What's this all about? (bow changes)

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Neiloch, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Boise Guest

    Gaige wrote:
    Exactly. SoE at it's finest: "Let's put a ranger only bow on the hardest mob in the game and see when a ranger will actually loot it?" lol
    Just priceless
  2. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Boise wrote:
    Its very likely the first ranger to get it will be a ranger ALT. Was also a bad idea to put a one class only bow on a crazy hard mob. I'm sure raids who bust their butt to kill him will love seeing that drop. Should be dropping off something in wing 2 imo.
    I do agree with Sydares though. Our myth buff and probably some ranger AA's need to be looked at to possibly give us some flurry and ae auto. Double Arrow AA would be a good candidate to get turned into a increase in flurry, 8% DA just isn't a big deal anymore.
  3. ARCHIVED-kartikeya Guest

    Boise wrote:
    Isn't that also the bow that has better extra stats and a neat effect but the exact same damage rating as hardmode Tox bow? Or am I thinking of something else/did they actually fix that? Because woohoo there. -.-
  4. ARCHIVED-Darchon6 Guest

    Boise wrote:
    Did you completely disregard the details of Xelgad's response? Rangers will be closer to assassins on the parses since they utilize ranged auto-attack a greater percentage of the time. It's needless to say that you'll also be much closer to sorcerers than before, perhaps even at a competent level.
  5. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    thanks your your lasetest responce when is the change making to to test so it can be tested out????

  6. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    Xelgad wrote:
    Does this Bow damage increase, also include Throwing Weapons?
    Some classes (Rogues and Brawlers) are locked to using throwing weapons if they want to use their ranged CAs.
    If you make these bow changes, and not do the same with throwing weapons, you're putting in a brand new imbalance.
  7. ARCHIVED-Harowen Guest

    Geothe wrote:

    Xelgad wrote:

    You have become better at reading the thread you are responding to! (1/450)
  8. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    Xelgad wrote:
    OK color me confused then. Someone please itemize the benefit this is actually going to be for Rangers (this is after all a Ranger thread)
    Upping the damage of dual wield and two handers equally with bows is going to fix our DPS disparity .... how? Procs added to off-hand upping Assassin, Brigand and Swashbuckler DPS? What melee DPS class uses a two-hander?
    How is it that Rangers gain on Swashies and Assassins (who invaribly get the bulk of the buffs that melee DPS want)? Tanks DPS gets upped via two-handers?
    It felt like we were getting something and now it is greatly mitigated. My Ranger AutoAttack is generally around 25% of my DPS. My Assassin AutoAttack is 10-15% of my DPS. From what was originally described it looked like an increase of about 5% (without counting AoE and Flurry procs). So the result is what ..... less than ~2.5% gain. But add in the off-hand procs, scaling up dualwield damage and it is pretty nearly evened out.
    So help me see how we as Rangers are going to close the DPS gap with this change which in view of the last post by Xelgad would seem to maintain the staus quo.
  9. ARCHIVED-Boise Guest

    Darchon6 wrote:
    I am skeptical at best. Xelgad has said many things ("like rangers are a mighty force") that I don't agree with. He does not care that there are probably so little high end rangers raiding (suggest checking every high end guild and see if they have a ranger full time). Assassins give high end raids utility and top end dps. Rangers give zero utility and sub-standard dps. Nothing has change.
  10. ARCHIVED-Seolta Guest

    Xelgad wrote:
    Nice, now how about fixing 2hander itemization so people can actually hope to loot some before the next expansion?
  11. ARCHIVED-LardLord Guest

    Striikor@Nektulos wrote:
    Rangers get the 20% penalty removed and the 10% increase to bow damage, in addition to Flurry and AE auto-attack. Even if meleers decide to use their bow for auto-attack, which seems unlikely now, Rangers will still net the greater gain, since bow damage is currently lower on live than DW damage.
  12. ARCHIVED-Albatroz Guest

