What is the connection between ethereal weapons and the new expansion

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    Aneova@Kithicor wrote:
    Maybe you should withhold judgement until we actually know what is going on? These ethereal items are merely a hint, a clue, a taste of the whole story. Personally, I don't think the individual items themselves are particularly relevant to the lore, it's more what the items represent and where they are coming from. As I mentioned above, I believe we are being lead towards the Realm of Heroes, and these items are significant only in that they evoke certain past encounters. If my theory is true, I think the idea is elegant in its subtlety.
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    Aneova@Kithicor wrote:
    Funny. You haven't seen worse.
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    Aneova@Kithicor wrote:
    maybe youi represent a good portion of players, but i love the idea. i think a dynamic responsive world is a million times better than a promo world that is hyped from outside norrath. there is a place for selfpromotion, but its also nice to have a break sometimes.

    having lore unfold in game is more organic than a press release.

    i would be surprised if lore hounds in general cared. they just like to hear it. silence is what they dislike. i remember in tso the ydal collectibles had lore on them. i loved that.

    it sounds like your objection is the quantity of info per release. you cant fit a lot of text onto an item description. but why does every lore tidbit have to be a sizable chunk? why cant you take it in micro samplings sometimes? i like the variety in quantity.
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    ratbast wrote:
    Me likey !
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    After this past double exp weekend I had a new toon who needed his epic weapon. That means grinding faction in Kunark. I needed Terrens Grasp. So I was doing the quest for the short little zombie Caleb Swifttoe. Im sure you know the one. The quest has you find his body (was lost), then siphon extra ether of KP ulteran spires, then finally kill his zombie so Caleb can RIP.

    You say, "Hail, Gauwren Tarix"
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "Did you gather some badgers?"
    You say to Gauwren Tarix, "I did. Here you are."
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "These are perfect. Thank you."
    You say to Gauwren Tarix, "You're welcome."
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "I have another task for you, if you're willing. It is more dangerous than the other tasks, however. So you do not need to do it if you are not interested."
    You say to Gauwren Tarix, "What is it?"
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "One of our scouts is missing. Caleb Swifttoe is his name, he's been with us for a long time. I am very worried for him. Sure, sometimes he gets forgetful and doesn't check in for a day or two, but it's been five days since we last heard from him. He was exploring the yeti caves. I fear he may be in trouble, or dead. I'd like you to go explore the yeti caves and find him."
    You say to Gauwren Tarix, "Where are the yeti caves?"
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "If you go southeast out of Teren's Grasp and then left at the fork, you'll come to a path that leads down to Dreg's Landing. If you go north instead of down that path, you will get to the yeti caves."
    (You say to Gauwren Tarix, "Okay."
    You say, "Hail, Gauwren Tarix"
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "Have you found Caleb yet?"
    You say to Gauwren Tarix, "Yes. Caleb is dead, I brought his body back."
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "Oh, Caleb... poor, poor... Caleb? No! Why does this keep happening?"
    ou say to Gauwren Tarix, "What is going on?"
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "His body has decided it doesn't want to be dead. I wish I knew what was causing this. It's happened before. Poor Caleb, it makes me sick to see him like this. Please, go talk with Moorha Tildaelaela in the Arcane Refuge. She will know what to do."
    You say to Gauwren Tarix, "I will go speak with her."
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "Oh, Caleb."

    Caleb Swifttoe says, "Mrrf, mmm... gug. Guhh."

    You say, "Hail, Moorha Tildaelaela"
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "Greetings, I am Moorha Tildaelaela."
    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "Gauwren Tarix sent me."
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "Why is that?"
    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "Caleb Swifttoe is dead and his body is walking around."
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "Ah, Caleb. Poor guy. Everyone around here knew Caleb. As for his body..."
    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "Yes?"
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "This city does that to our dead from time to time. We do not know why, but the bodies of our loved ones pull themselves from the soil and haunt our lives. I believe that echoes of the past still inhabit these lands, and seek to return to our world. When the connection between the ethereal and real worlds is strong, these spirits can cross over. A fresh corpse, for instance, will strengthen the connection between our two worlds."
    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "So Caleb's body is being controlled by spirits."
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "As well as they can, yes. They are not complete spirits, however; they are but shadows of shadows. What we need to do is collect residual ether from their world and use that to force them back where they belong.
    Luckily for us, just as this place is rife with residual spirits, so too is it rife with residual essences of that ethereal world. These essences are in highest concentration at the bases of the pylons that stretch above Teren's Grasp. I have an ether siphon. Take it and collect samples from each of the four pylons, that should be enough."
    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "All right."
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "Return to me once that is complete."

    [i used clicky on each of the 4 ulteran spires]
    You say, "Hail, Moorha Tildaelaela"
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "Did you siphon the residual ether?"
    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "Yes, I did."
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "That will do nicely. I can use this ether to create an ether projector, which you can then use on Caleb's body."
    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "And that will remove the spirits?"
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "Correct. It will also return Caleb's body to its proper state."

    You say to Moorha Tildaelaela, "All right, thank you."
    Moorha Tildaelaela says to you, "You are quite welcome. And my thanks to you for helping Caleb."

