Why doesnt UT tick increase affect aura of void

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Korvac Xavier, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Korvac Xavier Guest

    I know it's not technically a dot but it's basically the same thing. UT should give the extra ticks to this spell.
  2. ARCHIVED-nereid27 Guest

    /agree. I love Aura of Void. lol but still Aura of Void can't any enhance from AA board.
  3. ARCHIVED-sirdunnigan Guest

    It would certianly be nice to have extra procs of aura. but, yeah...it isn't a dot, so UT wouldn't effect it. If there was something that was added to UT to effect aura, i would think the mechanic change would have to effect gift, netherrealm, and curse as well, being they are all extra damage dealt based on damage received by the mob. But, some type of AA ability to add extra procs to aura would be superb.
  4. ARCHIVED-SageGaspar Guest

    Time warp does, and really that's what they should alter spell double attack to do in general.
  5. ARCHIVED-nereid27 Guest

    give us. Aura of Void extra tick red ardorn. :D then would be good.
    Coercer's Hostage and AoV same type spell.
    they got a +2tick red ardorn for hostage.
  6. ARCHIVED-Bloodcellz Guest

    I personally think instead of focusing on reducing cast time and increasing dmg and ticks of single spells, they need to start merging spells, maybe merge aura of void with vacuum as a more effective debuff and dmg and maybe merging encase with shards stun/slow with dmg from both. less button pushing and more focus on what is going on.
    I sometimes find myself bored simply because im just watching my buttons for a recycle. i would much enjoy the game more with less hotkey's.
    Lets face it a pure caster shouldn' have to pound keys and still get out dpsed by a freakin tank class. 2 dmg spells should just about drop a mob every time and lets us play with our utilities more....i find myself at times casting one spell before the mob drops because of the over dps of melee class. As a Warlock im starting to feel kinda useless, because even though my aa's are maxed and i have the best gear for my level i am a paperweight and getting 3 and 4th on parse where is i should be on top.

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