Where is all the Paladins?

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Rizzan, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. Drona Well-Known Member

    For me the "perfect RPG" is one where the skill of the player behind the character and stats of the character had equal bearing on the outcome. If player skill can trump character stats, then it cease to be RPG but on the other hand , if the character stats can trump player skill, then the game becomes boring at a point and sadly, right now stats trump player skill by a huge margin in EQ2.
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  2. Gonridor New Member

    Before people start the 'blame the player' not the class, let me put out that I have played a raid MT for many years in previous expansions, so feel I am in a decent place to point out the flaws we have with this class...

    I have held my tongue long enough in order to read wider feedback on these forums and ready to give a view on where we are now at with the pally class, as it stands my pally of 14 years is left in the box until it becomes a class worth playing again...

    Due to this long standing class issues, I raid on another class and have been fortunate to allocate some decent gear to this toon in order to hope it would become worth playing - 5200 Resolve, 300 potency, I also have most spells at master or better - this still has done nothing to improve how the pally plays in groups or raids.

    Still struggling to hold aggro from a BL pet, illy or mage pet, still bottom of the parse, including being out parsed by healers and other support classes.

    Pally heals not even worth noticing in a group, in fact I cant even tell when I see a proc or I cast a heal spell - all in all, the pally is beyond poor and it saddens me to see this.

    I hope the next GU being discussed on forums and mentioned in Kanders podcast addresses these issues and make the pally a worth while investment again.

    p.s - we still have the best looking epic in game!

  3. Grandavi Active Member

    My Paladin is up and running on Skyfire all the time! (Grandavi)

    He performs as expected (so nobody is surprised when I die). Totally useful character as he can double as a bard and plays "doctor" from time to time... I find he is best when standing behind a Bruiser or Monk...
    Oh... and aggro??? Why would a Paladin want aggro... we are lovable characters with shiny armor and a huge sword!

    All-in-all, an excellent option to fill that spot in a group or Raid when noone else is available! Now... go away before I taunt you a second time.
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