Who is Firiona Vie's actual father?

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    I heard the Firiona Vie lore is divided in 2 different stories. One says she's daughter of Thearis Thex. While the other story says she's the daughter of Galeth Veredith. Which one is true?
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    This should've been posted on the Lore forum. I don't know the answer to this question. I've always heard she was the daughter of Tearis Thex.
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    Firiona, I am your Fahthar!
    jumps into pit.
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    "No, no Uncle Darth...gimmee..no-no, I said...gimmee that bottle back!".

    Sorry folks, he'z a might fuzzy these days.
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  5. Obzidian New Member

    Firiona Vie's actual father is a foresworn undead monstrosity.

    No, really. She's the daughter of a paladin of Tunare who died and was in Growth. He decided he wanted to live again and so he inhabited a dead paladin's body. Then, he befriended the king of Felwithe (Tearis Thex) and seduced the Queen. When she got pregnant, he helped her hide their daughter and pass it off as the King's. Eventually, they told Firiona the truth but Tearis Thex only found out because Al'Kabor screwed up and spilled the beans. The reason that Queen Allisea Thex died was because she was giving birth to an undead immortal creature with a mortal body!

    That paladin's name is Galeth Veredeth.
    Those come from the EQ1 story journal.
    He also ends up losing his body and becoming a robot in EQ
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