whats the point of dazzling blade?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Rungar, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rungar Guest

    it shares the same timer as darksong blade, and is less useful.

    is this a bug or something, should we even have this spell?
  2. ARCHIVED-Cloudeq2 Guest

    I do not have Darksong yet but I assume it is simply an upgrade from the Dazzling Blade.
  3. ARCHIVED-Proa Guest

    It's not an upgrade as you get them both at the same time. I got both, but only use Darksong blade as I like the dot. Darksong comes from Dirge line and Dazzling blade from Bard line.
  4. ARCHIVED-Duko Guest

    One use I can think of is when you have two dirges in the group. The debuff component of Darksong Blade won't allow the lower leveled dirge to use his Darksong.

    However, one can use Darksong and lower leveled dirge can use Dazzling Blade successfully and both do almost the same damage.
  5. ARCHIVED-Priestbane Guest

    Wait, you got both at the same time?
    I thought they changed it so you no longer get skills/spells from your base class anymore.
  6. ARCHIVED-hizashi Guest

    My hypothesis is that Dazzling Blade was the skill that in beta was given to both Troubador and Dirge, but since they wanted to make the classes more unique they took it out and gave Dirges our Darksong Blade, and Troubadors got Fulgent Blade. Dazzling Blade was apparently never purged from the system probably.

    But that's just my guess~
  7. ARCHIVED-hawek Guest

    yes Dazzling Blade was in Beta. Darksong was not.

    I agree that it probably wasnt purged either. seems a waste to have the same type of spell at the same time and make one useless
  8. ARCHIVED-Tekkor Guest

    To the person who asked earlier....no you dont get Dazzling Blade automatically. Dark Song you do. I have seen people selling Dazzling Blade but as knowing it is on the same timer as Dark Song and Sparkling Blade...I really have no use for it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Kahna Guest

    Yes, this is indeed correct. It's just leftover from when both classes got this spell. When the subclasses were changed to reflect greater individuality this spell was split into two and renamed for both classes. Guess they forgot to take the book out.

    It's useless, destroy it.

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  10. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    It definately seems to be a bug. I bought it jsut for fun, but it doesn't do the damage of darkson when you add up the disease dot component to darksong. Only time it is useful is for when the mob is low on health and your dot component wouldnt' be useful and even then darksong's initial damage is about the same.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    I don't really care about dazzling blade.. what pisses me off is that Darksong shares the same timer as sparkling blade. I just don't understand that. Seems dirge class has a rather limited number of attacks as is, I hate having to give up using sparkling blade.
  12. ARCHIVED-hizashi Guest

    Dazzling Blade is (technically, was, as it was supposed to have been removed) the upgrade to Sparkling Blade.

    Darksong is also the upgrade to Sparkling Blade, and Darksong is better.
  13. ARCHIVED-Glemo Guest

    well i checked yesterday and i cannot find Dazzling blade amongst my skills anywhere.
    Yet i see the adept 1 books for sale.

    Do you need to buy that skill or does it suddenly appear when you scribe the adept 1 ?
  14. ARCHIVED-hizashi Guest

    When you scribe Dazzling Blade it gets added to your skill list. I hope they stop the Adept 1 dropping as it is wasting a perfectly good Adept 1 drop slot :smileywink:
  15. ARCHIVED-Donnie_Doritos Guest

    Dazzling blade appears in your song page. Darksong blade appears in combat arts. Had me confused when I was looking for adepts 1's on the market. Bought it for dazzling blade and never used it heh

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