Why you people join then quit ?

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    some days i wonder who is doing this some one might be doing this on porpuse to me and only me in my guild to try to worry me and bother me read here :

    here is my post on eq2 guild recruit

    very good home mail me or message me in game or post here

    would like to voice chat with members best way to find if they good for guild

    I am tired of strange weird names for characters please try to have a normal char name or ask about my guild theme

    I have a guild web page with link to very good char name generator ask me in game or google and serch for rpg name generator

    Mail my char in game or post here

    You people who join have to understand I can not do much for you in game you have one of best guild halls in guild with aran i a and from there you can invite more people to guild yourself

    make friends and ask and invite others and have fun, why only thing people do is join log in never talk in chat i ask if they want help they never say anything then never ask for help then quit?

    WHO EVER YOU ARE YOU QUIT GUILD WHEN I AM NOT LOGGED INTO GAME every time never say why now is the guild hall good ? i would think so guild hall very good decorated by a person who won over 12 home show trophys so why join wait 2 days and wait till i am not in game then quit and see if that bother be over and over i log in my nice new member quit guild every single time ?

    WHY i log in always the normal or good named players have quit guild are you letting them play your computer and loggin and and quit for them between 9 pm and 7 am like i log in get surprise your nice new player wait 2 days and quit while your not logged in ?

    Every single time and no reason given ?

    I spend over 2 to 5 hours a day some times looking for new players and picking ones with nice good normal names not about something weird strange or mean names and they always simply quit guild with in like 2 or 3 days?

    WHO doing this to much a pattern to be normal ?

    also EVER QUEST 2 Has VOICE CHAT BULT INTO THE GAME AND IT SOUNDS VERY NICE AND EASY TO HAR OTHERS and i feel like only thing i get is hey i cant hear you over and over when i do voice play back test my microphone it sounds and clear and nice and good as possible really do not need a phone can use eq2 but all i hear is cant hear you cant hear you cant hear you ..... simply use eq2 voice

    I not need Ventrilo a plastic maniquin picture with headphones with strange plastic dolls manquin of white plastic in my shopping mall looks same .

    i not use outside of game program no need for it. Discord is nice but eq2 voice is there in game and works so why it such a big deal and hard to get players to voice chat?

    who ever you are make a account and post here " Pr o B L em " is

    what if there where no problems why that worry you no one need your plastic junk ?
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  3. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    If they quit while not logged in, they deleted their toon.
  4. Alarra Well-Known Member

    As a player who has been in many guilds over the years and been guild leader/officer for a couple.

    Why people leave when you are not logged on:
    People don't want to face the person they will feel guilty about leaving, as that person will usually ask them to talk to them for ages about it.
    Personally if the GL is not on and I am leaving a guild, I send the GL or an officer an in game mail telling them. But that is just me.

    Why do people have strange names?
    Because they like cultural references or something that they identify as a part of themselves.
    Some people just leave the names up to the random generator.
    All the good names that they want are taken and they make a butchered version of what they really envisioned for the character.

    Why do they leave?
    They will leave for a variety of reasons I will list some:
    1. They don't get along with a certain member that is on when you are not.
    2. Your guild's member base is too small and they cannot get groups
    3. People are lazy creatures, there are rare group makers, but most people don't really want to be the leader. They want people to do things for them. You ask someone what they want, they will not know 7 times out of 10.
      People who regularly make groups and start guild activities should be your officers.
      If you do not have many people in your guild, say, "I'm thinking about doing such and such a zone, who wants to come?"
      If you get low response start sending tells.
      An active guild is a very appealing thing to stay in.
    4. They don't like the game. They quit.
    5. Leveling is very slow. They gave up on that character
    6. It is not their main and this expac is brutal on alts.
    7. The topics you bring up in guild chat are not to their taste.
    8. They find a stalker guild member or someone with a constant complaint in guild that just won't shut up about it...ever
    9. They cannot find amenities easily in your guild hall because it is all covered in fluff.
    10. Another guild saw them playing, offered them a raiding position or the possibility of more friends and poached them
    11. Their friends are in a different guild
    12. etc
    Why don't people use voice chat?
    I will tell you why I don't use voice chat other than to listen.
    I generally play at 9PM to 12:30 AM at night and my wife an daughter are sleeping in the next room in a 3 room apartment(including kitchen). There is only a curtain that separates said room to make the house feel roomier during the day.
    I talk, they hear, they wake up.
    I listen on my headphones and reply in chat. I pretty much exclusively use in game voice chat to listen nowadays.

