When do dirge become so much wanted ?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-yzyh, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-yzyh Guest

    Mine is just lvl 45 with 36AA and so far I just feel that beeing a T1 DPS like an assassin would benefit more to a group. My buff are average at best. + X DPS is not something I,d call "ubber" in a 6man group where you might have 1 or 2 melle beside your tank.

    So I'm wondering what is the buff/abilitie that make you feel like your group just need you to be succesfull ? Or the group off abilities ?
  2. ARCHIVED-lokitus Guest

    its the sheer amount of things we do/can do that make us so wanted by groups. our iincrease to dps isnt as slight as you think. our buff run the range from dps,wep skill,tank/scout stats to the defencive end stone skin proc,parry,nox ward. our five debuffs if you include the one on our snare work very well in most cases. power buff while not that of an illy still helps and can make the differance in a power drain fight. the ability to cure all/most control effects with aas spent. our heal when upgraded wont ever hold a grp up if healer drops but can keep the tier one dps alive if the healers busy on the tank or out of grp heals. the hate gain/aggression buff can help a mediocre tank hold agro keeping the tier one dps from spendding the whole run laying down,and when they are on the ground our single and grp rezes pick them back up full health and power with aas spent keepimg the healers healing and even have the abil to remove summoning sickness. im sure im missing more but typeing quick on a smoke break at work
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    lokitus wrote:
    Taking all that, adding in VC and CoB and solid T2 DPS, Dirge's are a great addition to any group even if only the Dirge and the tank are melee (because even most priests and mages who aren't "melee dps" still benifit from a lot of what we can do).