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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Rayven storm, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Rayven storm New Member

    Hello there just returning to game I'm looking to play a healer and I'm torn between mystic and fury, any recommendations and differences and reasons why one is better then the other.
    I know it's mostly a solo game to grind for a new player and. I'm in no rush to end game so any advice would be great.
    Thank you
  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Fury's are easier to solo, mystics do better in a group. Fury's do decent dps where mystics are known for their wards. Not sure if that helps or not I have both and sometimes it is painful soloing on my Mystic, although she is doing much better now that mystics got some love.
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Furies are higher dps, so they'll solo faster than the mystic.
    With the current game mechanics, furies are also stronger in groups and end game.
    Mystic give better group buffs, but that's the only thing they shine at right now.
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  4. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Templar is the cat's meow....<ducks>
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  5. Mermut Well-Known Member

    For healing end game.. for soloing.. they're kinda painful ;)
  6. Songwind Member

    My main is a Mystic and she is god awful now after this last expansion. A Warden or Fury with gear half the quality of a Mystic can out heal and out DPS them now. I do not know about Plate healers.
  7. Earar Well-Known Member

    outdps yes. Mystics seem to have a real hard time to dps this xpac .. wonder why

    outheal .. shouldn't.

    mystics need to rethink their spell rotation and AAs. U cannot play a mystic as u played it in pop. As druids had to rethink their heal rotation in KA. what spell to prioritize and stuff.

    ask other mystics, but u should be able to outheal other priests still once u get to good rotation
  8. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Demmms fighting words.
  9. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Are they not painfully slow to solo? Sure, they never die, but sometimes it feels like the mobs never die either :p
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  10. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Eventually, with the right spells and AA, and a butt-load of Potency, a shaman will be able to solo heal a group. We won't be outhealing anyone except maybe inquisitors.

    Mystics don't have a lot of direct heals, just to start, and shaman have always had gawdawful slow casting speeds, which was "justified" by the fact you could layer wards. If they're keeping bleedthrough, casting speeds for mystics need serious shortening.

    The first ward on is the one that is used, anything after that is useless. That means that first, you have to look at your buffs: anything that's a ward you do NOT want to use, because the ward amounts are usually small. Just delete them from your hotbars. The only wards you'll be using is the big group ward and the big emergency group ward, so all the individual and situational wards can be removed from your hotbars. When you DO cast your big ward, make sure you let it expire before you recast, because with AA it has a big heal on the end.

    As designed, shaman were supposed to ward and then use the rest of the time debuff the heck out of the foe and maybe DPS some. You no longer have time for a lot of debuffs, so you can get rid of a lot of debuffs from your hotbars, the ones that don't do much. You have time for maybe 3-4. The only DPS you really get to do is autoattack (in a group).

    Next, look at your AA closely. Just start with no AA, and look carefully at each effect. Anything that adds a ward you won't want to use. You want to prioritize stuff that adds direct heals.

    For now, I have set my mystic aside. Once some of my DPS types have gotten armor so the account is flagged, THEN maybe I'll bring her back out and try again.

    I found that I was having serious anxiety issues about the mystic, trying to get her raid-ready, whether I was in-game healing or not. This isn't fun and it was affecting my life outside of Norrath. So, I flang up my hands, retired the mystic, and went to work on my warlock instead.

    So, I can't raid. Well, anxiety vs. joy of raiding... hmm. Raiding can wait. I can have plenty of fun running my warlock.
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  11. Mhoramm Member

    I'm not sure about mystics but defilers can heal just fine. As with any class, gear does matter. I know of at least one raid defiler that consistently out heals and out dps's all our healers, including me (I may not be the best but I'm no slouch). I've even seen an inquisitor that surprised me after the beating they took the last couple xpacs. I do acknowledge that some of the current mechanics aren't the best, but with gear and skill all healers seem to be viable.
  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    If you're not using single target rares and such.. you're going to have problems.
    Wards don't 'stack' for BT, but you should absolutely be putting point wards up on your tank and THEN casting your group ward. That way the tank 'uses up' the point ward(s) first leaving as much as possible of the group ward FOR the group.
    The biggest issues I run into solo healing the mystic is the constant BT compared to the sparcity of mystic 'non ward' heals and the spans of time the mobs (usually the final zone names) have 100% BT.
  13. Kari Well-Known Member

    I think you are doing yourself a disservice if you are actively trying to keep only one ward up at a time and not casting your buffs. The buff ward components don't seem to be interfering with anything, most of them are reduced to 0 as soon as I zone into a heroic. This is from the perspective of a defiler and not a mystic, but I believe we are similar enough for me to comment.

