Who was Mayong's Lover?

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  1. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    since i havent returned yet.....like the gods ehem.....who can tell me about this?
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  2. Scarramouche Member

    He had many lovers in his long vampire-life ^^ But I guess you mean the woman who was mentioned in the book about his twin-sons.
    I think it could be Zanne - his first love which was mentioned in the Sword of Destiny-line back in Faydwer if I'm not mistaken. Sadly, I haven't found any evidence for this in the recent lore yet.
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  3. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    it's zanne i believe she's mentioned like a lot....so probably that one
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  4. Scarramouche Member

    In the VoV-Signature-Line were more names mentioned besides Zanne, Tserrina and Lenya Thex.

    Lenya Thex is his current cutie, but my guess for the mother of Lysander and Vorrigan is Zanne. :)

    Would be nice to hear something about the other lovers mentioned ^^
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  5. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    but isn't he (mayong) trying to revive zanne? or something like that?
    does he really care lenya? i mean just look what he did to tserrina...she is no saint but well....that was bad
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  6. Scarramouche Member

    Hmm, the only thing I know is, that he truly mourns Zannes death and it seems that he was / is choosing his following lovers based on the model of her. I've never read anything about reviving her.

    Yes, he does. According to the current Signature-Line Lenya seems to be very important to him and she reappears in the Castle Vacrul-Raidzones as "Beloved Queen".

    And yes ... I'm still grumpy about what he did to Tserrina. ;-)
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  7. Dusano Matron of Lore and Innovation

    He seems to be trying to recreate her through others or use them to remake her in theory of course......
    He is focused on a type or he is focused on her (main)
    Lenya and Tserrina have something in common with zanne personality or appeareance something is drawing him to them...besides his world dominion plans he probably is trying in a way or another bring zanne in theory at least....for now....lets find out the asnwer in the next expansion
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  8. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    i personally hope he's not trying to soul-infuse lenya with zanne's soul or something like dusano said but.....he's still a villain in the end of the day and gods know what will happen so yes for both and maybe a future live quest will show us their future attacks maybe something related to solar eclipses? i mean luclin is back for years and vampires <> all makes sense and would be interesting to see...
  9. Riverbear Active Member

    Priority was most recent.
  10. Scarramouche Member

    Yes, this is what I meant - He has a thing for woman which remind him of his first and true love. ^^

    At the moment he is aiming for the Ewer of Sul'Dae, plans connected with Zanne were not revealed if I remember rightly. So let's see what he is up for :) I hope we can get some lore when he got defeated in the raid instance ^^
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  11. tasnee Well-Known Member

    If Zanne was his first true love, and she’s the mother of those two sons? Someone gave him a love potion cuz she had to have been UUUUGLY to give birth to that second guy in caverns of the forsaken. That’s a face only a mother could love. Maybe she took one look and keeled over. :D. (Kidding! …but seriously)
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  12. Scarramouche Member

    Oh boy xD

    In fact, the story of the twins is revealed in the book which is the reward for completing the page-collection you can find in Merchant's Den. There is told that the children were cursed (because Mayong is one of the Ydal and a vampire I guess) and because of some (magical) care of the mother's handmaid only the firstborn was affected by the curse ... or something like that. That's the reason why Vorrigan is what he is ^^;
    The mother died after giving birth, leaving Mayong heartbroken. :/
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  13. tasnee Well-Known Member

    I KNEW IT, she took one look and died!


    Seriously though that is sad. No wonder Mayong is a jerk.
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  14. Scarramouche Member

    Nope, first she still gave birth to Lysander, then she died xD

    Joke aside, it's a really sad story.
    In the book it is mentioned how lonely Mayong was all the time due to the fact he is the last of his kind. He was so happy about meeting this woman and even more happier about becoming a Daddy.
    Super sad but also super story telling :)

    By the way: Sadly there was no further lore after we defeated him in the raidzone :-(
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  15. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Oh no! So he’s gone after this expansion then? I wonder what big bad will be next, any one got a guess?
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  16. Scarramouche Member

    I hope not :-( I was totally ready for some Mayong-is-the-new-antagonist-Expansions :(((

    I'm not sure - we stabbed him with one of Zarrakons rib bones which we took with us after we killed the dragon and after this Mayong looked ... very bad ^^; I felt guilty for this :'D
    I don't think, he's really dead (even if it seemed so) - I mean, he is Mayong ******* Mistmoore. Nobody kills Mayong ******* Mistmoore, at least not for forever :D I could imagine that Anashti will nurse him back to health or something like that 'cause he's now her respected emissary ;-)
    Would be strange if this whole Anashti-Mayong-thing comes to an end before it's even really started.....
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  17. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    i believe that too i mean anashti sul whole thing is that she wants everything that belongs to her back so that includes the ewer of sul'dae but mayong has it and there's no servant of undeath trying reclaim it can only means that she gave him her blessing and expects to gain something from him and i wonder if there's something to do with that plane (mystmyr) or another world i dont remember but anashti might be currently plane-less which means if she would gain something from this could be a new plane of undeath? or an army of undying vampires to reclaim her plane of health from rodcet nife
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  18. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    My money is on Qho Augren.
  19. Scarramouche Member

    o_O He is the TRUE evil, no kidding xD

    Mayong doesn't possess the ewer at the moment. In the signature we were told that luckily he didn't got it yet. So we entered Castle Vacrul and defeat him to prevent that he takes possession of the ewer. So I don't think that Anashti would do Mayong a favor because of the ewer but the theory with the plane of undeath could be possible :)
    The two surely had plans we didn't know about yet, so I hope, this storyline will be continued. It would be strange if she empowered him as her emissary and then he is slain by some obscure adventurers like us :D
  20. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Right? I was hoping when he ran away to the fear forest (can’t remember it’s name) something would eat him
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