Whats the deal with botting/boxing?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Mingle, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Mingle New Member

    Diplomacy and communication and intention goes a long way.. we can all learn to play fair. I see a lot of respect for each other happening :)
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  2. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member


    Boxers give us a lot for the little they take, they often help fill up a PQ when you need more (and virtually guarantee a fast PQ), they SLR things you can't access, and if you do manage to befriend one, you learn more about the game.

    I learned the following from a boxer I knew from Skyshrine through KA:

    1. How to use ACT, long before I joined a raid guild
    2. How to test different reforged stats and their dps effects using ACT and epic dummies
    3. How to run the raid version of Skyshrine
    4. How to get Yelnar
    5. How to experiment on gear without terror
    6. What combat mit is, when it was a new stat and why it matters
    7. Obols, shards and other currency back when those mattered, because he'd make room for me once in a while to go to places I couldn't go otherwise.

    etc etc... I could go on. Why would anyone want to give all that up? Every expansion I try to look around for a boxer's blog post about how they gear their toons for EQ2 this time. I don't always succeed but if I do, I get some good advice there. They help us more than we realize or appreciate.

    I'd like to know what happened that the OP thought was so bad. Did they sit all 6 of their toons on the spawn point of all the nameds in the zone? That would be excessive and probably would lead to several reports. But I haven't seen that happen. And if it does, Darkpaw will just do what they did in Tranquil Sea, move the spawn location around.

    The only really negative thing about it, is the assumption that the developers have to make about how much currency to give us, because they can assume someone might get 6x or more of that currency at once, especially those that are tradeable. When weighed against the casual-supportive nature of boxing, I'll live with that.

    That said, it kind of makes me sad that there's so much of the game that's inaccessible to every player. You MUST raid to get Yelnar while it's relevant. That sort of thing. And I've given my low opinion of DKP before, so I won't beat that dead horse. We could use another Icy Keep type of 'trainer raid" to get more people involved who want to do that. Right now, there's a snobbery about raiding that really turns me off, but it wasn't always like that.

    But even if raid guilds turned into warm fuzzy places again, it would still be nice to hang out with a boxer once in a while. Like evil masterminds, they do like to show off what they've discovered, it's human nature.
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  3. Mingle New Member

    I think we all agree there's nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn't compromise gaming experience for everyone :)

    Communication is all that is needed.
  4. Mingle New Member

    I apologize for my initial post being a bit attack-ive.

    i'm sorry!
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  5. Grrrrrl New Member

    I multi-box. No programs or scripts or whatsits, I run 6 accounts on a 2 year old 17" Alienware laptop. I find its easiest when you have your windows(Microsoft) set up to change on mouse-over vs actual clicking the selected window. In game macros and spam 1 2 3 while moving my mouse in circles ;)
    Anyways I always try to help out the groups around me, passing on names and clearing trash or healing if their encounters aren't locked. If they are locked I'll drop a rez and top them off and pass out hearts to their healers. I always try to check tracking to make sure groups aren't near before I kill names, or at least communicate with folks nearby if they need X or Y or if they mind if i have at it. I will also have no qualms about dropping a toon and grabbing that random under-leveled illy trying to solo SoS and blast them thru 5 or 6 claymore quests they couldn't find a group for..
    If someone is a jerk I will and can clear a whole room and leave them with nothing. I luckily haven't had to deal with that when I multi box on this server. but I have been keeping clear of the castle except to get my SoD updates ;)
    Boxing is an overpowered concept if abused. I really try not to cross my own line of what that is.
    I work 2nd shift and at times there are no groups forming so I just decided to make my own. Boxing since 2008!
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Mingle , I loves you <3 , and Mingle " They are heeere " :):D
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  7. Daltharr New Member

