What trade skill makes Throwing Weapons like Shurikens?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Stabbath, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Stabbath Guest

    Not the satchels that tailors make, I'm talking about the actual ammo like shurikens or throwing knives. Some say woodmaker, others say weaponsmith....
  2. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    woodworker for T1-T7 then woodworker AND weaponsmiths for T8 I think.
  3. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    Although I don't believe there are player made shurikens until T7 (will need a Woodworker to verify that) I know I can make them for T8 as a Weaponsmith. Woodworkers will be able to make them at whatever level they become available
  4. ARCHIVED-jsandawg Guest

    There used to be....I will have to check :(
  5. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    There are no crafted Shuriken before T7, although there used to be. I imagine that's on Domino's list somewhere, probably with the MC weapons pass.

    There are storebought ones, if you need them.
  6. ARCHIVED-Stabbath Guest

    I was trying to cut back on my spending since the good store bought weapons are expensive in my opinion.

    What else do woodmakers do besides ammo? I'm trying to decide if I want to become one over being a provisioner.

    Thanks for all the replies.
  7. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    Woodworkers make all ammo (and you can use daggers or axes or hammers until shuriken become available crafted), bucklers, round shields, bows, wood weapons like clubs, staffs, and wands, and totems.

    Totems and ammo seem to be where the money-making is for us, which is nice because those are also the recipes that use the least hard metal and give multiple items.
  8. ARCHIVED-Stabbath Guest

    Cool. I'm a monk and can't find any good bos. Woodmaker it is then. Thanks.
  9. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Domino has said that she plans to give weaponsmiths back throwing ammo recipes for all tiers.
  10. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Lodrelhai wrote:
    Also harvesting tools
  11. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    Terron@Splitpaw wrote:
    NOOOO!!!!! Grr. Now I need to build up my weaponsmith! *sigh* these changes back and forth are making me dizzy... lol
  12. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Elorah wrote:
    I don't think Domino is going to take them away from woodworkers - both will have them at all tiers like in T8.
  13. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Terron@Splitpaw wrote:
    At Fan Faire six woodworkers and one weaponsmith cornered Domino and begged her to take them from WW's and give them back to WS's. It was actually kinda funny :) The impression I got is Domino is loathe to take anything from anyone, but that's when she asked us if we'd mind both classes having them. General answer, as I recall was "Hum, interesting. No, I guess not."

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