    It is true that only one ward will be applied to bleed-through, but I find it helpful to have both soul shackle and my group ward up for when the first ward is consumed by a big hit or wears out. It also sometimes gives me a small window to dps. Like Mermut, I cast my single targets on the tank first. I probably keep more wards up than I should, but if my group stays alive no one is complaining.

    The main thing that makes me viable is to manage direct heals and hots for bleed-through, and to have a group that will work with my limitations. For example, my tank makes an effort to not pull more than 8 mobs at a time, since that is 100% bleedthrough in T2 heroic, and when he does the group makes an effort to kill them fast. Same thing with the names that have adds that come in with 100% bleedthrough, my group uses their bigger aoes in those fights when the adds come, so that the time period with the bleedthrough is reduced, and i save my emergencies for those times as well. When I first started we had to stop and talk things over after wipes, and think about how to manage differently, but now its pretty automatic and we just roll through the zones that initially caused a lot of problems.
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  14. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    I rarely take long soloing.
  15. Earar Well-Known Member

    mystics can solo heal ... but can struggle on fights with lots of inc damage while some other healers will have easier time. But they manage.

    now .. They still outheal other healers. When I group wit a mystic in raid .. whatever I do .. the mystic still outheals me, because wards first. Just now her wards are big enough to not needing as many heals as before and her wards work good.

    As warden I get outhealed by templars and mystics for sure (defiler certainly too). In raid, especially in big damage fights, our ward gets eaten too fast to compete. that's the issue of the rune if so to say .. the all damage ward part is only adept level. And u feel it in raid, because it gets eaten real fast. And since HoTs are still active after other heal types, we are outhealed.

    Doesn't mean we can't solo heal effectively. It just means that when coupled with another healer, most our heals will be wasted. That's why I focus on dps
  16. quisling Well-Known Member

    People make way too much noise about heal parses. /sigh. Heal parses are largely mechanics and opportunity. They are NOT dps parses. Heal parses are zero sum games. You can't heal someone who doesnt need healing. Dps parses, for the most part, ARE NOT cut by someone else dpsing. Just because you out heal someone does not make you a better healer, nor does that even make you a good healer. It mostly means you have the opportunity and mechanics to heal. Not always, but usually.
  17. Songwind Member

    I agree Heal Parses are overrated but they help indicate how well you are preforming your job, besides the obvious fact the group is staying alive. But if heal parses are overrated does that mean DPS parses are overrated also? I image the heal parses that are overrated is why the bleed through on wards was so drastically increased since warders were always topping the parse. Other healers were not happy and that is understandable.

    I always thought the way heals worked in a group/raid by design from the get go from SOE is that the wards would go off first followed by the plate wards then finally the Druids HOTs. That would certainly make warders the high healers if they stopped the damage. With all that said any healer type could always solo heal groups if they were good enough.

    So if the bleed through (what does that really mean?) increased drastically on wards is that not the same as decreasing the amount that a WARDER can heal? Since warders heal via their wards. Yes we have one group heal which I use significantly more then I use to. Yes I use my single target wards and heals also.

    I know I am in a continual state of modifying my AAs to heal the best I can. I talk to other mystics also. I also use that stupid overrated ACT heal parse and drill down into my Heal Out in ACT to see what seems to be working.
  18. Mhoramm Member

    Originally wards were smaller and some damage got through so they weren't as powerful. But stats inflated in a crazy way, I believe there was also a change in how potency/crit bonus affected wards and they blew up. Suddenly wards were so big they never broke and no damage was ever actually taken. And other players gear didn't matter for shamans, a ward was a ward. But for other healers the groups gear mattered, you could only heal up to what a players hp pool was, plus the gear affected how much damage was taken. Wards affectively increase your hp pool and is only affected by the shamans gear, and if you can constantly keep the ward refreshed, well that makes for a pretty overpowered healer.
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  19. Earar Well-Known Member

    dps will show no matter what. procs, dots, dd, reflect, whatever ... u can see it fully on the parse.

    even debuffs to a certain extent

    heals ... u don't se all. first u don't see DR, so a group with less DR will take more damage hence have a better HPS. overheal isn't counted. so lot more information hidden on heal parse. And just because wards/reactives/hot-base heals don't have same priority changes a heal parse.

    Last xpac a defiler could blow heal parse just because he could have technically warded the whole raid with curse of shielding. or u don't see the HP buf of inquisitors and so on ... heal parse are good indicator but cannot be used as easily as dps parse.
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  20. Magmag Active Member

    I hope this isn't a serious question.
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