Why is this TLE constantly being made trivial?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Poopoo, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Caul Shivers Active Member

    TLE heroics were always trivial.
    The one exception was KOS on Stormhold when mobs were absolutely destroying people and it led to a mass exodus of guilds and players.

    If you wanna make it harder, go for it.
    But there's a risk of more casual players being turned off by it (especially at this stage of the game) - and anyone doing SF hunters will be bored to bits if the zones suddenly take twice as long to complete.
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  2. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    1) Difficulty between now and Stormhold KoS are two extremes on different ends of the spectrum. They should shoot for difficulty levels approximating what they were when the content was current. Isn't that the whole point to this?
    2) SF Hunters aren't in game yet and people are already bored to bits.
    3) Hunters quests in general are a symptom of the very issue we're discussing here. We wouldn't need Hunters if the content was balanced properly to begin with.
  3. DefeatedZ New Member

    There's only so much that can be done to make content worth doing :
    • Itemisation - SF is a massive improvement and efforts been made by Mint has went a long way - Mint makes raiding actually worth doing for example as it differentiates between heroic items and actual good loot. There is clear progression with itemisation this expac. Furthermore, there's still some items in heroic that's worth using full time even in raids which isn't necessarily a bad thing at all.
    • Tuning - Mob tuning could be better yes. A lot of things are easy and don't hit hard. Make them hit harder or be more fatty? the result is the same. They will still die by good guilds and good players - probably not long after tuning because strats etc are the same. Actually some strats can be bypassed entirely with just pure dps. People will remain bored and like Caul said, you risk losing a lot of the casuals if stuff is too hard.
    The game is different now. It's easy. People have done it many many times before.The whole point of TLE is not to reach that live difficulty because that is impossible. It's nostalgia. That's it. Unless devs decide to start swapping up mechanics and swapping around mob's strats then its the same content.
  4. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    That's why TLE expacs are on a compressed schedule of 4 months instead of a year. Everyone already knows the strats, yes. But the underlying math should strive to approximate what it was as closely as possible. To reference an example I brought up before, it should not be mathematically possible for a guild to have Waansu dead before the end of the second day of SF, but it happened. As it stands on TLE, there's no real content progression, so why bother?
  5. DefeatedZ New Member

    I agree that the tuning could be better yes but there's still only been 3 guilds (that i know of) that have killed Waansu and kill it regularly.

    The "why bother" is itemisation (for now). There's a clear difference in HM/EM/Heroic loot. This is incentive enough for a lot of us to be raiding this easy content. I say "for now" though as when we are all fully geared out soon, it will become less fun/exciting and more of a chore.

    By all means, increase the difficulty of the mobs - the same guilds will kill the mobs and the larger mass of casuals will find it extremely hard to kill them which would be overall detrimental to Kaladim in my eyes.

    I think there's more casual guilds raiding these days than there was on FG or SH? Increase the difficulty in raid content and they aren't killing Waansu or 3RT etc. Should casual guilds be able to kill them? probably not but at the current level of difficulty i don't see why not if the knowledge of the encounter is there.
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