Which 2 of these 3 weapons is best?

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Cusashorn, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    Last night in Cella, I ended up picking up a monk weapon off the first named. It clearly has a higher damage rating than either of the Mystical Jojo claws I've been using. It also has a 2.5 delay compared to 4.0 for both mainhand and offhand jojo claws.
    I'm not all that clear on the matter, but would it be better to use this stronger, faster weapon in my mainhand and use the Offhand jojo, or use the mainhand Jojo with the faster weapon in the offhand?
  2. ARCHIVED-Abool Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    Get another 2.5 and use when your new 2.5. Do not mix weapons speeds.
  3. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    I intend to use my Mythical when I get it, but for right now, I need to go with this option.
  4. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Get one of the battlegrounds fists to use with it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    (( I think the Enervated Mythical and the Ethernaut Brawler fist weapon from TSO are better than the JoJo weapons. The Enervated only needs you to do old Tier 8 content for the Fabled Epic, then some Tier 9 heroic content for the Enervated quest. The Ethernaut weapon is a Tier 8 signature quest. Neither need you to do any raiding or to enter the idiocy of PVP (sorry, like many, I just despise PVP). So these are the two I have right now.
    I've not yet seen any weapons in Tier 9 heroic content better than these, but it's early days yet. ))
  6. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    I ended up getting my mythical last night by going back in with the same group from the previous night and finally killing the Queen, so this issue is solved.
  7. ARCHIVED-jrolla777 Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    Grats, did you tank her?
  8. ARCHIVED-Xill Guest

    I have found my monk friend tanks the queen much much better then most plate tanks...
  9. ARCHIVED-Selpone Guest

    There is a 4.0 speed weapon you can purchace with marks in the Moonfield Hamlet that has 20% block on it. In defensive stance, it was a rather good jump in avoidance. I tossed on T9 mending adorns and it's fun soloing mobs that one player shouldn't.
    And to the previous statement about not mixing speeds, I agree. It's better that way, for me, because I'm able to time my autoattacks easier. A buddy told me to only mix in a couple CAs between strikes and I've seen a very nice improvement.
  10. ARCHIVED-Brickfist Guest

    Xill wrote:
    That's mainly because of the dragon buff and the damage people take from mutliple ^^^ mid 90's mobs. Avoidance tanking on the fight beats mitigation plain and simple because you have 150k+ hp's and you're avoiding the insane damage coming in from these guys compared to a plate mitigating it. Most brawlers can do this fight with only a single druid healing them, compared to plates who almost always need double healers or CC classes to keep them alive. I've done it with no CC and the druid, rotating between tsunami and bob and weave for each add set. My hang up in the zone tends to be the snake fight before this one, mainly because it really hard to keep agro on adds without killing them.

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