Why can't I access "Swarm of Bats" on my Freeblood Character?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Spamwagon, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Spamwagon New Member

    On Kaladim. Currently its not available on the market. I am not sure why.

    The other freeblood items are there - the "Ferocity" which is a spectacularly lame weapon appearance (its swiping your hands and making a 1930's vampire hiss), and the "Lair" which is just yet another listing among the spam of flavor residences. Quality of the products aside - they ARE available, can anyone explain why "Swarm of Bats" isn't?

    I really like this TLE thing, but it is frustrating with regard to its weird, hit or miss policies, on what is allowed. For example - I can claim stuff (a portion, NOT all) from the latest expansion when I bought the collector's edition.

    BUT - I cannot claim ANY DANG THING from the countless other collector's editions I have bought over the years. I still have my golden lunchbox from original release - can't claim any of the items from it, regardless of how benign they are. Good job making sure I don't claim that game breaking Heather Graham statuette.

    My point isn't to have a diatribe about that though - my point is that it IS inconsistent - like you guys are just wing-dinging what is ok and what isn't.

    Which leads me back to my original question - if the rules are completely random and unspecified, why can't I have my "Swarm of Bats"?
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  2. Sixgauge Active Member

    It is pretty frustrating, I hate how they don't let me claim the xp pots I have earned, when they sell them on the marketplace. The TLE servers are a love/hate relationship for me.
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  3. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way, the TLE servers are like an abusive relationship. I know it is bad for me, my friends tell me to get out. But for some reason I keep going back. WoW Classic is helping not resub, will see how long I can hold out. :)
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    they only let you claim things from expansions that came out after the first TLE server did , after all they wanted us to still buy those expansions , and we would not if we can't at least claim most of it.
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  5. Sixgauge Active Member

    I'm having some fun just dinking around on lower level characters a couple hours a week. Hopping in a group or seeing what kind of named mobs I can solo. Played FF14 again but it's just not that fun for some reason... a lot of the fights are tough and heavily scripted, great graphics but I just always lose interest. I guess maybe the spell rotation is too simple and I'm not a big fan of Japanese cartoons. Most of my gaming time is spent in flight sims and mil sims lately. As far as MMOs go, I think this game has the funnest combat, so that's probably what keeps me coming back.

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