Whats The Point of Channeler Poison Bolt vs Vengeful Arrow

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Chapman, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Chapman New Member

    So channelers two main single target attacks, poison bolt which costs dissonance and hits pretty hard, or vengeful arrow, which hits ok, does have various procs and such added to it if you spec it that way. when solo, is better to just use poison bolt, since it seems to outlcass vengeful arrow by a large margin. Obviously in groups, i would assume one would be conserving dissonance for heals, and using vengeful for procs.

    I suppose, after all that, my question is, for soloing should I be using poison bolt or vengeful arrow? I assume they put the dissonance damage spells ( DOT, single target and AoE) for times when we want to ramp up our damage at the expense of dissonance? anywho let me know, sorry if this seems disjointed, i think i said what i wanted to say lol
  2. Tchotchke New Member

    Fire off one of each in between autos. Vengeful Arrow lowers combat mitigation if you spec for it.
  3. Vunder Well-Known Member

    If you are just soloing. Lead off with eye shot (Makes target miss you so you dont take dmg much). Then hit VA following by a few fast CA"s like soulshot/impulse/uncontrolled wrath. By then target should be 50% then just spam VA as it will hit for more as long as you spec into it.

    I only use poison bolt if i know i can one shot something. gets resisted too often
  4. Mhoramm Member

    Vengeful arrow is only single target, if you're pulling trash then pull the whole zone/room and just aoe everything with barrage, seeking cascade, healing barrage or whatever. If it's a boss then yeah I use vengeful arrow for the debuff and use poison bolt for the dps. You can use bolt often enough and still keep dissonance down.