or 5 and have them look up some old time mysteries so we can catalog them all. There is some stuff up in Shimmering Citadel..a statue...some mad monkeys...why is Meatbeast on top of Nek Castle.....
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