What happened to no PRE REQ????

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Wormy, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Pickleweasle Member

    Bumping this as it is still not fixed. I know it is the holidays ..... but wasn’t that the point? Earn all you can for the holidays while fixing none of the broken content.
  2. Pickleweasle Member

    Bumping this. Still not fixed. As Fyreflyte stated before, it was never intended to be level 100. The half fix only dropped the scribing of the spell to level 100, and not the combine difficulty. I still have a toon sitting at 11+hours with no success. Even the update notes for the fix said that the level to scribe and craft the ability was set to 20. This is straight laziness. Fix your fix
  3. Fyreflyte Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit confused as to what the present issue is. As far as I can tell, the recipe is now TS level 20, and can be completed at that level. It isn't "easy" to complete, in that you need to understand how crafting works, and properly use your reaction arts to add durability and counter failure conditions. I just tested this quest with a naked (so I don't have the benefit of 100% ability reuse) adventure level 100, TS level 20 character. It took me about 4 minutes to craft because I had to use the 3 durability reactions more often than I could use the progress ones, but I was never in any danger of being unable to complete the recipe. The failure condition gives back all components except the fuel, so even if you do mess it up, you can immediately try again. This appears to be working as intended, unless I am missing something?
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  4. Dude Well-Known Member

    You didn't hand it over on a platter with 35,000,000 DBC so it's clearly bugged. If he/she had spent that "11+ hours" leveling up the toon, it would be 110 and have no problem at all. Ignore the idiots and focus on real problems.
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  5. Pickleweasle Member

    So basically you are telling me that 11+ hours is acceptable and still no success. If the difficulty is set to 100 it is too high. I can’t believe you are backtracking on this issue. In the past it was set set at a reasonable level. I can’t believe after 11+ hours you are telling me to keep trying. 100 difficulty is too high for a level 20 tradeskill toon. Also..... I can’t believe you want me to go through this over and over on my alts as well. 11+ hours on alts too? Thought this was supposed to be fun. 100 difficulty is too high for a level 20 tradeskill toon.
  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    You're right. That's why you need to level up your crafting class. If you had spent that 11+ hours on crafting, you'd be a level 110 crafter and moving on with whatever it is you wanted to do.
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  7. Leed Active Member

    Something else is wrong if it's been 11 hours of you trying. I did it on the first try after leveling a toon from 9 tradeskill to 20. Are you watching for the icons to appear, and clicking the matching icon? Do you know that during the process you can also press the buttons (not all of them! They do different things) to guide it along? Eg, 1, 2, and 3 increase the quality, while 4, 5, and 6 increase progress.
  8. Pickleweasle Member

    I know how to tradeskill. No matter what I do the durability crashes every time. You all tell me that I could have leveled a tradeskill by now. They said I didn’t have to. They said it was never intended to be 100 in the game. Then they half *** change it to where you can scribe at level 20 but still kept difficulty at 100. Some people do not wish to do their 2.0 right now. Some people do not want to tradeskill. They said in patch notes that the level to scribe and craft was 20. It is not. 11+ hours trying it your way. They screwed up and will not fix it and deny everything. It was not the same as ToT or KA requirement of level 2 skill. I am not saying to level it to 2. Level 100 difficulty is 11+ hours wrong. This is crap and I am not the only one this is happening to. I am done begging, yes begging, for a fix they clearly stated in update notes that level to scribe and craft was changed to 20. And yes..... regardless of what you think now, in the context of the conversation on the 30 th of November, Fyreflyte you did say that it was never intended to be 100. The half fix is wrong. Never had this issue in ToT or KA . 11+ hours is wrong. Think what you want. It is wrong. OH!!! Yes....... the update notes whet the change went in was the December 19 patch all the way to the bottom. It says “scribe and craft” to level 20. Goodbye
  9. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    No, basically what he's telling you is that if you have been trying the combine for 11 hours with no success then you're doing something horribly, horribly wrong.
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  10. cawalton3 Member

    I'm going to commiserate a little with the OP, I used the Lv 100 Trade boost on 3 accounts but did not assign any of the AA points, just went straight to work on crafting the "star...." item. One account was successful after 2 attempts, another after about 5 attempts but the 3rd account, which was also the last one I worked on so I had a little idea what to expect, took 15 attempts (I was buying the coal 30 at a time/6 attempts a round and had 15 coal left over after the 3rd purchase). I even read the descriptions(!) to try and be a little strategic in my approach on reactions and by the end I felt it was just an RNG thing.

    I know this was a minor inconvenience and not directly comparable to the OPs problem, but it was not one of those trivial combines that hit the first time, at least on my accounts.
  11. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    For people that need help with the hard combine,
    Hover over the spells and see what they do. The ones that say decreases success chance, avoid those two for harder recipes, unless the game makes you hit it. If the game makes you hit it, spam the other two in the beginning that do not decrease success chance, if you start to lose the item.
    you can drag and drop and change the order of the spells.
    I keep the first 3, make sure the first says no decreases, the second decreases progress, third decreases success chance.
    Next three I set up same - no decrease, decreases durability, decrease success chance. So for a hard, or when you are doing the newbie quest lines and you are level 10, and the recipe is level 15,
    then you can spam - 4 and 5, then 1, and keep going like that, if it makes you hit 3 or 6, choose 3, and then spam 1 and 2, then hit 4 to bring progress back. This is for pre level 20 and any hard recipes you may use later.
    Unfortunately the game may want you to hit 3 or 6 too many times to save the item. This is very rare, but it can happen.

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