Where is Priest armors after druner spires??? DB = none existing

Discussion in 'General Priest Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-genetix, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-genetix Guest

    Well, I've looked multiple databases now of dropped, crafted any kind of armors for priests.

    Now all of them all cool +++++++ wisdom and ++++++++ stamina, but with 'Distruption' and 'Subjugation' now priests do exactly zero on any of these items. Hardest +200 item sucks compared to +108 WIS/STA +38 Minitration item dropped on drunder spires. I would change +300 Ministration gear to +1500 Wisdom anyday as a healer.

    So, is there and please link now clean up an better gear existing in EQ2 than what is dropped by Drunder: Spire's of Rage?
    (Bladed Sullonite, Consecrated xxxxxxxxx of the eternal Battlefield)
    I do nothing with neither subjugation not distruption (and CM is just devel crap as we all know it to make people just aim to something. So, please do not even go there. Ministration is the only skill which is really meaningful x3 against wisdom.).
  2. ARCHIVED-CrypticEnigma Guest

    Disruption does govern your damage spells..
  3. ARCHIVED-genetix Guest

    I'm a healer. I do not care about damage. Damage is secondary.

    All I am saying there is not a single item with true priest / healer specs in them. None.

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