What keeps you here?

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    Those are only at the A A meetings :)
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    It was the experience and fun, however, I was recently hit with a ToS warning because I asked for an updated to a "Confirmed" bug report.. That really soured the experience.
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    I did my time as a raider back in EQ1. It was fun overall, but I don't want to do it any more. I've piddled around with EQ2 since beta, but I've finally started working through the content over the past two years. There is a lot of good content for not-quite-casual players like me. I haven't run out of fresh content yet. I have to say that I've been underwhelmed by the Luclin expansions and that this is dampening my enthusiasm for the game. The graphics are pretty, but the content hasn't been as interesting as prior expansions. YMMV.
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    My story is pretty much like everyone else's. I bought the game when it was released because I was a huge EQ1 fan. Loved it but WoW was released a month later so I fiddled around with both for years. WoW I felt was cartoony and a little silly. If it wasn't for the amazing controls and interface I would have quickly abandoned it. EQ2 though seemed like it was designed for the more mature gamer and that appealed to me tremendously. Out of all the MMO's out there I've returned to EQ2 the most after a hiatus.

    Why do I return so often? Firstly because it seems like home to me. I still love to wander Neriak and soak in the sights .... relish the memories. Secondly because EQ2 has been so well polished through the years. They've made it so user friendly that there's little to complain about.
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