    Seolta@Unrest wrote:
    care to enlighten me what needs to be fixed ?
    and bow mechanics need to be entirely restricted to Rangers , no other class should get Ranged Flurry or Range AE
    otherwise we need to have compensation for Mages , as you guys dont really believe there isnt an itemization inflation inc that is going to imbalance the entire idea ? it always has been like that and it generates more issues that does good
    i also dont care if they up the base auto dmg for rangers

    Rangers , yes
    all other classes no Range AE and Flurry , Rangers do not benefit from AE and flurry meleeing due to the class design and so shouldnt the other classes benefit from Ranged stuff to begin with , leave if you like Ranged DA how it is
    an if Ranger tag should be no problem imo

    while you are at it , you need to look into proc rates for item procs off concerning meleeing especially in the high delay department , this is ridiculous that melee classes proc these items 4 to 5 times as much as casters
    and before you put any changes in , TEST them with END GAME RAID PLAYERs so you get accurate parse DATA
    no one cares what the casual crowd is parsing and I also doubt that any of the developers are good enough to play the classes they did create as the top end players do since if that would be like that the game would have less major flaws to begin with in terms of end content and class design and HAVE A SERIOUS TALK WITH YOUR ITEMIZATION DEPARTMENT about FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION OF GEAR , game mechanics and itemization seem to have horrible communication going on for ages now
  13. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    Darchon6 wrote:
    Stop freaking out and cry wolf, you have nothing to fear of Rangers with that change. You may even get something on your off hand. So go troll somewhere else and spill your drama in the assassin forum. It is a Ranger forum here after all.
    Gee, what an insecure assassin.
  14. ARCHIVED-TwistedFaith Guest

    Gaige and Koldsteel should be embarrassed, what a pair of whiny little girls. The mere thought of some dps loving for Rangers had you two little girls all in a sweat.
  15. ARCHIVED-ZMANN1000 Guest

    As usual brigs see little improvement even with these changes. EVERY dps scout(sin/ranger/swashy) will see there dps improve quite a bit. With out de-buffs be practicly worthless brigands almost have no reason to be in raids anymore. Hopefully SOE will eventually take a look at the class and at least try to balance it with swashy.
  16. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    Quabi@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Removing the 20% penalty results in an improvement of ~5%. As stated earlier Assassins can consitently put out 10-15% more dps at the low end and up to 40% at the high end. Our highest hit can maybe make it to 200K thiers to 400K.
    It is really nice to get access to AoE and Flurry which will improve Ranger DPS by providing something that was not there before. But it is likely to be equal to the gain Assassin will get from off-hand procs. No one has said we will ever get those procs off a bow. So it is most likley a wash and not net gain for Rangers. Still odd man out on grouping logic so no gain there, assassins and swashies will get the groups and preferential buffs.
    On the plus side Assassins, with the added damage should be able to overcome the to hit% making socerers work hard to try and stay ahead on the parse. In fact all melee DPS should be able to close some of the gap on socerers.
  17. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    Elyl@Crushbone wrote:
    Grats on bringing something useful to the topic of discussion.
    As I mentioned before, I just want to get clarification from Xelgad that there will not be damage penalties remaining on throwing weapons as well. In his original post he said he was removing the 20% Penalty from bows, but didnt say anything about removing it from throwing weapons.
  18. ARCHIVED--=Hoss=- Guest

    Yesterday when I read this thread, rangers were laughing at the assassin QQ'ing. But today? LOL ranger's don't dissapoint. Didn't even let the changes hit test before the crying started.
    There's too much to even try responding here. Wish I knew how to multiquote on this forum without having to quote/paste/copy/go back over and over again.
  19. ARCHIVED-Shareana Guest

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  20. ARCHIVED-Ballzz Guest

    What they should do is just leave the bow dmg penalty in for classes that aren't Rangers. If it was good enough for Rangers as their primary attack method for however long it should be plenty good for other classes using bow attacks as a secondary attack method. Rangers having an inherent advantage using a bow seems so obvious and simple it's probably out of the realm of possibility.

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