Whats the highest dps class?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Tibbyy, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Tibbyy New Member

    Also whats the best class for pvp if there is even pvp in the game? Like WoW arena, I got burnt out of wow and wanted to try something new so figured i would give this a shot. Any tips would be appreciated
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  2. Dilon Member

    The highest DPS class tends to change from expansion to expansion. Last year it was warlocks and rangers. This year it's Assassins and Beastlords.

    PvP has its own server which seems to have a very small population and whose population seems to complain about it constantly.

    EQ2 is at its heart a PvE game.
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  3. Obano Active Member

    Highest dps depends on the fight.
    For AoE it is Swashbuckler
    Single target boss: Assassin is better
    Beastlord is a compromise between the two
    Monks can really throw down the dps as well in certain situations.
    Conjuror is top mage DPS

    In PvP the Shadowknight is king.

    Note that PvP is seasonal based and currently the PvP server closed until July 30th. After reopening the PvP season will run until the end of October. Then the server will be shut down and wiped. Level cap is limited to 70.
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  4. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    The highest dps is not a class. Its dragonfire with reset buffs and runes.

    So well, yes, its a class, a monk.
  5. Blazen Active Member

    The highest dps class will be the one you study and play well...
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  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    So as long as I study and play well, my Templar will be the highest DPS class?
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  7. Breanna Well-Known Member

    NOT!!!! My Mystic either (but one can wish)
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  8. kingmob23 Well-Known Member

    Swashbucklers are highest aoe dps? This game is weird these days.
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  9. Blazen Active Member

    Maybe I should have said, "The one you study and play best" because if you stink at the other classes, then that's that.
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  10. Ashandra Active Member

    Assassin, Blord , Monk , Warlock ,Nec , Conj is falling away with swarm issues. As for pvp they keep tinkering with classes it started strong then fell away .
  11. Xevran Active Member

    Yeah I'm topping parses all the time on TLE.

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  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    There was a time period where templars were the highest dps in game.

    Rip divine light.
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  13. Crock Member

    Wrong game. This game just lost at any meaningful balance for years by now. But, try either the both Summoner, or Sorcerer classes. First should be great at staying alive solo, latter in goups.
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  14. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    With the lack of class balance being done in this for for half a decade that's just not true at all. Its not even close to being true.
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  15. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile my hammer is outparsing my celestial granite protector... if only divine light still did literally anything :p
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  16. Morphius Member

    Monks are the current highest dps class. And they only have to push one button to achieve this.
    Well, maybe 2 buttons. Dragonfire and The Instant Reset to chain cast Dragonfire over and over again.
  17. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I mean tbh, it was totally an e*ploit what we were doing but it was completely without using the common exploit tactics.
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  18. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    They used to consistently be the highest AoE dps and the Scout most likely to run sword+board and tank. But that all changed when RoK attacked...
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  19. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Mystic coerced and wizard are top 3 dps
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  20. Gregore Active Member

    From what I've seen on HOF server, it's:

    1. Assassin

    2. Monk

    3. Conj

    4. rest of DPS classes/exceptional utility/tanks/healers

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