When can Good and Evil classes mix at the start of a TLE server?

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  1. TheEther New Member

    Hi all.

    Me and some friends are planning to start characters on the next TLE server. We would like to group up as soon as possible, but can Good and Evil classes travel to each other easily at the start of a TLE, or is it like back in the day when they are kept separate? Should we all decide on Good OR Evil from the start so we can group together? And how do guilds work at the start if half the people cannot mix with the other half?

    This is all assuming they don't change this in the newest server of course.

  2. DENSER Well-Known Member

    They can't meet quickly at the beginning, you have to go through the bells.
    My opinion is to start in Freeport. There is everything at the port, especially with the carpet that leads to SS. Fp always seemed more practical to me. ( Exempt the tradeskill area).
    For the GH, there is a tp for this one.
    And as for the next one, like you, we're waiting to see
  3. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    There is no SS nor carpets in Vanilla EQ2, just saying.

    Maybe all plans and speculations can be postponed until they reveal rules for the new TLE, I've heard somewhere that it will be unique, not exactly a copy of previous TLEs
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  4. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Yes I should have specified that the carpet arrives with DOf, it was just one more clarification for the comfort of choosing FP.