Why have 'heroic' quest labels if inconsistently applied?

Discussion in 'Beta Quests Discussion' started by Malvolio, Jun 3, 2022.

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    Been playing on Varsoon super casually and am almost 50, 90% of my leveling has been group dungeon grinding but on occasion, when I must leave the house at any moment, or to fill in gear gaps I have been doing questing. And while I get that grouping should always be more incentivized, questing is not just painfully slow but its so ludicrously inconsistent in both challenge and reward.

    It is my understanding that when a quest says 'Heroic' that means it has mobs and encounters beyond the capability of most classes to solo. If I am mistaken and it means something else you can ignore this rant. If not I cannot tell you how often a non-heroic quest asks me to kill triple ^^^ heroics or huge packs of other heroic tiers. Or the catch 22 like in Enchanted Lands where the non heroic mob quest mob (Spearfish), for some unknown reason, shares it's spawn with a triple up heroic so after a while no-one can complete it unless some group, or more likely 1 of the multi-boxers, jumps in the water to farm triple up heroic manta rays for no reason. For that matter why is the water littered with dungeon group difficulty manta rays with terrible loot pools?

    Even without ^^^ heroics there are times where clearly balance wasn't a consideration. The evil tutorial area has a final quest that has an inordinately hard instance for a great deal of classes, especially that early on. This time around I played a Brigand who has difficulty with groups of 2 and >=3 is unlikely. The evil instance starts out with a pack of 3, and then offers you no time to recuperate after the fight. Stealth doesn't do squat so you can't get a burst of damage advantage nor time between waves to recoup. Once the instance decides to throw the next wave at you 3 seconds after barely surviving a group of 3, only because you got a mini ding after killing #2, nothing can stop the agro. Followed by another, and another. Die and you get to do the entire thing over. I am guessing the assumption was that everyone was playing Summoner/SK or just divined the fact that even though its not labeled heroic you in fact need help. Just today after everyone is split among the levels I have seen people asking for help in LFG channel for the tutorial instance.

    Now obviously a lot of these aren't mandatory and frankly some of their rewards are not even close to the level of difficulty. Kill 15x ^^^ up heroics for 50 silver in Everfrost, or kill 8 non heroic deer for 2 gold and a relevant piece of equipment. Every hub I have a handful of appropriately labeled heroic with terrible rewards or mis-flagged non heroics that I can't complete to ignore and dump from my quest log once I run out of quests that are doable.
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    They probably just ran a query to update quest labels and missed a ton and never looked back. The quest labeling probably wasn't connected to whatever script or query updated mob difficulty for the TLE ruleset. Itemization obviously wasn't either. Hence a big reason TLEs are an inconsistent mess.