What's the best race for a Fury?

Discussion in 'Fury' started by ARCHIVED-Mikkahl, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mikkahl Guest

    After the race rework, and with the racial respec potion available, I'd like to know what might be a better race for my Fury? He's currently a Dwarf, which was never the "best" before, but I wouldn't mind being taller at least! :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Meows Guest

    races aren't really that important. They are really just about the look.
  3. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Mikkahl wrote:
    Actually I enjoyed quite a few nice boosts on the racial changes as a High elf, boosts to spells and heals as well as some minor power regen options. However I myself wanted track and so i swapped to a Wood elf which still has a few healer boosts and again some power regen minor though it may be (nothing significant).
  4. ARCHIVED-Meows Guest

    well unlike regular names i can't / won't change my race, but i get track, safefall, a temp run speed, 1% to all crits, cast speed, DAs. A little bit more physical mit. But its not much, and so a race should really be for it's apperance, and less so for its racial traits at level 80. All the power regen is out of combat, and it would be cheeper to just get a power regen totem as well as some food. If you really are hurting for that 2% cast speed and an extra 50 out of combat power regen, or if you just dont like how your toon looks... go for a change (and if thats the case... cats for life).
  5. ARCHIVED-Mikkahl Guest

    True, the small racial bonuses don't count for much. But it your race choice means you either have tracking or you don't, that can be a big difference. Since I don't play a scout, it was nice to get tracking added to my Wood Elf Conjuror, for instance! Of the races that have tracking, the Kerra is probably the tallest, so I can see over walls better! And Kerra's even get a little Alchy boost, and my Fury is also an Alchemist!
    But if I'm not duoing with a scout, then the disarm trap skill could also be useful. But there are NO tall races that have disarm trap! Guess you have to be short to reach down to disarm a chest!
  6. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    I'm going to leave innate racials out of it. It's personal preference about what's most important to you. A fury is a healer and dps is done with magic spells. High Elf and Erudite have the priest/mage racial trees. Dwarf, Halfling, Wood Elfs and quite a few others have priest trees. Your current race has a priest/fighter tree.

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