Where do I start at to get beginner raid gear?

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    Thanks for any help!
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    In heroics.
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    Recent expansions have all followed the same pattern. There's free gear at the start of the expansion, which will be replaced while doing the sig line, other solo quests, and solo dungeons. By the time you've finished the sig line, you're probably geared enough to do the easiest heroics. Heroic dungeon gear is then used to progress towards harder heroics, and then eventually raids. Depending on your skill and the skill of your raid force, you might be able to do the easiest of raids before finishing the hardest of heroics.

    VoV also had a loot crate that you could buy ~1/day which would give a random-but-usable piece of gear. The quality of this loot box increased as you geared up, and it was the main source of new gear on my raid toon during the T2-T3 part of progression.
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Some raid forces may be willing to help you gear up, others want you essentially ready to raid whatever content they're doing. Ask around.

    However, If Raid Group A is willing to gear you up, it's REALLY super tacky to use them for that then immediately quit to go to Raid Group B. Just sayin'.
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