What's the best tradeskill profession for a shadowknight?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-hammerclaw2007, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-hammerclaw2007 Guest

    Just bought the game some days ago and I'm enjoying it very much - I selected a shadowknight and was wondering which could be a good profession for him - any help will be greatly appreciated. 8) Thx!
  2. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    The one you enjoy.Not sure about now with the level speed but besides that, there isn't enough advantage to leveling your own tradeskiller if you don't enjoy it to warrant going through the leveling/costs associated. Practically speaking though, alchemist or armorer. Alchemists allow you access to potions that can greatly enhance your play by providing cures and such and also make all your combat arts. Armorer allows you to outfit yourself in arguably your most important asset, armor. Armor however drops decently and while it's good, drops are close enough and plentiful enough in your journeys to make it more a luxury until t7 where there is significantly better armor available than you can make that's also plentiful on the market. Alchemy has no such short coming. Whatever you choose, the most important part is to enjoy it else you won't do anything with it.
  3. ARCHIVED-ratdeath Guest

    Mes got hunries all the times so me learneds to make bests applie pies!! Yesis, dat be Provisioner :) But if you like more crafting you can always make some crafter alts because you will probably bring back a lot of resources you can use for another crafting profession as well.
  4. ARCHIVED-Spangles Guest

    [p]I would have to say Alchemist, and here's why.[/p][p]I started my SK out as an armourer in the times when players crafted Legendary armour from rare metals, and it was good armour and well worth the effort and time to get. Even normal handcrafted stuff was half decent Armourers made heaps of cash in those days. I got him up to about Lvl 44, but then they changed the system and Mastercrafted armour, as it is now, is pretty poor. I carried on grinding a little longer, but my heart wasn't in it any more because I realised that there was nothing whatsoever in the recipe books that I could use that was any better than any of the dropped loot I am currently wearing. I respecced to Alchemist last week and it is a good decision.[/p][p]As an alchemist you can make upgrades for all of your spells/combat arts (CAs). Rare drop rates have increased recently, so it will be fairly easy to spend a little time getting hold of rare loams to make all your own Adept 3s - that's a lot of useful items you can make for yourself. Yes, M1s drop fairly regularly also but unless you are going uber the marginal difference between Ad3 and M1 is not worth the difference in cost between a free harvested item and a few fuels compared to a few plat each![/p][p]You also come into demand to take on commissions to make Ad3s for up to a quarter (roughly) of the game playing community on the server (ie all the fighters). This will earn you cash, because fighters are a tight-fisted bunch who prefer to spend good plat on the best armour and will skimp on M1s in favour of Ad3s (in my experience).[/p][p]It also opens the doors to the whole world of potions, which a large portion of the gameplaying community are either ignorant of or do not bother with. Once you start using them you will wonder why nobody else bothers with them :) You also get to make poisons for those nasty DPS scout types. Secure yourself a regular supply of powders from a friendly sage or jeweller and you can churn out top class potions and poisons for good money.[/p][p]Basically, there is no contest. Go alchemist. *[/p][p]*Disclaimer - there are other tradeskill classes out there and you should not listen too much to anything anyone tells you - just go out and have fun :) Each tradeskill class has it's own benefits, but I would strongly advise you to steer clear of Outfitters because of the dropped loot to MC disparity issue. Carpenters are useful if you like decorating. Provvies are good because you will always use food and drink and there is very little food available from quests, so you will always be forking out good cash for decent scoff. Woodworkers are handy for their totems, but offer little else for a SK.[/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-TniEradani Guest

    [p]PvP or Pve? quick leveling or slow leveling?[/p][p]settleing into T2 for a bit? make a craftsman, an outfitter, and a scholar - you can make everything then.[/p][p]craftsman: provisioner and woodworker are both very practical. a stack of good stat bonus food can run you upwards of 20g on the servers i play on. i don't know about arrow or totem prices [i make my own and have never sold them], but they're also very useful for an sk to be able to make.[/p][p]outfitter: on pvp servers, leveling tends to be a little slower and armorer / tailor aren't bad choices depending on which armor type you wear. sk would be armorer.[/p][p]scholar: for an sk - alchy FTW.[/p][p]if you really get into crafting, you could make all your gear (less weapons) and supplies from t3 upwards with 4 crafters. you might need to hire someone else to make some of your adornments, but not all.[/p][p]and make a transmuter asap so you can still farm t1 stuff to level that up on.[/p]
  6. ARCHIVED-Liyle Guest

    I just made a SK on a server I don't have any other toons on and I chose Alchemist. My logic is as follows: Quested gear is easy to come by and is almost always as good or better than anything you can craft, so you can get by without making your own. Push comes to shove, find a crafter to make up any rares you find for you, or sell them and buy what you want. For provisions, since there is no level restriction, buy whatever is cheap and does the job. Ditto bags and boxes, which you could have bought 100 times over for what you would spend in time and coin to get to the point where you can make the items you will want: t7. Buy them. CA's and spells are another matter... it's not unusual to find that there are no Apprentice 4's on the broker for the ones you need and the cost of anything better is out of reach. Add to that the fact that if you harvest diligently you can get enough rares to make the ones that are important to your game play. And potions. Never underestimate the value of using them... they can make or break a tough fight. That's my take on the matter, for nothing more than practical reasons. I agree completely that what is the most important is finding something you think is fun. If you get into a nice guild and have good connections with people that are into crafting, you shouldn't have any trouble getting anything you need. Most crafters are just happy to be able to make something useful for someone else. One tip is to make friends and get to know people... keeping off to oneself and trying to use nothing but the chat channels to get things made can lead to frustration.
  7. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    [p]I have a 55 SK. She is a weaponsmith, and it is a waste of time now. I feel the same about my Armorsmith.[/p][p]I would go Alchemist for several reasons. You spend more on spells per tier than any other item. Adept 3 spells wont be replaced by anything but Fabled loots, you wont get better spells from quest rewards or general dungeon crawling. You can get by with "OK" armor and weapons, you won't get by with substandard spells. It's pretty easy to level an Alchemist with your character, and always have Adept 3 spells as your minimum.[/p][p]Raw costs, past the current insanity of T1 loams, most alchemist raws are dirt cheap. Harvest roots and you are set, you can actually purchase most of your raws, as common loams, rocks, and such are 2c most of the time on Nektulos.[/p][p]Consumables rule. My main is an assassin, and her poison bill for a weeks play is a considerable chunk of coin. I never outgrow the need to purchase them, I need them, and any other poison class is the same. You can sell common craft poisons.. people use them to grind, I save mastercrafts for the harder content because of the cost. You wont sell common crafted armor.[/p][p]Unique crafted items. An alchemist can sell items not available anywhere else.. the ancient teaching scrolls (and to a lesser degree, the adventure pack spells). Yes, they occasionally drop, but in the main these are really only available as Player crafted, and are very important for some classes. I've been looking for a TapVeins AdeptIII for a week, looks like I'll have to find an Alchemist and have one made.[/p][p]Im leveling an Alchemist now, I really regret not doing that when I started with my SK.[/p]

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