    [i killed caleb with clicky item]

    Gauwren Tarix says, "Ugh... I definitely didn't need to see that."
    You say, "Hail, Gauwren Tarix"
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "Ugh, poor Caleb. At least he's... better. I am glad you were able to... fix... him. Thank you."
    You say to Gauwren Tarix, "You're welcome."
    Gauwren Tarix says to you, "Someone should tell his brother, in person. I know you didn't know Caleb, but leaving Teren's Grasp is impossible for me right now. Can you please travel to Brathyk's Post and tell Drobbs?"
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    Anaogi@Permafrost wrote:
    The topic of Soulbinding isn't covered well in EQ2 since it isn't as obvious as it is in EQ1 but that is what prevents us from dying...well dying permanently.
    There is a ritual where you bind your soul to this plane of reality. In EQ1 you litterally zone to the spot you bound yourself to and stand up completely nakid with your corpse where ever you left it with all your stuff on it. Here in EQ2 early versions of the game had you leaving "shards" of your soul lying around where you died and you had to recover them or suffer a weakness repeated deaths left your body with. That mechanic got scrapped a few months after launch (thank god!). However, it was a strong indication that soulbinding was continuing in the EQ2 world and that somehow we adventures found a way to improve the process to keep our equipment and even appear somewhere nearby instead of back in a bind spot.
    So the reality of EQ says our (adventurer's souls) don't ever reach the Ethenere. If we did...I'm not sure Druinel would let us go. After all most of us should of been in the Ethenere several hundred deaths ago.
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    Did soulbinding ever actually get addressed in EQ2? If not, my usual habit is to only regard things brought up within the context of EQ2 as binding, so to speak. Which isn't to say it's not the case, just that I normally like details of lore to be more explicit. (CF. "Ydal", "Mistmoore", "Ewer of Suldae", "Anashti'Sul", "Anaogi's headache remedy bills")
    In any event, it seemed from what we've seen we're dealing with a place that isn't Ethernere, but is adjacent as it were, sort of a lobby for a waiting area, where things wind up immediately upon arrival, but before getting actually sent for processing. The 'where you are before rezzing' was a bit more imperfect a metaphor than I'd like, but metaphysical structures tend to be messy like that...
    Anyway, it occurs to me--might this be the lead-in for a second 'Animist' subclass (the first being Beastlords)? Sort of spirit-binders, if you will...it would set up great with the combination of elements that seem to be stacking up here. I guess we'll know when (if?) the next expansion goes to beta...
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    Lots of good ideas here...and an attention to detail I admire. :)
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    Windstalker wrote:
    But.... shouldn't you be writing September Producer Note by now? =)
    (oh, nevermind. Just acknowledged that the September Update is up)
    Is it true that there will be an announcement about expansion announcement late this Friday?
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    I'll be looking for:
    - the Harrowing Horde
    - the song of ghostly libation in the Tavern of Lost Souls
    - the shade of myself
    - the Deathtoll Tower
    - a ringing bell
    - an eternal blood red sky
    - a spiral maw
    - the final foe
    - fields of skulking haunts and a million headstones
    - a headstone with my name on it that is the zone out :)
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    Wilin wrote:
    Hahahaha lol!
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    Cyliena wrote:
    I think this might be the 'inbetween plane' for spirits, yes. when we were building the Ulterean Spires, the events lead to a similar zone with it being yellowish/gold.
    but considering that, I don't think this 'inbetween' plane is wher we'll go. I still bet money on it being the Dead Hills, with Kyle's attempt on Antonia's life being thwarted and the means to perform his ritual confiscated. if he wants power now, he's going to have to take it. which means taking on the Qeynosian forces directly.
    he tried the cloak and dagger, now it's time to try the broadsword. But, the Combine alliance means taking on Qeynos will result in taking on the other cities as well. so even with Qeynos' soldier mostly deployed, he'll still need an army to deal with the Combine's forces.
    hence he'll retreat to the Dead Hills. probably there now, I wouldn't be surprised if that portal he leaves through during the speech in front of the castle isn't to a throne room of his long dead former empire. he'll rally the souls of his dead, probably even convince souls of other empires (like Kraytoc) to join with him to avenge themselves agains the adventurers that bested them.
    he may only be after Qeynos to turn it into a Santcus Seru like city...but to get toe qeynos he'll have to take on the entire Combine.
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    Maybe Erus can help him out!
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    Rainmare@Oasis wrote:
    Possibly, it definitely sounds more interesting than running around in another one of those "in-between planes" zones. I have to admit I don't know much about the Dead Hills aside from reading what you guys have talked about here. Every time it's mentioned though, it makes me think of the Hills of Shade from EQ's SoF expansion and Oceangreen Hills from the SoD expansion. Guessing neither are related to the Dead Hills though?
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    Cyliena wrote:
    You could connect Oceangreen by Bertoxxulous due to the shrine there to Dead Hills simply because of his involvement down in the area of Dead Hills but it's not a direct link
    Hills of Shade is fascinating in the EQRPG books and has a link back to the shadowed men who (we now know) are related to the Jal'Raeth of Dead Hills but again there isn't really a direct connection sadly
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    Zazoo of the Black Sun Sea says to you, "A struggle ensues beyond the deaths of many. The walls of Ethernere have been ripped and the spirits of the evil now hope to escape eternal damnation by claiming the corpses of the fallen."
    You say to Zazoo of the Black Sun Sea, "How have the walls of Ethernere been ripped?"
    Zazoo of the Black Sun Sea says to you, "I am no necrochronotheologist. I don't know! But I do know that dark rituals claimed from below are now being used unwittingly. There are those in evil hordes that howl to call forth their ancestors, never knowing that they have opened a portal for the wicked."
    Possibly related to all this?
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    Alluvial@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Holy Cow! What a great opening for a ginormous Nights of the Dead event!! I remember being a lowbie in EQLive and getting slaughtered by skellies on the way to Qeynos Hills and again on the road to High Pass Hold (is that the right name?) the first or second NOTD event. A HUGE amount of fun.
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    Resstful wrote:
    I remember that. There was a GM triggered event in East Karana where some unique loot dropped. My main on EQ still has three items from that event in her bank, couldn't bear to part with them. It was epic and fun.

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