    Others have their own reasons too:
    1. They are women who do not wish to be harassed about having a sexy voice (I know of 3 people like this)
    2. They are playing as a girl but are really a guy
    3. They are shy
    4. They find it odd to talk on a game.
    5. They are not used to the interface
    6. EQ2 requires push to talk meaning a button or clicking somewhere on the screen. Some of the other clients will allow you to just talk to activate the mic.
    7. They have other friends that do not play the game that they like to talk to or bring into the conversation on a 3rd party program
    8. They are used to said 3rd party program and like it
    9. When they go Link dead, they can tell people what has happened via the 3rd party program
    10. They don't like a certain persons voice or do not wish to talk to said person.
  5. Vokan Active Member

    You seem to recruit based on only names. Well your guild, but does it really matter?
  6. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Your name is an Anagram of "A ran ran ran", perhaps they took a deeper meaning and fled.
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  7. Duffy Active Member

    Maybe your guild is just not to their liking. Maybe the people in your guild are not compatible to each other because the only thing you care for are not compatible personalities or gaming goals, but a decent name. In a game 13 years old, good luck with that.
    And if I would find myself constantly approached why i am not in voice chat, well then it would be el adiós for me too. I am just used to socialize via writing, maybe because voice chats weren't so common when EQ2 came out. I can bear with it when in a raiding situation, because most raids regulate the blabber to trash pulls only. But after 3 hours of that I just want all people to just shut the f up. A guild with a heavy focus on voice chats sounds like a nightmare for me and however nicely the guild hall is decorated, it wouldn't make up for it.
  8. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Alarra gave perfect list of reasons and I just add my 2cp

    When/why ppl leave? - basically when guild activities that they used to have dramatically decreased - time before big GU is the time because content of x-pack been consumed many just do maintenance mode so ranks are reduced normal raiding activities seize to exist ... guild "done" and "gone"
    "Character problem" - that is the lesser of all evils (from what I have seen over many years) - most guilds have very own dickheads - just ignore them
    "Snowball effect" - 1-2 person taking off rarely a problem, 3-4 is disturbing, 5+ - mean guild about to all buy die
    Guild chat - well most ppl have RL and game is not something they want to dive for whole evening - hence maintaining chat not an option, raid different story but many prefer just use headphones to be in coordination and use macro should they need to broadcast something to raid etc.
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  9. Katz Well-Known Member

    Frankly, unless you have several people in your guild who are active and interactive when new members are on, they get lonely and leave. It makes it hard to start/maintain a guild.
  10. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    As someone who was part of forming a guild within the last 2 years, I can say that it is very tough to get anything new rolling unless you start it with a fairly large number of active people who enjoy the company of others. The guild I formed had 3 knowledgeable and dedicated players, yet finding others who were on at the same time with similar goals was quite a task. Some of the new people we brought in ended up not having the same goals or just wanted to move up faster in the world, and when you're competing against older, more established guilds, it is an uphill battle. My friends for that guild ended up moving on to different things, and then I found a guild where I have been happy for most of this year, where I have a clear role and a great fit. In between, I was part of another small guild that was also friendly and nice, but it did not have the same goals that I had, so it was time for me to move on from there. And prior to that, I was part of 2 large guilds that eventually turned out to be nice, but just not perfect for me. It's a process, trying to find the right place to log into every day.

    Also, I would say, while there are a TON of guilds on my server, there really aren't very many with a large, dedicated base of players. The question becomes, what can you offer that a larger, already established guild can't offer? The answer typically is 'well, I'm a fun person to be around, and my guild hall is nice.' Ok. That's fair. But guess what? Those larger guilds have more friendly fun people to be around and usually have more useful stuff in the guild hall as well. Not to mention, the PUG aspect of the game is not necessarily dead, but it is pretty tough to consistently do things--especially if you're new. So in a smaller guild, if you enjoy anything over solo content, you're going to be needing to pug quite a bit. And, well, you're going to get bored quickly in the current state of the game. Bored or frustrated.

    Building a guild is a lot of effort, and we certainly take pride in our creations. But, with the low population of a game like everquest 2, it is currently better to go where the action is, rather than trying to build something from the ground up.

    Now I'd also like to add to that how even if you join an active guild, it may not feel very active to you personally, because people in this expansion are BUSY. With the limited time that I have to play every day, I pretty much have to devote it to myself. If I take time to help someone new, that is time that I just lost towards burning down my ascension or a few months ago working on my epic. I do not like this state of things, but it simply is how it is right now. Personally, I often ask in guild chat if anyone wants to tag along when I drain my xp. I very rarely get any takers. But many people don't even do that, so as I said, even an active guild can feel like a quiet place at times. And my guild has over 20 people on consistently at peak hours and almost always someone on, even at off hours like early sunday morning.

