Where do people PL now?

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  1. Kaldrun New Member

    has anyone put together a list of the dungeons that are good to grind for experience at various levels? Not a list of the timelines. but dungeons to PL in. like ...

    "from 10 to 20 I usually go here"
    "from 20-35 go here"
    ...so on and so forth

    would like to hear where people are going now from 1 to 100

    (besides agnostics)

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  2. Naramee Active Member

    if you think About leveling a char, it is better to do quests. They give more xp for Level than any dungeon. Except Maybe agnostic. But there I am not sure if it still is that way. But if so you are in a Pretty good place to try in agnostic for leveling, if you find enough other Players to go with you
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  3. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Non-Agnostics would be overland fast, highly concentrated mobs. DLW wolves and skellies til 10, CL orcs til 15-16, TS by the wizzie spire til 25, Nek giants til 30-32, Zek orcs til 36+, Feerott til low 40s, One Rock in Sinking Sands til 50+, Pillars of Flame/Lfay/Loping Plains til 65, then Kunark and Velious Rime killing. When you get to level 95, do adventure writs in AoM on pygmy island. You mostly want non-arrow heroic mobs.

    For non-grinding, fast leveling, do Heritage Quests and their pre-reqs. Takes about two days to level to 90s, then do adventure writs in AoM for the rest (about 13-15 writs per level. Use the cloudrat's /house portals for fast travel to guild hall writ giver, then arrow out to return right back to pygmy docks).

    Dungeon wise, the classic trail is WC, FG, RoV, RE, OoLS, CT, DoF instances, KoS instances, etc., etc.
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  4. Tajar Well-Known Member

    I do Darklight Woods til 13/14 or so. I then head to Fallen Gate killing all the stuff in my path in CL which usually has me about 18-20 on the way. FG takes me to 30 at which I head to Runnyeye until 40 or so. Then to Temple of Cazic Thule until 50-55ish (depending if I can be bothered with the tunnels or not). Other 50+ option is New Tunaria.

    I then go to KoS at 55+, do contested Sanctum. You can go right up to 70+ here if you want but sometimes I like to do all the KoS instances for the achievement that gives the pretty armor. 70-75 I might go to Mistmoore, then 75+ is Sebilis for the grind to 90. At 90 I go to Skyshrine until 95. You can stay longer but it takes forever and I get bored, so at 95 I go to High Keep contested and make sure to pick up the weeklies and all the little quests dotted around the place and from drops. By 95+ it is quests that give the most XP so I do them all and fill in the gaps with the mass slaughter.

    That should take you to 98, at which point I go to Brokenskull contested and pick up all the quests. You can go there at 95 if you want, but you can't pick up the quests til level 98 and those are where the XP comes from. The weekly alone can give you almost a whole level depending on bonuses etc.

    That will take you to 100, and you're only option then is the PoP sigline.
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  5. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Temple of Scale from level 1-70, I always do agnostics the rest of the way but you can do like Skyshrine or something, given the leveler is 110.
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  6. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    How does Temple of Scale work at level 1?
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  7. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I thought Temple of Scale was a raid zone. Did they change it?
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  8. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Still a raid zone, but you get xp from level 1. It's like 2 levels per kill until level 50 or so, it's dumb.
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