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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Krisaga2010, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Krisaga2010 Guest

    I am currently a level 17 bruiser drow in Neriak, partnered with a level 16 necromancer drow in Neriak, and I am certain that sooner or later we'll be heading to Qeynos. Furthermore, I know which deity I want to choose, and it's the deity of tranquility, which is good-alligned. However, I also wanted to be a drow (the race choice for both of us was mine, I asked him to try it out and he likes it).
    Reason for that is... well, let me just describe my appearance. Black skin, white hair, lavender eyes. Ring a bell to anyone? I'm reading a series of books called Legend of Drizzt, and Drizzt was one of only two drow in the history of the drow to have values, and he was the only one ever to act on those values and forsake his people and his heritage. So I styled my drow after him... except, mine's female.
    So, I know more or less what we'll have to do and go through to betray and gain good citizenship. That still leaves me with a few questions, though. For instance, at what level would it be best to betray? Once I gain citizenship with Qeynos, will the other good-alligned cities recognize that, or will I need to gain faction points with them separately from Qeynos to move about freely? And while completing the citizenship quests, will it be possible to avoid all guards? (I tried the Qeynos to Neriak timeline in the PvP server as a solo scout at level 10-11, and it didn't work out too well, lol.) I also know that my Bruiser class will switch to Monk once I finish the quests. Now that you know what I know, is there anything you know that I don't know but need to know?
    Any input would be appreciated.
  2. ARCHIVED-Selpone Guest

    You'll be good with all the good aligned cities. I wouldn't wait. You are going to loose any spells you have already upgraded. Might as well do it now while the masters are cheep. This way, when you are leveling your monk, you won't have to be thinking, "Well, I may not want to spend the coin because I'm going to betray." I'm fairly certain that the quests will scale to your level so doing it now or later may not make that much of a difference for difficulty.
  3. ARCHIVED-Krisaga2010 Guest

    Perhaps... though when I tried it before, I kept getting killed by zone-locals, guards, and other players, which is why I think there must be a minimum advisable level.
  4. ARCHIVED-Selpone Guest

    Krisaga2010 wrote:
    That's a good point. It's been a long time since I've tried to betray. I don't remember having too many problems with the guards using the sewers as travel. I'm sure a great deal has changed since my experience.

    Well.. Another idea, since your character is young and if you have the funds, flat out make a monk of any race. Drop the bones to buy a race chance potion off the /marketplace and poof! Instant Drow Monk... Hehe..
  5. ARCHIVED-Krisaga2010 Guest

    In spite of the fact I have no clue what you just said, I still laughed lol.
  6. ARCHIVED-Brickfist Guest

    He's talking about the race change potion available on station marketplace. At 17 it would be easier to just level to 17 again then do the whole betrayal thing and just keep leveling up the goodie then buy a race change potion and change your race.
  7. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    From when i helped my wife do it for the 2nd time. I remember there is 2 ways of getting the faction needed. 1st is a repeatable quest, witch is boring. 2nd in a quest line that each quest increases in level by about 10 from the one before. so if you dont mind the repeatable then know is better. if u want to try and do the quest line then what till about 50.
  8. ARCHIVED-Krisaga2010 Guest

    Thanks for all your advice.
    Anyone know the quickest way to level 50? lol
  9. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Don't race change potion do the betrayal it is awesome XP and AA.
  10. ARCHIVED-Krisaga2010 Guest

    Yeah, kinda moot point, I did look for the potion just to see what they were talking about, but only saw gender and name change potions, none for changing race.
  11. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Krisaga2010 wrote:
    It is in the services tab called Race Potion.
  12. ARCHIVED-Krisaga2010 Guest

    Thanks, but I don't have a services tab. I have:
    All Items, Cosmetic Pets, Equipment, House Items, House Pets, Legends of Norrath, Mounts, Potions
    And I already perused the Potions tab, and like I said, no potion for changing race.
  13. ARCHIVED-BChizzle Guest

    Krisaga2010 wrote:
    Very wierd.

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