Where is the new Planar Crafting Questline?

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by CatGrayson, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. CatGrayson New Member

    The achievement quest is not a really crafting questline. I would call it sort of a hybrid. Where is the real crafting questline similar to previous expansions?
  2. Dude Well-Known Member

    Not in the game. Supposedly going to be in the game, but no ETA on that other than speculation.
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  3. Melkior Well-Known Member

    The Devs had initially said January, but with the number of issues with the release I don't know that is still the case. I don't do Discord so if there's been discussion there I don't know about it. For them to make a January release I'd hope to see something on Test soon. I REALLY hope they don't try to release it without testing, but that seems to be the trend lately. Sure fire way to spool people up is to release bugged content late, but they probably don't value my opinion much.
  4. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I believe someone posted a few weeks ago that in Discord it was stated that the ETA is the end of January.
  5. Nypthes New Member

    As someone who enjoys crafting I would love an actual update on a date for the TS line.
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  6. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    No official ETA has been announced (yet), but the questline is currently being worked on. Should have some news on that coming within the next couple of weeks.
  7. Melkior Well-Known Member

    Thanks Roxxlyy. Any word on whether it is coming straight to Live or hitting the Test Server (or Beta) first?
  8. Zannya Member

    I am glad we are getting one and cannot wait to see it, and definately don't want to rush them. But I am so impatient... lol its so hard to wait when we already waited for the expansion to be released to see it and it was not there... /sigh (ok back to waiting)
  9. Aethn Member

    This is unacceptable. You sold me a product and left half of my product I paid 100% of, on the table for 2 months now and you are telling me you "THINK" its at least a month away until you can tell me when you can deliver the product [the very half of which I wanted the most] that you sold me at full price? This is why I cancelled my sub in December. I wait every week now, and every week I see either nothing or another post like this.

    I have a honest question for your team, are you not ashamed that you could not deliver the product you took our money for? Have you no remorse at all? You have done better then this in the PAST under a different company logo ... much better. There is no reason to not maintain that quality and trust now that you have a new logo over your name.

    I can not convey my disappointment in this franchise in words these days, but it saddens me to see things like this happen.
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  10. Stach Well-Known Member

    I think you did convey it pretty well in your post.
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  11. Saladdin New Member

    The lack of in-game crafting quest chain is frankly obscene and unfriendly to players. Do what you want, but it should be in the game and no later than one week
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  12. Sucha Active Member

    Come on now folks - tradeskillers are the backstreet boys and girls of EQ2 now. Really nothing more you can say at this point. They released an expansion that was not really fun but have the gall to say they didn't release the tradeskill line because it was not fun. The term "blowing smoke up our butts" comes to mind.
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  13. Fixmore New Member

    I have to say one thing about this subject. I agree with everyone when they have discussed the treatment and lack of concern shown to everyone regarding the crafting and harvesting issues. This subject has been censored more than any that I am aware in the history of the game. Simply put, when the people in charge dont want to hear anything more about a subject, they simply close the thread.

    This isnt all either, I personally (in a forum mail) was reprimanded and threats were made to sanction my account and discipline me for my bad attitude about this. I have sent several requests regarding this reprimand asking what I said wrong and still no reply. So it seems that the bottom line is this: When you say something often enough and loud enough to get someone's attention, look for them to retaliate in some manner.
  14. Conifur Well-Known Member

    The PoP TS questline will be launched with the next XPAC in 2018, at which time the new Adventure Sig line will be delayed until the following XPAC in 2019.
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  15. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Oh, we are getting sometihng, just not sure if it will be a sig line.
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  16. Aussie_one Member

    as I stated in another thread Dept of Consumer Affairs could be interested in investigating the release of only a part finished half complete product when a company KNOWING knew it wasn't fully finished in the first place
  17. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    An honest answer as to when it will be available in-game would be nice. Somehow the regulation soon™ isn't cutting it this time.
  18. Poetic_Justice Member

    Three months and still no TS timeline..what is going on?
  19. Alittlerusty Member

    Just posted Feb 13 for TS timeline.
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  20. Kheldar Active Member

    So much for testing.
    And the PR release states that you have to enter BoT, PoD and Tower of Ro? Wonder how my 24 monk will do there.
    Honestly, I'm probably not even going to look at it.

    Oh, and of course, new familiars for sale in the store! Woot.


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