Why don't weaponsmiths have the new throwing ammo recipes?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Zahk, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Zahk Guest

    So, apparently woodworkers got all the new tier's throwing ammo recipes... why don't weaponsmiths have them like all the other tiers?
    I have a weaponsmith because I use thrown ammo, I don't have a leveled woodworker because I don't use arrows... do I now have to level a woodworker to be able to make my own t10 ammo?

    Is this a bug or an intended change?
  2. ARCHIVED-mrp1247 Guest

    I'm irritated also I make tons of throwing ammo for my brigand now it looks like all the ammo is back in the lap of the woodworkers again so there goes our ability to craft ammo for t10 alts and to have a marketable consumable like the other classes
  3. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Probably because the person doing the tradeskill stuff this update had no idea that weaponsmiths made throwing ammo.
  4. ARCHIVED-shots01 Guest

    I have a 92 ww on Freeport... Sneakz.
    She has been trying to make tons of hammers and the field point arrows to sell at about 10 silver.
    However, I am running into the problem of someone buying them then reselling for a higher price.
    If any of you are on Freeport, i am in cupcakes of doom, give me a shout and I will be happy to make some ammo for you.
  5. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    Mermut wrote:
    Very possible and could explain why Carpenters didn't get new strong boxes while Tailors got new backpacks.
  6. ARCHIVED-SirStike Guest

    Is this a miss on Sony's part or a permanent change? Being able to make the throwing weapons was one of reasons I leveled a weaponsmith as my bruiser uses them.
  7. ARCHIVED-Xianthia Guest

    Cyliena wrote:
    Strong boxes don't happen until the 5s so we wouldn't/shouldn't get them until (if ever) we get to level 95.

    Hmm going to have to check my WS but think she got some throwing weaps (maybe was prior tier) but the shuriken I use on brawler are recipe level 89.. so maybe we'd need level 99 for new shurikens?
    Not in game atm so doing from memory and could be totally wrong on the level of the recipes.
    Part of the problem or misunderstanding (not sure which here) is that although the books are called something different they are following the path of an actual tier. So for example, my armorer got bracers and forget the other items, but she didn't get 10 levels worth of items to make for only two levels. She got the appropriate set of items for those two levels.

    (edit to add the part about shurikens/armorer)
  8. ARCHIVED-mills Guest

    I'm wondering what's up with this too. Why is it only woodworkers who can craft the T10 throwing ammo? Weaponsmiths have been able to craft throwing ammo for the previous tiers.
    Metal thrown weapons like shurikens, throwing hammers, throwing knives should be the specialty of weaponsmiths whose craft is the art of turning metal into weapons. What sense is there that a woodworker can learn this before them?
    Was this an oversight or as designed?
  9. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    In another thread, it was said that strongboxes weren't there for carpenters because they come out at a higher level. So perhaps that is the answer for the other items that aren't there.
  10. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    They also said they were publishing some recipes at lower levels to account for the expansion being released at 92.
    There are no temporary adornments or thrown weapons for weaponsmiths. Those used to make the class useful.
    The recipes we do get are inadequate and inconsistent. The longsword and assault axe are traditionally fighter weapons, but appear to have had their stats swapped with hand axe. A quest reward from the very start of the wakening lands is better than the weapons we can make with tungsten for my tank, although the scout weapons are pretty handy for scout alts at level 91, if you don't want to run those quests, and before you can equip anything else.
  11. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    its what someone said: level of recipe. i typed it in another thread but probably a lot more eloquently than it will be here.
    they were too lazy or uninformed. by making a 2-level raise instead of 10-level raise, they destroyed the validity of +10 for new tiers of recipes and should have modified the recipes. they could fix it. will they? doubftul. should they? absolutely.
  12. ARCHIVED-Maroger Guest

    I am also very disappointed over the lack of throwing weapons for my weaponsmith. What we are getting in new recipes is JUNK. Not even worth doing the quest to get the recipes which no one will use.
  13. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    New bug - assualt axe is required level 92. I'm out a tungsten, but no big loss, I guess.
  14. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    Tigress wrote:
    I believe you are too hasty to throw around the "lazy or uninformed" label, given that you follow it up with a completely false statement. Woodworkers would not have thrown weapons OR ARROWS by that logic. Everyone else got their recipes at a lower level so they could be included in the update (okay, not everyone, but most), and by my memory it was explictly stated that recipes would be made available at a lower level for this very reason. It's not an oversight to have recipes at reduced level for 91-92. It is an oversight for weaponsmiths to be completely excluded.
  15. ARCHIVED-Zivgar Guest

    I think for the most part WW got arrows at the '4' of each level and at higher tiers moved down to the '3'.

    Honestly is doesn't make sense that a WW can make metal items, but that is fine I don't mind. (hammers and axes have wooden handles, so to me not a big deal and I don't think that is the point)
    But not giving WS these metal throwing weapons is wrong and needs to be fix.
    I know they are traditional at the '9' of each tier, but really giving them to a WOODworker over a weaponsmith is kinda silly.
    I am not saying that WW should lose those recipes, but a WS definetly needs them.
    I have both 90+ WW and WS, but I understand the frustration.
  16. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    They could bump up more recipes, but what are they supposed to do when they raise the cap again? People are going to be complaining that they got nothing useful as all the good stuff had been bumped back to 90-92. Things may as well stay as they are.
  17. ARCHIVED-Aeronlen Guest

    This truly irritates me, as I made a lot of these and now the rhenium throwing ammo has ruined the market for titanium throwing ammo, and weaponsmiths can't make this. I am truly disgusted, as nobody really wants to buy even mastercrafted weapons anymore.
    All the potions for getting rares have ruined that market, so harvesting is not worth as much. I used the income stream to decorate and assist my alts. It is almost enough to make me want to quit this game, as this was my one source of steady gold.
    All the best stuff is for raiders, none of the decent reactants ever fall, so I can't make the recipes I spent all this time coaching and researching.
    SOE!!!! FIX THIS!!!! IT IS NOT FAIR!!!!
  18. ARCHIVED-Spender Guest

    Can we please get some feedback from a developer. It appears these recipes were given to the woodworker in error.
  19. ARCHIVED-Dela Guest

    A reply would be great.
  20. ARCHIVED-Boethius_Permafrost Guest

    Weaponsmiths should have the throwing weapons added to their recipe books immediately.
    (woodworkers should have waited for true 100 for thrown, but it's too late for that now)
    mastercrafted should all be equippable at 90
    Weaponsmiths should get recipes for all the temporary adorns coming out of the solo instance.

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