Who or what is/was Vul?

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    I'm wondering, it seems it was/is a raid mob but from a lore background ... who or what is Vul? I have found the eye of Vul treasure thingie, the obelisk of Vul seems to exist, there is a tunic of Vul.
    But who is that?
  2. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Jacra@Valor wrote:
    I believe Vul is one of the Druzaic Runes of Magic, which might also coincide with the Runes of Theer, I forget. The Obelisk of Vul is the "proper" name for the Obelisk of Lost Souls. The Obelisk of Zet is the proper name for the Obelisk of Blight.
    In Chardok there are 6 great horns that must be sounded to summon the Malefic Formation. They are Kab, Vul, Uzu, Myr, Zet, and Roehn. Roehn is, of course, Roehn Theer.
    Doing the Druzaic language quest, you must visit the following shrines: Vul'Zet, Vul'Kab, Vul'Uzu, and Vul'Myr.
    OK, that should either help or make it even more confusing, I'm not sure.
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    Hm, I read somewhere that there is a creature (raid mob as I wrote) which is called Vul. Are you sure it IS a rune and not the runes are just (like the Roehn one) linked to entities?
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    Did some digging. Seems Vul was the name of the shadowed man who was the original executor of the Obelisk bearing his name(Lost Souls). He is later found imprisoned in the Anchor of Bazzul, tagged as "The Betrayer" . He's not fightable but is used as one of the fight mechanics to beat the named in the room.

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