Whoever gets the last post Wins!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Josgar, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Mythical House Item Active Member


    Why don't all New Year's start out this way?
  2. kela Member

    You know that "New Year" you where talking to...sorry to break it to you* but....

    *no I am not. ;-)
  3. Nepej New Member


    Not anymore.

  4. Mythical House Item Active Member

  5. Erszebeth Active Member

    I thought this was s'posed to be the thread that never ends....
  6. kela Member

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  7. Obann New Member

    It is hibernation season for the last post thread. The natives will not wake-up until there is warmer weather and Lucan D'lere sees his shadow.

  8. kela Member

  9. Tayz Member

    so the only one that could ever win would be a red name.......I mean after they post they could lock it and be the last post.....
  10. Othaodin Member

  11. kela Member


    This is why I wish when he starts restarted this thread from the three previous times the forums blew, that he would accually have put the rules in the first post.

    Basically it works like this, if this thread gets locked for any reason, all posts prior to the OP are void and the OPer wins, so the only way to win is to be the last post befor the forum goes boom, which technically has happened three times.

    1) the original Lithium forums blew.
    2) Temp forums as they trasitioned to the forums that proceded this version of the forums.
    3) The propriatary forums that we had prior to these forums comming on line.
  12. Josgar Active Member

    I prolly should have put the rules. And why can't I edit the first Post :mad:

    Anyways. If this thread is closed by a red name, then the red name does not automatically win. This happened many times in the past any usually got unlocked a few days later.
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  15. kela Member

    Josgar!! back from another failure to retake New Tunaria huh. ;-)

    As a welcome back...

  16. TUX 01 New Member

    I'll have to steal this thread to the CW:A Forums
  17. kela Member

  18. Balbasur Active Member

  19. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Yes that is me starting it off in this one.
  20. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Also how about these.


    This next one I made with a screen shot from EQ2 I took myself.


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