Which Expansions are essential?

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  1. ARCHIVED-redrobot Guest

    Hey guys. Im just restarting from lvl 1 after a 2 year or so absence so I have all of the expansion content up to and including Destiny of Velious. What I was wondering is if I go gold membership but don't pick up Age of Discovery or Chains of Eternity right away will I be missing out on anything at the low to mid level experience? Money is a little tight right now and I may need to put off buying these xpacks for a month or so.
    So do I need them now at lowbie lvls or do I need to wait?
    Thanks in advance
  2. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    AoD is completely optional. wether you feel forced to get it or not is irrelevent. as for CoE unless you are level 92 (from velious pt2 content) i wouldnt bother buying CoE right away.
  3. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    AoD is optional, but nice to have. Since grps in low lvls are some kind of hard to find. That makes AoD essential, as you can use mercs to fill at least one spot. You can reforge unused skills on youre items, realy nice, plus you get 20 extra aa points (ok, only counts on the endgame).
  4. ARCHIVED-redrobot Guest

    So mercs are only available if you buy AoD? In that case I may pick it up.
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