Wheel of Time - Skyfire (Coalition)

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Frostii, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. Frostii Member

    Wheel of Time seeking new peeps. Been around since 2010 though my not being online as leader for a few years in past years has led to major attrition. Nearly 350, and could be quickly all by myself if I put in the effort, but playing alone is boring and getting to 350 with alts means nothing since you need achievements to take advantage of all the guild buffs.

    So I am seeking not only members, but smaller guilds to join with Wheel of Time in a coalition. I have already set up a discord coalition server for smaller guilds like mine to find others to group up so stubborn peeps like myself wont have to leave our own guilds.
  2. Wrandelthorr New Member

    how many actives you have now? I'm still in love with your guild name! I'm extremely casual tho and don't want to be in a large guild full of folks wanting to raid and such! Smaller works just fine for me! When I check your roster your LOADED with capped toons that are very well geared. Just don't wanna get in the way is all!
  3. ALRAZOR New Member

    Like the name of the guild but too bad that iti s not on Thurgardian server.
  4. Frostii Member

    Only a handful active at the moment. We just hit 346 with my work alone as a player with alt-itis. Many of the high level peeps you may see are just me, I have one of each class. All are decent geared, but not raid geared. Join us!
  5. Frostii Member