Why is the Server Always crashing

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Griffith, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Ransomware New Member

    Ignoring this sounds like a dramatic reading of a horror book, it is actually quite scary, knowing that in the snap of fingers everything is just gone. You are forgotten like you were never in the system to begin with.

    Anyway, servery are up again
  2. Griffith New Member

    Would hate to be that guy! lol
  3. Griffith New Member

    Never to be seen again
  4. dreamweaver Developer

    I read this and had such a deep sense of panic.
  5. Erroneous New Member

    Hey now I had all 26 classes maxed level with all BiS gear and every crafting profession maxed with all recipes and 999 of every rare...........
  6. Grandavi Active Member

    Hmm... Crashed again on Skyfire.
    Also noticed...
    I am missing my mage, ranger, beastlord, warden and guardian... lol.

    Damn... they went AWOL... that explains the screams outside...
  7. Bequick New Member

    Seriously? Again? Wow...
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  8. Rebelde Active Member

    Same in MajDul
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  9. Fixzoningplease New Member

    Server down again 1:24pm est
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  10. Playz4fun Active Member

    AB down as well.
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  11. TheRealKraggy New Member

    Nope, WoW hasn't been this bad since 2006
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  12. Fixzoningplease New Member

    Upgrade the dam servers I’m tired of servers down ...going ld when zoning non stop all day..fix THIS!!!
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  13. Trilly Active Member

    AGAIN!!! I just lost AB server again?? What is going on??
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  14. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Yup, CTD once again. Yeah, baby...I love paying for this action, haha
  15. Steelviper Active Member

    Are you ^^^^^^^^ kidding me, the server crashed again lol, just as I was about to loot a nice piece of gear from a name. Should have guessed the supposed fix won't really fix much.
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  16. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    LOL...you had to go and do it, didn't you? Now we're down again.
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  17. Moxie New Member

    Do the timers on say EXP potions count down still when you are offline?
  18. Steelviper Active Member

    They should stay the same as before you logged out.
  19. Ransomware New Member

    I dunno if they are doing it on purpose at this point or if they are just stupid because this is getting ridiculous
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  20. Kalen New Member

    I see the servers are doing an impression of a yo-yo today.