What's the future of EQ2??

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Hasberg, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Hasberg New Member


    I been playing the game on and off for a couple off years now and just recently I came back to the give the new TLE server a go :)
    I really find myself enjoying the game again and starting to spend way more time ingame that planed to :D The problem is I heard that the game is deing.. People are leaving the game and dev team don't care about fixing the bugs and so on..
    Any know if Daybreak are taking this game serious any longer or are they and giving it any attention ?
  2. Dorne0528 New Member

    Step 1: Find can of worms...
    Step 2: Open it...
    Step 3: Grab marshmallows to roast on ensuing thread-fire...
  3. Mathafern Well-Known Member

    Every game is dying once it launches- some just live longer than others. People post negative stuff either 1) because they are mad and are getting their mad out or 2) because they are trying to motivate the Devs to do things in the worst possible way.

    From what I can see the Devs are in fact working on the game, there just aren't as many of them as there used to be and so there is less coding love to go around.

    But if you are enjoying the game you already have YOUR answer.
  4. Beee Well-Known Member

    Welcome Back :)
    Fallen Gate (TLE Server) is fun and takes a long time for leveling
    On a live Server you can /claim a lv 100 bauble, make days of summer quests, and you will have a nice equiped character within an hour.

    Both ways are fine and keep playerbase and new players happy. I dont think EQ2 is dying as long as we players are willing to spend a llttle money and time
  5. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    If Columbus Nova thought this game was truly a worth while product they would invest in it and help it grow. They would do this not because they care about gaming, Norrath, or the people playing here. They would do this because investment firms like making money, but even moderately well run businesses do not like throwing good money after bad. The trend does not seem to show them putting much effort into the longevity of the title.
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  6. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Hiya, I work at Daybreak! I'm on the Community team here and spend a lot of time working on EQ2. And guess what? I'm pretty new to the EQ2 team (which means that the game is definitely still getting attention)! :)

    The dev team certainly cares about fixing bugs and updates the game almost weekly (you can check out some of the past update notes here). The devs are also consistently working on bringing new content into the game and I can vouch that there are some things that I think are pretty cool coming up very soon.

    That's my two cents, although one might say I could be a little bit biased. But when I come into the office everyday and spend so much time working directly with the dev team and the community, I feel confident in saying that I believe EQ2 is doing quite well.
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  7. Malahk Member

    I love hearing this. I've been addicted since day one.

    Now if you'd only make the price to upgrade Ascension spells and regular spells about 75% off with DBG cash, I'd be a happy camper.
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  8. Doomravin Active Member

    Having a community relations guy who talks to us on forums is good!

    Please, please, please tell the devs that we need something nice and shiny to light our way in the near future.

    Days of Summer is very good, and the tinkerfest pg was also great, but too many of my peeps have wandered off this summer and gotten lost due to the last few months of mindless grind (tm) breaking and demoralizing them slowly. If i have to point the finger at where it went really bad, I'd say straight after ethereal release with the 4x expert runs required was the clincher in turning peeps off

    Ethereals don't motivate our lost peeps or give them any reason to log in as they just see it as more mindless grind (tm) and Days of Summer does motivate them slightly, but 15 minutes to an hour log in a week for it isn't much good either
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  9. lealeann New Member

    I love this game! Its my home :)
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  10. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I've been playing EQ2 for more than a decade. Note that EQ1 is still running. The game isn't going away anytime soon.

    You have to take the forums with a big grain of salt, too. For one thing, only a tiny portion of all players even bother to visit the forums, and many of those who do post here came here to whine or complain (happy players are in-game, having fun). There are people who post in the forums to be part of the community, to give something back to other players by answering questions, the entire interior decorating community :) and many others, so there's a lot of good folks happy with the game here, too.

    Back when SOE still owned EQ2, we had the Dread Long Downtime due to hackers DDoS and I don't know what all else. Anyway, during that time, I and many other unhappy Norrathians tried pretty much every other game on the market. For me, none have the richness or depth of EQ2. There are still hundreds of quests I haven't done on any of my (many) toons. I keep getting the occasional discovery "ding" when I wander into someplace I haven't been before. And I still have a few hundred shinies to collect!
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  11. Ronjah Active Member

    This game shouldnt go away at all, it's a piece of art.
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  12. Virgatus Member

    Welcome aboard Roxxlyy!!

    Now make a toon on AB, just don't steal my SHINIES.
  13. Cirvandal Active Member

    What about customer support? Are they all bots now that can only reply with template messages?
    Multiple reports come in -> suspension (no exceptions, just need an alt account army to report with).
    Or are there still actual people having jobs as CS of this game?
  14. Revel Well-Known Member

  15. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    true, but having a hot gamer chick who talks on the forums is infinitely better :)
  16. Dude Well-Known Member

    lol was thinking exactly the same thing!
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  17. Finora Well-Known Member

    I had my problem fixed within a few hours of the petition being sent by someone who seemed to be actively responding to what I wrote, so I'd say there are at least a couple of real people there.

    Suspensions have been pretty swift in the past for chat offenses, pity they don't seem to land on some of the more serious pot stirrers.

    Though, I do know that at one time if you were reported as a bot, a GM would send you tells (someone apparently reported me as a bot once while I was running around in Antonica harvesting on a lowbie /shrug).
  18. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    The future?

    Just look at their other titles. If the game is turning a worth while profit, it stays up. If not, staff are cut, and/or the game is closed.

    I would encourage people to play the game to enjoy it today. It is not worth worrying about when the game will sunset.
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  19. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    That may or may not already be the server I play on. ;)
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  20. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    This is to make sure EQ2 is getting the proper nutrition it needs to be healthy and strong, right??

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