Why don't weaponsmiths have the new throwing ammo recipes?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Zahk, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Enrico@Permafrost wrote:
    Mastercrafted has always, historically, been equipable at x2, not x0.
  2. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    Mermut wrote:
    Not true. For the first few years of the game, MC and HC were all equipped at the same level. Some of the old crafted items can still be viewed on Zam's item database (or in my shared bank, since I've kept some as museum pieces.)
    http://eq2.zam.com/db/item.html?eq2...3b7c574b9119206 is a level 50 crafted cobalt item you could still find in the game if someone has saved one from Back In The Day.
    [heyyoukidsgetoffmylawn] If you go back in time far enough, you can find MC equippable at x0, (x-1)8, (x-1)6, and (x-1)4, since the 4 lines on the crafting UI used to all produce something different. Miss the top line, and you got a weaker item equippable 2 levels earlier. Only get the top line, and you got a really weak one equippable 6 levels earlier. The items had prefixes to their names like Crude, Shaped, (no prefix), and Pristine for the 4 levels. Food was Bland, Savory, (no prefix), Delectable. All of these items got forced to level x0 in one of the updates, though. [/heyyoukidsgetoffmylawn]
  3. ARCHIVED-Mizlek Guest

    Deveryn@Crushbone wrote:
    This is the problem. If they load all the 'good' higher level recipes into 91 and 92, there's not going to be anything left for later. The problem with that is though, are we even ever going to see the cap raised to 99? Even if the game lasts that long, how long will it be? Years?
    I find myself in the uncomfortable position of defending SOE here. They're in a no-win position. The compromise they made doesn't seem completely unreasonable to me.
    Perhaps they should have given woodworkers some arrows, and weaponsmiths the throwing items for now.
    If it was up to me, I might have just kept to the previous level patterns and nobody'd get nothin'.

  4. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Prrasha wrote:
    The designations of MC and HC were not used at the start of the game. At the start of the game there were 4 'qualities' of each recipe from crude to pristine and each had different levels at which is could be equipped with increasingly better stats on the items from crude to pristine as well. A crude item from a rare, equipable at x7 I think, was slightly better than a pristine item from a rare from they previous teir. I can't remember exactly if the rare crafted pristine (equivalent to today's MC) were equippable at x1 or x2 but it was a higher than a pristine crafted from commons (equivalent to today's HC). Not long after launch, when items still changed in stats based on your level vs theirs (con), one of the destinctions given to crafted armor was a slower 'degredation' vs dropped items. All of that changed shortly before KoS was released.
  5. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    That may be info from beta? There's a post on Niami's site (at http://mboards.eqtraders.com/eq2/sh...read.php?t=2713 ) from Jan 5th 2005, from one of the first folks to craft a "pristine forged ebon vanguard cuirass". It was listed there as "skill 200", which meant "equippable at level 40," back when "plate armor" was listed as a skill. That's information from about two months after launch.
    I was wrong about about this lasting for "a few years" though. It seems the stuff had moved to x2 by LU24, so level_for_MC = level_for_HC only lasted about 18 months.
  6. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Prrasha wrote:
    I wasn't in beta, I started at launch. I could have sworn it was 1 or 2 levels higher. Rare pristine might have been at x0 with non rare pristine at x9, -1 teir (i.e. T3 recipes could have been 20 and 19 respectively) or it might have been same level and just significantly better than the non-rare. It's been.. umm... a few years now *laugh*.
    In those days there were even rare ammos crafted from the by-products of making rare weapons like poisons/potions are made from a by-product of making spells/CAs. I might even have a few steel ingots somewhere in my alts' bankslots.
    At launch, weaponsmiths made thrown ammo only with woodworkers making arrows only. One of the fumbles in the re-do of the crafting system was one of them getting all the ammo & arrow recipes but the other one getting none (I forget which way it went). Later, when it was 'corrected', instead of taking it away from the one who had it then (for 2 expansions, I think, at that point), those recipes were given to both woodworkers and weaponsmiths so those who created the one with the recipes in the 'bugged' time wouldn't lose the recipes if that's why they made that class. It was the fairest way, really.
  7. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Mizlek wrote:
    I see your point. However, my weaponsmith friend was only making money from making throwing weapons. Now, she can't. Last tiers are obsolete and this tiers are non-existant for her. In her case, that is her only max level tradeskiller. She is disgusted with the game at the moment. Of course she makes money adventuring. But she is one of those that wants to both adventure and make money tradeskilling on her main.
    Nothing to do about it, but its just one more annoying thing.
  8. ARCHIVED-Mizlek Guest

    Katz wrote:
    I sympathize with your friend. Before the apprentices, I was making a little money with my provisioner. Not a lot, but decent, and it was steady. Certianly enough to make it entertaining enough to keep up with it. After the apprentice food hit the streets, sales have all but died.
    Indeed, many of my crafters make more money doing everything but what they became a crafter for. It bums my groove to no end, believe me.
    And more to the topic. I didn't realize woodworkers did in fact get arrows. My woodworker got the 91 and 92 recipes this weekend, and I was suprised to see arrows in the books. Given that, I have to agree that the weaponsmiths probably should have been given throwing weapons instead of woodworkers. Especially after reading an above post stating that woodworkers and throwing weapons were a mistake to begin with.
  9. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    What's worse than having good recipes all available at 91/92 now?
    Having recipes available for everyone else, but not you, and having your recipes given to another class. :)
  10. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Enrico@Permafrost wrote:
    Woodworkers have always had the thrown weapon recipes.. weaponsmiths have just had them as well
  11. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    Not true, actually. Woodworkers got thrown weapons a year or two back, and then they had totems upgraded to make them easily usable and practical consumable items. Weaponsmiths may still be bitter. :)
  12. ARCHIVED-Xianthia Guest

    Hmm I thought it was the other way around, where WS only got throwing weapons in the past couple of years, but ww had them all along.
    learn something new every day and all that... probably won't remember next time a similar subject comes up I bet :p
  13. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Enrico@Permafrost wrote:
    Woodworkers were making throwing weapons long before the totems got updates.. and weaponsmiths had them at the same time. It's possible it changed before I started playing over 4 years ago though.
  14. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    "and then" implies later, so it appears we are in agreement on the sequence of events.
    If you want specific years, you'll have to research it on your own.

    I don't know what you mean by "weaponsmiths had them at the same time." Do you mean when you started, all this was old news so you don't know about it? It wouldn't surprise me if it was many years. I have lost track of how long I've been here.
  15. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Enrico@Permafrost wrote:
    As long as I've been playing, both woodworkers and weaponsmiths have had throwing weapons as recipes. Sorry for being unclear :)
  16. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    Mermut wrote:
    from when you started until gu63, you mean. :)
  17. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Enrico@Permafrost wrote:
    Well, yes, but I think everybody agrees that crafting in GU63 is... odd... all around
  18. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Mermut wrote:
    When crafting started only weapon smiths made throwing ammo. Woodworkers made arrows. Then at some point weapon smiths were given arrow recipes. Then in a later update all of the throwing weapons and arrows were removed from weapon smiths and given to woodworkers. That caused such a big stink that both classes got all the ammo recipes. The last upheval was around the RoK era about the time that Domino came in. I can't remember if she was responsable for either change though. It could of happened just before she came in, or after.
  19. ARCHIVED-Spender Guest

    Did we find out if this was an error? Is this going to be corrected?
  20. ARCHIVED-Knowle Guest

    Still no word from the developers?

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