    The problem isnt the boxers, the problem is the less organised players and dbg.A boxer cant do anything a grp cant do, and you wouldnt spot the boxers if we had more space.
    Boxing has been a part of mmos since forever, and they have just as much to do with the build as it do with what you call the ruining.
    Its people behind the keyboard in any case, and we all have the option to camp a mob for 12 hours, 12 days or 12 weeks if thats what we want. But think of it. Its not. Its not what we want with the game. Sit in the same spot and wait for re-pop for 3 days? we do it for the loot, but its not really what we want.. You envy they can do and achieve things in ways regular two-armed players cant. That they have the capacity to stay on target til they get the drop they want. while the rest of us mortal have to go with the flow of the grp and mebbi, mebbi not get the kill, and then mebbi get the drop. You envy they can sit and stare while you suffer from the burden of social relations, the annoying aspect of having 5 others clamped around your leg (sarcasm if in doubt) >But..
    For cmm. yes, i agree. the density is way way too high, Way too many players. But thats not on the boxers. thats on dbg that havnt instanced the zone and opend several layers with room for 80+ peeps.
    No zone should have room for 48+, and a contested zone the size and layout as cmm/current playerload would be much better with max 24, perhaps as low as 18. But then again. We do want some real competition eh- I do.
    And cmon, take step back and imagine what would happen if there wasnt any boxers in cmm. there wouldnt be more grps. not many- Ofcus some just give up when zones are full, but that would happen if its boxers or not who fill it

    And no. Theres not 8 full boxer grps AND the guild/pugs on top. Theres 8 grps all in all. mebbi.. I still havnt seen all the nameds being actively camped at once
  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    This thread was already locked in General. You're cruisin' for a bruisin' putting another one in here, too. :p Start dodging that ban hammer! IBTL!
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  9. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I hadn't noticed, which thread was locked?
  10. Siren Well-Known Member

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  11. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Mingle, you have been spared many times in CMM by our full groups, not bots, just because you lead pugs :)
  12. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Boxing I don't mind, to a degree. two boxing sure, three boxing ok... more than that and you're taking an unfair advantage. get some friends and share the loot. Whether you admit it or not this greed is the basis for the boxing/botting.

    Botting pisses me off, you say it doesn't hurt anyone but here are just a few ways it allows an unfair advantage over a regular player. Some of these things hurt EVERYONE else on the server.
    1.) it allows that single player to access things singlehandedly that normally would be split between 6-24 people.
    2.) it allows a single player to corner the market.
    3.) it allows a single player to farm plat at a level that a regular player has no chance of keeping up.
    4.) it allows a botter to control krono and plat market on any given server.
    5.) it allows players who use bots to craft to receive a reward for little to no effort while the honest player spends hours trying to genuinely craft items to sell on the broker.

    My opinion may not be the popular one, but Botting and Boxing more than 3 toons at a time affects everyone else on the server.
  13. Kalika Well-Known Member

    You consider boxing and boting as the same thing while it is very different.

    By boxing we mean controling several toons, either switching window or using an overlay that send key strokes to other windows. This is very different from using forbidden programs that 1) buy and sell and change prizes on the broker constantly 2) scan the ram to determine which named is up 3) craft automatically.

    The later is stricly forbidden but i m not sure it is actually enforced.
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  14. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    It's enforced. I fell in with a bad crowd for a while, the type who never did anything without some automation. Some people just aren't happy unless they're chiseling something. Games are games. But several of them "disappeared" mysteriously for long periods and I didn't believe their excuses for being absent. Later one of them told me they had been suspended for a while.

    I think on TLE because it has such a lot of effort involved in leveling, to find that your contested area is all taken up by boxers, can be a bit off putting. People say "so make layers" OK but then it's double the opportunity for boxers. You'd have to disallow boxing on level 2+ and put in one of those glowy portals to take you to the next level. And how would you ban the boxes? If you do it by IP, you'll block husband-wife teams from being in the same group. Hmm... maybe there's a solution I"m not aware of.
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  15. Grrrrrl New Member

    Its sad people think like this. I sell most of my loot i cannot equip to a vendor then I buy most of my gear from players on the server, usually off the broker.
    I am not obligated to play with anyone.
    I always do help others and never kill steal. Read my post above.
    I don't have a lot of plat.
    I have never botted. I run 6 toons while maintaining a dang good manicure.. ;)
    I am not doing anything to take away from folks...

    People like this will follow me around a zone trying to train me or talk smack in general.
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