what race is good for a necro

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-nondaan, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-nondaan Guest

    I know its about what you like the best and will be the most fun, but im starting up EQ2 aging and I was thinking dark elf and on top of nice stats do they have any racial abiltys?

    on a side not when you pick certain AA, are those yours forever? or can you clear them pick new ones?
  2. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Any race is a good necro, no one racial ability really out shines the others. Don't know much about dark elves as I won't play one simply because they are so frail and weak looking, but iksars have a health regen racial ability and some nice defense boosts. I've heard erudites have some sort of power regen ability and an aura sense for determining caster and healer mobs ( both having no real wow effect #1 necros of all classes have no power issue #2 w t f cares what class the mob is unless it's pvp). Iksar all the way in my book, but I'm partial :smileywink:

    For the AA question, yes they can be yours forever however if you decide at some point you'd like to switch them up you can go to the arcane society building in North Freeport and go down the lift to the lower level and see the Achievement Trainer person to reset the AA's from either tree as well as racial traits. First reset is free and each additional change will gradual increase with cost, I have heard word of a possible revamp to where they will allow the cost to go down over time.
  3. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    Aura sense can become usefull in PVE so you can figure out which mob to take out first which is always the healer imo.

    Secondly I play a Erudite and I don't know what power regen ability your talking about /shrug.
  4. ARCHIVED-gr8scott Guest

    If/when a Fae can betray and be a necro that would be how I would do it. feather fall + innate run speed boost is by far and away the best racial abilities imo.

  5. ARCHIVED-nondaan Guest

    thanks for the feed back guys, is there a site that tells you what racial abiltys each one has?
  6. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Well I've never played an erudite, but I give most people benefit of the doubt when they sepak about their race.

    My referenced post

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  7. ARCHIVED-WasFycksir Guest

    Right now the racial abilities in all races except the fae are not of much impact to your toon. I have heard/read that sometime in the future they do plan on making the abilities more powerful/significant. Of course by then it will be too late for most of us.
    I play an ogre necro on Nagafen (pvp). And I know this sounds crazy but I wanted to pick the biggest target I could. PVP action is often hard to find...well if you are a big [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] orge on a whiteish horse, with white robes on, you tend to stand out.
    I do prefer Longshadow Alley to Big Bend though for a starting city, but you can change your call point anyway.
    So for now just pick what you want.
  8. ARCHIVED-Andromax1 Guest

    Gnomes get a nice deagro called confusing babble that decreases threat by 2700+ at lvl 70. Useful on raids, Dunno how it functions on PVP.
  9. ARCHIVED-Erzengal Guest

    The Erudite Racial Trait Spell is called "Ethereal Absorption" which gives +2 int, and +48 Power Regen (Out of Combat) for 3min.

    As for the OT. Pick whatever race you like the look of most. The starting attributes don't account for much.
  10. ARCHIVED-Trayla Guest

    I think the erudites make the best looking necros - ratonga close second.
  11. ARCHIVED-Sosumya Guest

    I went Froglok because at the time there were none.

    The hoping gets old but thank god for lich illusion to correct that or mist form to show off my armor and its nice to still be a stand out character based on that decision. Dark Elf and Erudite are way too popular for my tastes in creation.

    That is only a personal opinion as they are popular for a reason...
  12. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Well people will give you many answers but secretly they all know Iksar make the best necros.

  13. ARCHIVED-Shailas Guest

    Human Necro now and in EQ1. I did it for the relative rareity both times. :)
  14. ARCHIVED-dasching Guest

    Fae is the only race with real benefits. If I wanted to start a new necro... I'd go Fae Conjurer and wait until I could betray.
  15. ARCHIVED-LazyPurple Guest

    Every few levels you get a new ability based on your race which can make a minor difference to your character, and these are based on the 'stereotype' for each race. Erudites get a few skills towards magic use, giving them a nudge towards Mage classe, and Wood Elves get several nature based skills, which are typical for classes like ranger, warden & fury. All of the racial advantages are pretty small in the long run and are completely meaningless once you cap out. Some races give you a better options on which crafting profession you choose. Pick a race you like, I went with the Woodelf Necro and Woodelf Warlock (betrayed to EFP) - It's good to be bad :smileywink:

  16. ARCHIVED-SuzieLuhu Guest

    Sure all races have their bonuses, but no one does evil like a rat. Rats are nasty! Long live the Ratonga!
  17. ARCHIVED-MadLordOfMilk Guest

    If you're concerned about stats, pick a race with decent starting STR so you don't have to worry about adding too much STR from gear to be able to carry stuff w/o getting burdened :smileyhappy: Also, higher starting INT (and to some extent STA) can help earlier on.
  18. ARCHIVED-merdorf Guest

    I have a Troll necro and i would not chose another race.
    I love the fact that I am usually the tallest on raids and in groups(some ogres are taller but not by much)
    i hate getting lost in a sea of people and cant see crap.

    My necro is bright red with the spikes for hair with the dragon face looking beard.
    I love the way my necro looks, I couldn't stand being an erudite i think they look like luch for mobs.

    The best thing about being a very scary looking red troll is the reactions you get, being a necro the RP aspect makes the game more fun for me.
  19. ARCHIVED-Isharie Guest

    If you really want to make a good necro depending on stats, either a Dark Elf, Erudite or Ratonga is the way to go. Coolness? Ratonga or Troll. I picked Rat because their stats are spread out all over the place and their Intelligence is still almost as good as an Erudite's. An Erudite has all its stats basically put into one thing--Intel. So that's just my opinion. And anyway Ratongas look amazing at higher lvls. Actually...they always look amazing..but you get my point. :)
  20. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    At the end-game starting racial stats don't even matter. Look at the leader boards and you'll see that any race can be up there. Only till the devs redo the race specific abilities might we see some races shining thru, but I doubt it.
    I'm still sticking with iksar because the elves, erudites and rats just look too weak and silly in the necromancer gear.

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