    Anyway, there are MANY reasons why someone would join a guild and then move on to something else. My advice is to not take it personally. I always feel bad when I move on from a guild, even if I don't build strong relationships there. But in a game with such a huge time and effort investment like eq2, it's important to find the right fit. Sometimes that doesn't happen until you've tested the waters, even briefly, in numerous places. I'm in my final home now where I will not leave unless something blows it up that is out of my control or I move on from the game entirely. But it took me 4 guilds, one of my friends' and my own creation in the middle--along with having those friends move to another game, to get to this point.
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  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Major problem that I see with player base - its "snow ball" effect :(
    Once your raid force missed 2-3 raids in raw due to lack of the numbers people start leaving. My previous guild died that way (leaders left for other more active guild which originally been anon as "merge" but in reality was more like hostile takeover - with leaders getting raid spots and officer positions and rest getting on the bench). I did not felt that guild was for me so I stayed at ruins until my current guild did not came along. Now I feel my guild at verge of death :( Its been nice folks thou
  12. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    Sometimes people quit guilds because they see that the guild is not what they thought it was. People join guilds to talk, group, and get stuff done, along with all the perks that guild halls have. When people sit in a guild and do nothing, it becomes nothing more than a chat room and landing pad.

    A guild I had recently been in for quite awhile, was a "do nothing" guild. I asked about sparking some life into the guild by trying to get groups together, to get people together to possibly do some low level once in awhile casual raids, and was met with head on opposition from guild leaders. Even though I was a senior officer. They said they were "super casual" and emailed the guild that they had no plans on doing any groups or raids, period. So, I had a choice to make, sit here in a chat room, or move to a great guild, where I could accomplish something and have fun doing it. The choice was easy. So, needless to say, the majority of the people left after that, I among them, and now their guild is basically just them two and 40 other people that never log in.

    After seeing your lengthy post, maybe your guild just wasn't their "cup of tea" and didn't want to tell you because you would spend hours talking to them about their choice to leave. There are no rules that say one must wait for a guild leader to be on, to quit. They don't want to be there, it's time to move on. I see no harm in sending them an in game mail asking why they left, so that you may improve your guild so others will stay. But if they don't answer, leave them alone. But if they do, use that as a hint of what might need to change in your guild to retain your members.
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  13. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    For me its less of "accomplish something" (this I am doing in RL :D) but more about having some fun - read to do something - may be grouping, may be helping someone getting epic, sometime raiding etc. etc. etc. but once guild become as you said chat room or better even worst empty chat room ... its create sadness
  14. Aurial New Member

    I swear this sounds familiar like a guild I was recently in. I was in a guild like this and I had outleveled it in playstyle by grouping with another group of friends in another guild. I was even encouraged by the GM to leave and find a more active guild but I stayed to keep an avalanche of people quitting. 1 by 1 people moved to the guild I was grouping with because they were helping these members accomplish their goals and after I took my main, this GM booted out all the alts of everybody who left. Needless to say, sometimes people leave to work on things like epic 2.0!
  15. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    For me personally.... I don't join and stick with a guild because of a guild hall. You could have the most awesome guild hall ever with every single amenity unlocked. I wouldn't care. I stick around for the people. Everyone has different tastes. I have left guilds before that I wasn't in long because I didn't like the atmosphere. And yes, I have left before when the guild leader wasn't on simply because I had no idea when they would be on, and they could contact me if they wanted to after I left if they wanted to know why. Only 1 guild I was in for a while that I left where I mailed the leader in game explaining why.

    Don't try to think up reasons why people are leaving.

    As for voice chat, I try to use Discord as much as possible. I don't like the whole push to talk requirement. No matter what key set up I try to go for to push whenever I want to talk, it can be painful on my hands. Discord allows for hands free talking. Don't assume the reasons for why someone might not want to use, or whatever, people can have good reasons. Thankfully, people can voice chat in EQ2 while others text chat if they don't want to voice. So no harm. I can type fine, its just holding down a button every time I want to say something. But I try when I can.
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  16. Twinbladed Well-Known Member

    People quit cause your guild is obviously not offering what they want. They don't do it in your face cause that's just how cowards are lol. Simple program. Always been like that.
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  17. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    Not always cowards, some don't want the drama, others can't wait a week before their always away GL decides to log in. There are various reasons besides not wanting to confront someone. LOL
  18. Twinbladed Well-Known Member

    I don't see the drama in hey I am leaving for this or that reason...People shouldn't take games personal, most people who play are adults.
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  19. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Right, they shouldn't take games personal, like calling them cowards for just leaving. I do it because they ain't on, so I am supposed to turn it into a chore and just sit back and wait? It is just a game, they shouldn't take it personal that I just left. If they do take it personal, it saves in events if they have it enabled, they can just contact me and ask. Its not hard. :p
  20. Atan Well-Known Member

    I ran a guild that had 3 raid forces and would have 100+ players online.

    I can tell you people stay when they are having fun, and they leave when they are not.

    I know that sounds over simplified, but that is literally all it comes down to. Not everyone defines fun the same, so you have to decided if your guild is providing the right type of fun that people are looking for or not.

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